So one week a go kasi still a gwaan like she an the man deh. Har dream come through, har instagram followers gone from 20,000 to 155,000






  1. You nuh see say drancrow draw weh har shame.. So what justification is she trying to make that she graduate college with honors with law degree and master’s degree? Kasi I also have a Degree but that won’t. Justify the fact that you are a f**g fool. And you are also worthless. Yes kasi Worthless with a Capital W. For someone that studies law shoulda tek pride in a dem knowledge weh dem again. But you prove, you are a evidence you did not learn anything while going to law school. You only studie and memorise fi pass. And kasi you really and truly a look praise fi you degree dem? Kasi that’s what we are suppose to do on earth as human beings find way to better ourselves. Kasi you are a big disgrace to educated women all over the world. The time you tek a root fi usain while he is pursuiting his dreams with all he got in him.. You at home not putting your knowledge to use.. Instead you on twitter instramg a waste it by putting in all the effort cheering for usain.. You should have went to school to be a cheerleader. Big and f**g wukless kasi shameless educated dunce head gal

  2. Met up to last night mi see r post a snap “showin off her fav nail color” but as mi squint mi eye dem i saw the iniatls UB painted on her ring finger Bwoy her n trump type ah delusion deh pon di same level.

  3. Ambitionless kasi lef the man alone mek him run you down and then we will say. Ok a him a run back a har. But the man nah fart pan you and you a run him down. Man fi run down woman.. Not the other way around try grow some same likkle gal and move on. Kasi for a master’s and law degree holder you should learn to never make any mistake with simple words like (I’m just support or is it supporting? Kasi go focus on your career and while you doing that get some plant some self-esteem and watch it grow stop it you look foolsih

    1. I find she try to sound smart and the context just way off. She nuh smart people. Somebody the other day seh Kasi tweet ” THE PRIDE IS UNFATHOMABLE” when Usain did win. Pick up a Thesaurus instead and not a dictionary gal because Unfathomable nuh go wid pride. Dat nah keep!!! Bad to bad, mi chat bad pan ya but mi have mi credentials.

      I wonder what she gonna call the store she opening in September though? B SQUARED (BOLT N BENNETT LINE) hey haaaay. I wuold not be surprised.

  4. Met you need to be kasi mentor.. Tell har say its ok if a relationship doesn’t work out how she intended it to be. No sah

  5. So she have master’s and law degree and a store she a go open? A weh she a go sell in deh? Bolt’s and kasi’s Olympics gears? No to pussyclaat from I was bawn :hammer

  6. Never knew she had a law degree. That is great.Looking forward to that day when I can attend university.
    Kasi,don’t leave your man.

  7. UB de pan the right hand man. Wonder if the Lightning bolt de pan the ring finger as usual. If this likle gyal sad one more time me beat ar.

    Her man on his way home wid him squad so we’ll see if she get knowings

  8. On her IG Page, she remove the mention of Law and Masters Degree from her bio (intro) is because people questioning it?
    Poor child, Is a clothing store she opening…like everybody else? thought she was relaunching her Popstart Catering Business?

    1. Tek out the apostrophe and say it again. “I AM just support.”

      Does that look/sound proper to you? It’s like saying “I am just help.” No! Put “the” in front of support then. Even so, it still wouldn’t be completed. She is referring to her self and support is not an adjective. It’s supportive.

      ” I am just the supportive girlfriend” is much better. or “I am here FOR support.”

  9. Yuh know that gyal dydy nuh stop go roun n trouble ppl with her lips them shape in a permanent koki sucking position! Gonna block n delete har off mi social media.Everybody else nutten wrong if unno cuss kasi but not Ms.kokisuckable.Gweh n lef the girl bout u bad,u just Damn disgusting n ur jokes them stiff!

    1. Mi say dat Gyal annoying u f**k. Don’t find har funny!! Wonder why she nuh go continue suck n f**k Romeich n Gweh!! She’s so not funny till it irks.

  10. I can’t stand dydy she sick stomach mi seh idk who buss dis annoying gal because she is not funny !!!!!!! KASI I thought they said you were working at SCOTIA! Doing what tho? Since u have law degree that btw u never finish remember? Kasi did not finish school Kmft she love tell lie .. When she just start talk to bolt she had a cake business going .. It never did really a gwan wit nothing n it lock down .. Bolt help her get a lil office work at least suh she did tell me a him know d boss n ray Tay & she was going everyday taking work pics in the bathroom n all till she either quit or get fired & tek on a full time position being bolt “3sum secretary and appointment setter” no I guess she was working at scotia lmfao like really scotia? And left d work to go rio lmfaooo POOR KASI she really a try convince everybody!

  11. A law degree from Utech doesn’t count as a law degree very rare Norman Manley accept Dem to advance to the bar exams

  12. Gyal deh name Dydy nuff af!! Bitch go sit yo ass somewhere with yo filthy mouth. Paayy bad would u cuss and gwaan like yo bad with yo dunce self.

  13. Filthy mouth DyDy you’re NOT funny & the pathetic fools who follows her & hype her up are just as worst

  14. True re Utech Law degree! It is of no substance! Utech tek anybody into that program once you can pay the school feel! UWI on the other hand is harder ! If you are applying to the law degree program with an undergraduate degree you must have at least gotten an upper second class honors to be accepted and If you are applying straight from 6th form you have to have majority A passes in your A levels or Cape so mek Kasi go weh a boast bout law degree! KMT She keep saying how she no longer interested in law a true she cannot get into Norman Manley ! Besides she coulda have a million and one degree she is still a rass idiot!!

  15. she selling makeup now like every other bitch around town… she does not have a law degree and she didn’t finish her masters… bitch lie…..

  16. #15
    You my friend get top comment on this thread lol… I don’t think anyone can slaughter di gal like you just did lmao!!!! 3some secretary!!!!! Lmaoooo… Kasi is a groupie looking for the right dyck to suck or puzzy to nyam in order to get rich. The girl was with both of the brothers for Christ sake!!!!!!!!!!!

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