29 thoughts on “KERRY ANN DEM LIVE

  1. Least Dem leave dirty Bronx move up gone CT me naw argue with dat still but uno to BBC vulgar Fi have kids in a background

  2. Seems
    Ike them lived in the same apartment complex. Both Condo is split level apartment so anything one have the one must follow do & have . There friendship is called the dominoes effect anyday one far they must all fall ‘ what a set women stay connected fe life .

  3. Yuck donkey teeth donkey mouth horrible skin without makeup yuck . Fans where ????????? any decent ppl off class with good jobs wound not followed these hood rats apple talk so illiterate Jamaican ghetto trash in USA . Ms Met she meant welfare & scammers fans .

  4. Apple was live lastnight and me a tell u apple face stay bad without make up.. her face just white and cool like ghost. Me say no sah she no easy… both make we block she… them no know say ct different from Bronx ..: the neighbor them will complain and call police ,worst a building uno inna… a just ply board part u and uno neighbor..
    take them out a ghetto but can’t take ghetto out a them smfh

  5. She no scared the false teeth drop out. She just a long out had tongue out a had head like lizard.. Like when old people a use dem tongue a push in the false teeth when dem a talk fi avoid it from drop out

  6. Watch the rich people them empty house …. I thought apple day she not on a budget but those furniture sure look like a budget

  7. Kerry Ann the pantry nuh really full, it scanty bad. Why you open it? When pantry full as you open it things start drop out.

  8. Kerry the surgery and teeth look good pon yuh. Big up the bet card, food fi full up inna u pantry. Now u fi visit Jue bear more often. And stop try make it sound like the 3 Pitney father deh a jail.

  9. Kerry Ann apartment is very nice. Yes I think they live in the same complex. Judging from there live they seem to be down to earth. On the flip side I don’t understand how these girls with no job get a nice condo like that. Ps Kerry ann your son was in the background singing the rap song and saying every curse word smh

  10. What killed me is how the fake page “major quality” draw dem out. Had Kerry spilling all her business, they confirmed everything that people talk about them over here. Why Kerryann let them boost her to do “house tour” I felt a little embarrassed for her when because the house is empty (hence the echoing). Not even one “Family dollar” bathroom set on the half bathroom floor. Smh also why her shoes in the “linen closet”?? And that is not a walk in closet Kerryann it’s a regular closet..
    Now to Ms I can’t believe she really has the same “acrylic bed” I’m crying for her. You don’t need a designer bed start out small, go to Walmart get a headboard.
    Ms “Meth” for some reason I feel like you know “Major Quality” (joking)

    1. Mi? Nuh duh mi dat oooooooooo not even fi fun! I dont follow these people on social media , dont know their pages..I dont have the time for that and I would be the last one to ask any one of them any kinda question. I follow strictly news pages online, mi boring like that .

  11. Kerry Ann luk old and ugly + di dentures was not done properly it mek har big stinking mouth luk like she’s going to turn into someting eww!!!

  12. These clown bitches…when they buck up inna dance with the people dem a cuss. Nobody step to each other. Social media turn people in to PUNKS/CLOWNS. Research shows, most people who frequent social media are none productive and have a low income. I come on this site for the comments. I even got drawn in to post a comment which I never thought I would do in a million year. These chicks really think they are stars. She said fans to rahtid. No one knows you unless they frequent dancehall or come on pinkwall.

  13. Who eva major is, major won. When you mek smaddy draw yuh out so bad that you debase your self in front of the world, worse yet, your children? No competition that person won. Kerryaan the pantry empty save for the box of ramen noodles, you a shake the camera like is blair witch project, bish yuh need fi cut it.

  14. Good for them for securing lovely spaces and hopefully living in good neighbourhood that are conducive to raising healthy and productive children. Hope they are in a good school district so the kids can get the total benefit. No need to show your place to anyone even if they draw unno out. Unno move out a di ghetto unno fi change unno consciousness too. Take on a new rhythm of life and ignore the online trolls.

  15. DWRCL! Fans ? No sah. Kerry just stop. Nobody nuh want u worthless lifestyle. Only hype ppl who nuh have nothing bout dem do !

  16. So Kerryann mother and father are her extended family???? That’s why people must educate dem self, whether by going to school or researching. Apple look like her husband…

  17. Good job ladies, u guys have made major steps, progress. Very nice place, I try to give credit where it’s do. They r both nice looking without the make up. I know none of these people, I live in a different state but I’m routing for Kerrie. The amount of stories about her taking in people just shows that she is not all for herself. Now that you’ve moved I hope you will stay out of trouble(fighting etc.). Focus on your kids and u said it best don’t live for people..congrats Apple (the only thing with u u 2 hype)

  18. Kerry Ann y u don’t tell your friend Sally to pay the for the marriage what dwanye do the girl say he’s not getting no paper because he don’t give r no money 600 Dallas can’t pay for no marriage Sally the monkey come on give Dwayne the money!!

  19. KerryAnn u should be ashamed of showing that old cheap red bad color sofa Wey cost $799 fi the 3 pieces.that sofa a fi people Wey just a start life not u Wey claim sey yuh rich. KerryAnn yuh need fi guh hide with yuh dilapidated house.wat a set of fools.KerryAnn ur mom and dad is your extended family gal yuh need a dictionary and a bible yuh stupid as a duck. KerryAnn why didn’t u show yuh chanel bag collection ? Because they not home they back into the store. Stop sey uno house use the correct words uno apt. Uno want hype and call uno self home owner and uno nuh want to buy any house. KerryAnn is so stupid how the f…k u going to be arguing with someone that u don’t even know their name or what they look like all u saying is my girl that show how foolish KerryAnn and apple is. Uno need fi Meck up and guh buy Furnitures.. and KerryAnn Jue only have 1 child with u so stop talk bout them father soon come home because all your children have different father.3 baby daddy yuh have and 3 children Suh stop pretty it up. KerryAnn u living in Wonderland because Jue not coming home to you he is getting deported back to jamaica Suh yuh better Meck sure yuh have a nice clean place a jamaica fi him stay at. And yes u and apple are on welfare and uno get food stamp. KerryAnn remember you driving with yuh sister license and apple u driving with yuh cousin Wey live into Philly license. People , people apple a tell lie she ain’t got no social security number and a people name she driving and traveling on Suh uno hype soon get f..k .both KerryAnn and apple a use people name fi drive .

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