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  1. i can’t wait to read the hating comments…..hey she must up there to get this coverage nuh matter how much other girl him a slap. all after dem married him still a guh slap a bag a moman. now my thing is will she but up with it ? ……..yes because a mi boy but him ugly as hell and if he was a nobody he wouldn’t be able to sleep with most of them …..i look and wonder how him get fi sneak some from lisa H . So kaci will do what it takes not to let the rest bother her……she must have the goody good if him a sample all over the world and still hold on to her……

  2. What did i say on a post couple days ago it nuh official until she reach inna people magazine ect…and still it nuh fully official until the BIG man speaketh and claimeth thee..

  3. Dear lord I’m praying from now for this girl. In all seriousness I really hope this works out for her because God know this will turn very nasty for her. Up till now over bolt side quite su till. I don’t see no post nothing. I feel this is the quite before the big dutty Storm but when it come I feel nuff people a go dead. From she post the fake rio trip shes been real quite. God go wid u girl because usian look like the type wey nu ramp when it comes to his ego.

  4. All this is perfectly orchestrated… She has an hidden agenda I tell you… How did Bolt’s success switch to her on a international level? She’s a smart thoth yea… is like when a dog pisses sum where to mark his property… she’s getting her name out there so ppl know she’s screwing his unattractive, rich/fast but zero sex appeal ass….She’s already on my last nerve… don’t be surprised that she’ll be on reality TV soon… cuz she’s pregnant and securing that bag

  5. Am I the only one reading the headline? His sister reveals that he can’t get home to propose to her. ARE THESE PEOPLE MAKING THESE THINGS UP? I don’t get it…

  6. The sister chat to much. What if he wanted it to be a surprise. Anyways Mizicann mi still a seh. I hope he sign a prenup.

  7. She did done tell we seh she a marketing genius pan snapchat. Poster above is right. There was no news around her only questions as to why she was not in RIO then all of a suddenly there is this big news around her during HIS moment to shine. Where was all this international media coverage win April when he introduced her Instagram? Where was this frenzy during Ian’s interview with him early in the year? Yes he may have done an interview but he did not mention her name just a girl from old harbour. She forced his hand ultimately. Media exposure by any means necessary she say. Such an opportune time since she is going to open her business soon.Usain ya big BBC dummy you. Usain she is 28 and not 26 btw so me no trust u needa..

    1. If she started this, then yes she is a marketing genius and I salute her. If you Google her name, the news on her runs for pages, in foreign languages too. Its all over the world. The same for Google images and videos. It’s all about Kasi Bennett with everyone saying she is a lawyer. She’s a lawyer? I am very curious to know how her story went viral so incredibly fast.

    2. The fact that she made this about her when she wasn’t even invited to the Olympics says a lot about her. We shall see how Bolt reacts to this when he’s back home. All me know, big birthday today and she’s at home, ALONE!

  8. Wow! I can’t imagine his sister went to the press without telling him which makes me think that he is okay with it, probably encouraged her to do it. His mother made her feelings known on CNN also. This story was planned by the Bolts and is perfectly timed to coincide with his retirement and ensures the buzz lasts a bit longer. Hey, who knows what goes on behind closed doors. Even some of us posting here may have complicated home lives and put up with a lot. She stuck around when others haven’t. He knows the reason why he is marrying her too and I doubt his or her history matters to either of them. On waking up to this news today, the groupies and ex’s will go mad with anger but it will die down eventually. I assume one or two diehards may even try to sabotage them so Kasi be on your guard. And stop chatting your business online. Shut down IG, Twitter and FB until the wedding ring is firmly in place. He will propose. It will happen. He has his image to think about, an image that will pull million dollar endorsements. Wow! Kasi is international now and getting great comments from posters all over the world. Her market value has increased exponentially.

    Let me be the first to congratulate her and wish her the best for the future. PS, so glad he is marrying a Jamaican.

    1. Let me ask you something dear heart. As a man weh super close to your mother, you ago propose to a girl your madda doan know or better yet NEVER spent a Christmas with the girl 2 years in a row?

      As the sister of a man of Bolt’s status me really a go talk to tabloid trash paper such as The Sun and Dailymail about my brother’s ins and out??

      Mek mi no go no further ya….

  9. What a rass if Usain seh seh (Kasi) a him ex instead a own har up!

    Leo’s don’t like to be forced! And don’t like to be put there unless is them put themselves out there!

      1. Exactly! And the hatred they will have for that person will last a lifetime and dem nuh fraid fi toy with that person and hurt them outta revenge! She clearly don’t know Bolt!

          1. I’m a Leo too. That’s how I kno the behaviour. So when everybody talking about him I laugh, because we all usually act the same!

  10. I think Bolt and his team put the stories out. Maybe as a gift to Kasi seeing as he didn’t want her in Rio. Zika is real. I like Kasi and I wish her all the best.

    Mizican is an idiot if she still sticking around waiting for Bolt. He obviously doesn’t think she is good enough or beautiful to represent him on the world stage.

    1. So Kasi a represent ? I am honestly asking because bolt upgraded her she did not always look that way. He could have done the same for Mitzy. The two a dem face big. Dem nose pronounced. And wid little spa treatment Mitzy clean skin would be glowing …. If a Di hair Di two a dem wear weave … Him coulda hire a stylist like how a Di girl se help K Fi dress

    2. “A gift for missing Rio” You need to take up creative writing as a hobby. Your imagination is something else Ha Ha

  11. As far as I know his sister name is Sherine bolt. I’ve never heard or seen this girl before. He said it himself he won’t get married until 35 so I refused to believe that story. All of this is apart of the plan. Who is behind the plan that’s the thing. I hope for her sanity he sticks with her. Cause this is going to be international public humiliation.

