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Happy new year, Usain Bolt posted on his insta a video of him and a Manchester football player in Jamaica at Fiction doing all most the same handshake that he did with Kasi, and yet he didn’t post the one with Kasi. He also posted another video ringing in the new year with some people at his home and Kasi is nowhere to be seen and if she was there she would have posted a pic or video of it already.

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  1. She post on her she was actually there but she was in the house while her bae was really busy with his friends. Also no hate but I think Kasi is trying too hard to be seen and fit in. She just need to be herself and I think Usain just give her a likkle shine when him feel sorry fi har. Kasi need to realize that is not everything is for social media you owes ntn to anything so stop post everything pon snap like you tryna to prove a point she need to take teachings from bolt friiend Taba or weh him waah name gf book dem girl deh a lady wid class. As for the Chris Martin him why him look so depress a wah a stress him, him just a walk and a f**k down the place so, and this twig girl she annoying pon him pic dem and mi never see him par wid har not even over the big holiday.

    1. Ummmmm Renz
      I was right there with the team n Kasi was not in no house!! She was at her house!!! There is no way my man celebrating New Years fireworks n all n u Nuh come out a di bloodclaat house!!! Lie she a tell

        1. Maybe he gives her bottles as well?
          She did post a bottle but she didn’t suggest or give indication she was with him or at the party.

  2. Oh boi Kasi dem naah mek you breathe at all, sender she was actually there. But with all this I hope for the new year you leggo the proving thing and live your personal life on the low and stop try so hard fi fit in as more while is like you a one a bolt thug them and not his girl the way you a behave inna him snap dem, be classy boo. Javana musn come back a stress out Chris lol

  3. This is what happens when you let people in your relationshit and pretend to be better than what/who you really are. If Kasi was true to herself, no-one would expect anything of her. In fact, people would more likely than not sympathize with her. Kasi, this year of 2017 should be the year you stand up and demand respect. If you know you’re not getting it behind closed doors (because clearly you are nkt getting it openly), step away and rebuild yourself.

  4. Maybe one of his friends said something to her because she wasn’t hanging all over him at the NYE party like she normally does.

    Usain and whoever else was in charge of Usain’s snap chat Saturday night didn’t have her in any snap videos and, I didn’t see her at the table when Usain popped open the champagne or any of the pictures from his snap chat and they even showed Sadiki.
    Sunday morning Usain and his friends were at the Sunrise breakfast didn’t see her there but, she was back at Frenchmen’s doing her usual.

  5. I think she need to get classy though. In my opinion being with such a popular man like Usain I wouldn’t want to be all up in his snaps like a groupie and that’s exactly how she looks all the damn time. Not saying you can’t hang with your man and his friends but you don’t to be soooo into getting every moment of what’s happening. You can snap a few things but come on stop being in competition with usain other girls if you so sure you the main just relax honey and be you as I can see you trying hard right to be someone you not. Get off the scene a bit and build your relationship and until you do so you will always be dragged and as sender above commented I think if you were being you people would more root for you instead of critizing you.

  6. Hmmm never see her on his snap when him pop open the big ole bottle of champagne or when he was showing the crowd at the house. Everybody phone up when him a open the bottle.
    On her own snap mi see her a show off a smaller bottle of champagne with like 2 ppl in a house. On her own snap she wudda well and show seh she was there cause next day she post and she was by him.
    Unnu really think she did deh deh and never post ntn at all. Big big new years. Stahp!

    Them still a gUh strong inna 2017 tho… big up Ugo Boss and him First Lady

  7. Kasi like how u finally hang with the parents I home u will fly out for bolt last race and attend red carpet events now all the best for 2017 dear u need it because u shampoo bad

  8. OK can we come off this girl now? I don’t see any mixup so sender is just being petty. Kasi didn’t do anything wrong. She was at the NYE party and was being low key. When she ups in every video persons say she too nuff. Can’t win. It’s no secret he has handshakes with all his close friends. You can’t be friends with your man too?

