Top of the morning to you Aunty Met and metters

KMT Met look ya don’t get me wrong Enuh Keiva come a far way in terms of looks and body size was because back then she use to fava any gully dog Weh di owner abandon.. Anyways met is like when she post picture she always wha show ar front and batty is as if she a send subliminal message that she want men enquire how much a pound fi di sal? Met this just one photo there are a lot of others that she claim either her daughter, sister or the gate man takes the pics kmt come on lady we all know you use self timer and take these yourself stop saying they are off guard or posting these pics and giving inspirational quotes under them or get mad when the men comment on what they see..Yuh skin clean though Dwl no lie mi nuh hate yuh

18 thoughts on “KEIVA KNOW WHA SHE DOING O

  1. She’s annoying as hell. How can someone get up everyday and throw word at people, that’s no life to live. Had to unfollow.

  2. Omg am so tired of this woman . Always on ig talking about har body real girl where ???????? Where ???????? Keiva your butt is not real stop telling lies all u do is drop wud , when was the last time you tour or had a new dance ????? Girl bye

  3. She been annoying like she a go through some mid life crisis … Mam I need to accept u getting older always a throw word on young people

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