    1. I made the same comment about his sisters name, but it seems it didn’t go through. Her name is Sherine, so I don’t know where people got Christine from. This just reeks of desperation, I truly believe Bolt is breaking up with her and she’s getting her name out there before it happens.

  12. Well she better hope this all works in her favour because she’s out there now and when they break up this going to be out there too.Met one question isn’t today his bday?she has been quite silent and only liking post on instagram and retweeting stuff and to how she’s all about Internet fame why she nuh up a post?

    And another thing met wasn’t she f***g one of the Millwood brother?
    and it is a known fact bolt have her under manners cause him affi send har one side the last Cabana city they went.

    1. Yes Greg she been looking a come up and people say she use to mess around Gregs father to that’s money mike

  13. The Sun is a tabloid known for making up stories and interviews that never happened. Bolt’s sister probably never spoke to The Sun or if she did they embellished her words.

  14. U know how much stay good girl de a Jamaica inna Di 14 parishes Weh unmarried and have status ( since she said status was important) him nah tie down Fi himself till him find a girl Weh nobody nuh know … Show boat Leo. Haffi Mek yu want Weh dem have

  15. Is Kasi behind this whole thing she’s so pathetic !
    Bolt sister didn’t go no where go tell nobody nothing ! Duh everyone knows the Media lies to be different and just to say they were the first to have that story when nothing don’t guh suh! The media is very mixxy like Joanne the scammer and Kasi you just as mixxy I call that Bolt nah look Kasi way! Point blank period bitch ok u never made it to RIO ok but bitch why u not in his bed w him for his bday making snaps for all the haters to see and Kasi nah BBC breed neither that’s what she wants ppl to think! Nothing more than bolt goodly left this gal and she a mek it be known before all ends.

  16. In other news the SHADEROOM just posted a vid wid USAIN in the club lastnight a wine out a gal…the expression on his face doesn’t look like someone that can’t wait go get home to propose

  17. Met, the story reach Baller Alert. Bolt is being married off to Kasi and I am sure he is NOT HAPPY about it.

  18. Kasi, Usain not looking at you boo. I just saw a video on the shaderoom where him a grind out hell with this random girl. Happy Birthday One Don!

    Met maybe this is why no birthday post no gone up yet. Kasi you jump the gun babygirl. False Start!

  19. Kmt mitsy is a beautiful girl when dem famous dem run fi browning n Indian girls that wouldn’t look there way b4 mitsy to the world

  20. Outdeh me nuh sure if a one a di mill wood young ones dem I think is the father moneymike she did a fling it pan! Ah sah ! A before bolt dat

  21. Met come yah yuh nuh see them put bolt pon the the shade room a wine up pon one girl last night at his birthday party mnl kasi where are you me sure yuh see that coz yuh falla theshaderoom

  22. Bolt nah married until him reach 40 a go to 50. Dwl oun nuh know most jamaican man dem no wan married til them old and a dry up. Look pan bounty all now him caah married. Dem just doe ready!

  23. Me memba when bolt go all over the internet a talk bout how him love rihanna, all now rihanna nuh cough pan him Lmao! You mussi think rihanna nah nuh sense from she see him, she knows what he was really made up of and she don’t even look so bruk pocket kasi go sit down.. Usian love him jamaica and jamaican ppl dem too much fi disapoint dem.. Fi dealing with a leo you haffie be humble and know how mek dem like you everyday. Cause dem will like u today and tomorrow dem feelings change towards you.. So kasi u haffie be really really great fi dem commit to you. Leo men are not easy lions to tame..

  24. Met mi sure yuh see the club vid with Lightning #dirtythirty. That girl grinding on him putting in some seriousssss work!! Another to add to the list after tonight perhaps??

  25. Well shaderoom just post a video wid USAIN a wine out a gal lastnite inna the club & his expression no look like smaddy weh can’t wait fi go home go propose to dem sumaddy

  26. I am confuse you say she pregnant??…why would she go to Rio where the ZIKA virus is real bad to put baby at risk to be born with birth defects…Next if she was not seen a lot in Rio by Bolts side how the media know she was is main girl?…Kasi or her friends contact the media and send pictures and instagram info…how come non of the media which there was many in Rio do not have a picture of her there…stop the rubbish..i have to say she is fighting hard for her ring so if she get it i hope it last

  27. Have you seen the pictures of bolt and the brown girl in bed last night it’s leaked it’s all over Instagram just type the hashtag #usianbolt. Them Hugging up in bed and kissing with clothes off and he’s looking right into the camera he knew the girl was taking his picture kasi is a damn fool he doesn’t want kasi she just deh deh fi when him ready fi freak out he will never marry her

  28. Total disrespect… He could be a little bit more discreet now that they are international, makes her look bad,

  29. Hollywood life have a video of Bolt pon one piece a winning wid one girl Inna a blue jeans. Now they asking where’s Kasi and would she be ok with his behavior. Kasim, if a you a wife why is yuh husband not celebrating his special day with you hun?

  30. So because he is dancing with someone that means he is or will sleep with that person?? What is up with this witch hunt against his girlfriend??? Smdh, some of unnu same one have more man problem than John can read about.

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