    I was relieved so see that her snap was low key at Frenchmen and I said to myself yes she finally get it. Would have liked to not see her being so nuff on his snap but oh well. We can’t tell her how to behave around her man. If she wants to be one of the guys and he likes it, I don’t see the problem. When they cuddle and kiss people say it’s forced and classless. When she dance and have fun with the group it’s another problem and she trying to be cool. Can’t please people.

    I think she should just do her and be herself. When she do that people will eventually leave her alone. And Kase word of advise stop go on periscope talking out your plans. Bare hypocrites on there asking you questions to draw you out and chat you.

    Happy New Year Met and Metters!

    1. “And Kase word of advise stop go on periscope talking out your plans. Bare hypocrites on there asking you questions to draw you out and chat you.” Facts!!! and this is why I believe she’s somewhat delusional, she swear the people on there are her friends. It sad, Social media jus mek everybody sad nuh hell, including Bolt, I sat there and saw all the people who were around him and I was like, who says money cant buy friends? Bolt buy a hot girl and rich looking uptown people. Gosh, people sick mi!

  9. I disagree with those saying she’s not being herself. I think she’s showing who she really is and her actions on social media are the reason everyone thinks she was behind sending the stories to the media about her during the Olympics.
    Everything about her is SPAIF= self promotion at its finest.

    Someone asked her was she going to Old Harbor for Christmas and instead of saying yes or no she made it a point to make sure everyone would know she was going to Trelawny.

    She made sure everyone knew she was going to the premier by showing she was shopping for a dress.
    Someone said she snaps herself packing Usain’s bags so everyone will know she’s at Usain’s house and, she was talking about doing a meet and greet with “her fans.”
    Kasi is all about appearances and attention and, this could be one of the reasons why his close friends don’t appear to like her.

    1. Soooo corny! I hate seeing him dance. Just tall and awkward. He was on stage dancing at sunrise breakfast party and he was just all over the place while Asafa just cool and easy. Bolt don’t have no swag! Millionaire multiple times over and none of it don’t show on him. Smh

  10. Yuh knoe seh someone once said that Kasi is delusional and I didnt believe it until yesterday. Listen to mi, the worse thing to do is call someone your “hubby” when you havent walked down the isle as yet, the absolute worse thing! Ladies, you are Queens, Goddesses and Lionesses do not put yourself on Pedestals that a man has not placed you. He calls you first lady, you are not the wife of the President,Usian is no pr all that says is that of all the women I have you come first. Im sorry but that dont mean shit! Im sick and tired of women who make it bad for us, man treat us like germs because of women who frighten for positions, stop it!

  11. Kasi mi know yuh come over here come read Pinkwall. Please mi a beg yuh, man change like green lizard stop hype before yuh get the L or D or whatever it is bout uno soon have kids, uno have timeline, the man tell yuh seh a you him getting them with? And even if he did, how you trust him suh? look I see some simple people who I could never dream would break up but bap! 10 years into the relationship and them just mash up suh. Mi dear unless yuh pregnant, unless you share the same brain as the man, dont say a word, life has a funny way to teach us lessons, trust mi, God have a sweet sense a humor.

  12. If she up with him, she a force up herself and a hype fi social media, if she stay in the shadows, weh shi deh, she of no meaning to him or him woulda pose up with her. Why her name must call all di time suh? Usain post him video on his own page and her name haffi call sed way? Three quarters of the Kasi stories to me are simply unhealthy obsessions. Kasi will eventually be a celebrity in her own right, and it is those who keep her on front page who will help make her into one, mark my words.

    1. If we were in America I would so agree with you but Kasi will neva be a Kim K. Fi one, yes people oo know bout har but it look like yuh nuh realize seh a Jamaica wi live, people will faat pan yuh this min and nuh business wid yuh the next; trust mi, nuh bady naww lose sleep ova Kasi, this is just pass time for us, even if she duh married to Bolt, nobody cares. Plus Kasi cant get rich and famous from Jamaicans, we dont buy nothing we rather get the knock off. suh chill, if you have an obsession talk to a psychiatrist, we may have a few over here but mi doubt dem have time fi yuh.

