12 thoughts on “KERRY DIS WAS YOU INA 2010?

  1. Met, I swear the gov’t of these US of A needs to hire you and the other Metters. “Pink Wall Investigators”
    Goodmorning Met.

  2. Is that her real name or an alias???? Wow she really needs to settle down, look at the chance the judge took and she is back in jail on a unrelated charge… How old is this girl, is she not tried of going to jail… Girl your luck will soon run out, you need to make a change for your children, God knows… That’s just crazy in and out of jail on so many different occasions… Just a waste of human being…

  3. The life of the rich and famous, Anytime you have someone with so much names, They maybe using one under false documentation and it is very sad. You KNOW you are illegal have up alias in this country, who knows? Maybe have false social security number using but yet you stay in the spotlight. I hope for her purpose she don’t get caught with the one bag a names. Pathetic criminals.

  4. May be its jus me but I don’t think this young lady could be so brazen known that she is illegal and still doing dumb shit!!

  5. That is why the judge request a DNA because he know she full of skill when it comes on to identifying her theifing ass and they be so hype like it’s a legal job they be doing she never ever try to press her chill buttton…how you all thief tho? Me full a pride so I would not dare touch people stuff take a page from me theifing Kerry Ann I know u will get my message .

  6. KerryAnn mi did think yuh Sey yuh been rich and every man you teck, mine yuh but yet still you busy a walk a thief down America from state to state.but them time here u was with Jue icon. How you said munchiee did a tell lie Sey Jue icon use to wear only cartoon shirts , pants and boxers.KerryAnn don’t even buy soap she steal everything. She still a thief and aid her ugly friend , Sally and ship up batty samara first thief .KerryAnn mostly drive and be the get away driver when her friends go to steal she is also their look out .KerryAnn you are a worthless piece of shit. Go get a job you broke bitch.

  7. God was watching out for her because he knows the kids need a patent in the home. Lucky gal. Stop tief now nuh?

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