      1. Like I said, when she does become a celebrity in her own right come back to this post, and stich your yarns same way. But remember that you and those like you will be the ones who sow the seeds of her celebrity. Pass time for you? silly silly you, no my dear, you are not passing time, you are sowing seeds, you are a disciple working in Kasi’s ministry :ngakak If you only knew how the universe works you would get it! Keep sowing those seeds, doll, who can stop you? Just enjoy the harvest when it rolls around:cendol :cendol :ngakak

        1. Sit and wait for it all you want, thats why Kasi a gawn suh she swear she deh merica. I know Jamaica is slowly becoming Americanize but trust me, Kasi wont reach far, many tried before her and failed, nobody nuh really stay relevant in Jamaica for too long unless them a put out hit song or something. look at Yendi, where is she now? Uno a talk bout Metaphysics 101 uno need fi understand Jamaican Metaphysics we only see you when we see you, nobody gives two shit if you not been talked about and all when Met post Kasi suh till, weh yuh hit song deh Kasi? All bolt must thank Met caz without her, he would become irrelevant like a week after Olympics. Yuh think Jamaicans a eediot? We dont make celebs out a nothing, this is not America. I legit know tons a people, Country and Town, University and Ghetto who dont even know who the hell Kasi is. Mi muma dont kno her and she always a call a tell mi mix up much less.

    2. A huge part of me believes she stays because she’s trying to get a come up like Karrueche did with Chris Brown. If that’s what her plan is I can’t knock her hustle. May as well get something out of it besides humiliation.
      Mona Scott Young would hire Kasi in an instant for one of her reality shows.

      1. Chile, some of deze folks need to take Metaphysics 101. But I ain’t gonna be the one to teach them. When you talk dem tink a fawt you a chat, but who get it will get it. Dem seh dem just passing time, dem nuh know dem slowly building Kasi’s kingdom.

        By the way, you are insightful you should study, if you are not already a student.

        1. Metaphysics 101… Chile stop talk bout things weh yuh clearly nuh know bout… yall dont know crap bout metaphysics. We dont really have “celebs” in Jamaica. Mi all hear Kasi a talk bout paparazzi ummm a under rock mi live or something? weh dem deh? Gosh like she sounds stupid nuh f**k. Kasi duh sit out 2017, I cant believe a girl like yuh guh University fi true, mi feel like a lie dem a tell pan yuh!

        2. And insightful really? A dem likkle things yuh need di si fi guh “study”. I think mi mad uncle a country can see seh Kasi is a delusional girl that will be disappointed bad bad in the future caz she nuh realize this is Jamaica. Mi a gi har 1 more year fi expire but nuh worry, I’ll bring her up come year end.. dwl dwl. People nuh falla mi Im just “trolling”

        3. I didn’t say anything about building a kingdom. I said she can end up on a Mona Scott Young show like Love & Hip Hop. It won’t make her rich but, it will give her the fame and attention she craves and she could make money hosting like Karruche.
          She probably wants to come to America anyway to get on tv and land a NBA player or NFL player wouldn’t be hard for her at all to find another athlete.

  13. It is the exact same handshake just without the kiss on the cheek. In my unbiased opinion, I have nothing against her, Kasi and Usain seem more like homies than lovers. It seems so forced whenever they kiss and for the most part they seem to live completely separate lives aside from showing up to events together every once in awhile. She doesn’t need to be attached to him everywhere he goes but at the same time there were certain pinnacle events that a spouse or significant other should attend to support her man and she always nowhere in sight. But them make sure that we see them partying together or taking that delusional over hyped sponsored boring boring vacation. (And yes I meant boring and not bora)

  14. Big and serious, why Bolt keep doing this to this girl? If he rates her as he is making it seem with all the kisses and “first lady” talk why does he keep picking her up and putting her down when he sees fit. This girl is like a poor sitting duck waiting for an invite to places. And it just coming like she can’t move until he says and sometimes he just tells her NO!

    No Rio, no birthday celebrations, no overseas movie premier, no restaurant opening, no annual treat, no Christmas, no New Years. And I don’t want nobody come on here and say it’s she don’t want to go because she announces either on twitter or periscope her plans and when the day come he always flop her. She had plans to spend Christmas with him and only got a last minute par. On periscope she said “babe is having a party as he always does so I will be there.” Yet she was home drinking on her sofa with two friends who look like dem coming from club while she was home alone. No man it look BAD! She said on periscope she will be going London in May, Im assuming for the world championships. Usain please don’t embarrass the girl again!

  15. I agree with Anonymous 11:46 100%. Women should be Queens and conduct themselves as such. If I had to prove that the person I was dating is “my man” to anyone, he would not be worthy of my attention and company and would be a thing of the past. If I was using someone for a come-up or what I could get out of them (something I am very proud to say I have never had to do), in two years times I would hope to have my own house, land, car, business, or etc. While you have some women who are bitter and will hate on any woman for anything, most just want to see women winning and not being mistreated in any way. I’m just curious as to why some think this relationship is not a form of mistreatment. Among relationship goals, one that looked like this one would not be ideal for most but it does appear to fit who they are as people if the rumors are true. I just know if a real man truly loves you there are no questions and no proving on the woman’s part.

  16. @12:34pm No one asked her to lay out her plans. She could have answered yes or no but she spun a whole story inferring she would be in Trelawny for Christmas even though she was with her family who already had plans.
    Kasi is always broadcasting plans much like she did with the vacation months in advance and, no one was asking her about a vacation, but she kept tweeting about it.

    She said she was going to the NYE party and now it looks like she’s tried to pull another Panama plot where she’s trying to make it look like she was there.

    @3:27pm If you’re Bolt and you saw Kasi as just another user how would you treat her? Base your response on how grand she acts on social media.

    @Curious it’s not mistreatment if she allows it because if Usain were anyone else Kasi would have left years ago but, she’s staying because he has money and he’s famous and she wants to be part of it.
    You see how he treats the other women in his life, his mother, his female friends vs. how he treats Kasi. There’s reason for it.

  17. Paul pogba played match in England on Saturday and today so this most be a old video… very old to… in fact pre league a play now so it’s impossible for a player to go on vacation.

    1. Yeah, this is insightful. Usain a show Kasi seh dem handshake irrelevant. A can bet a Kasi beg Bolt fi duh handshake. and mi understand how two man come up with them things there, and two teenage lovers but how a big ass man and woman sidug and decide, hmmm mek wi duh a secret handshake? It nuh cute caz mi naw lie, Kasi you’re a nice looking girl but u and Bolt dont look good together everything bout uno just look fake and maybe, just maybe is because mi know fi a fact seh a girl like you would not date him if him did regular. Yes, it hurt mi soul fi si people sell them soul fi money, especially women, it is not worth it!

  18. I don’t want to hear anyone saying how bad Usain is treating Kasi, if he’s treating her so bad, why doesn’t she leave? She’s not complaining about it, so why should any of us? She allowed herself to be treated this way because she wants fame and MONEY, she’s a Goldigging ho and Bolt knows this, I mean, my god, she slept with his brother for Christ sake, so this situation started off nasty and it will end nasty. I blame Bolt for making it reach this far.

  19. For her to be f**king the fastest man she”ll be getting hate regardless, some a unu cant f**k a taxi driver for 6 months good,and hold him. unu a chat bout the good nice gal, she been with the man good while now, weh fit in ago? Who eles a get big up ? Who deh a mommy Yard a sleep over? You poor pussy bitches need to stop riding kasi dick n go find u a fastest man in the world to wife u up.

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