0 thoughts on “KERRY GET ALL FUNERAL

  1. Good morning, Met and Metters, no sah, mi mouth lip burn off, cho Met it too early,mi laff and dash weh the tea, dah funeral ya sad bad, not a soul turn out, Kerry there is no way you can return affta this, Kerry u going down, down, lol wwooooiiiiiiiii :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :malu2 :hoax2

  2. Weak she nuh want har pussy shelter nuh more lol kerry leave dis woman alone. lmfao happy birthday balloon.

  3. No sah…ah di good people dem lock up inna madhouse :ngakak. My gurl seh Kerry big like ah double decka bus suh shi caan fit eena castick….:ngakak

  4. Somebody come pick me up off the floor, The lady say CASTIC, No sah….I cant laugh no more. Casket/Castic. Unuh please leave this lady alone she a done unuh.

  5. Mawnin’ Met. Mi a dead no sah, when she seh kerryann need a lifeline, mi start wonda if she all use up phone a friend. Cuz she a go need a friend fi help out wid di nine-nite and funeral services.

  6. this is not funny she trying to steal cheese style but cheese a original this nuh up up it nah bing!!!!! met a long time mi nuh hear yuh seh nahhh bingo 2014 talk this is whack

  7. is not think they are sisters they have the same mother but different father this is an disgrace to see to blood sisters carry on like this both y’all should be ashamed of yourself to be turning on each other ntn is wrong wit family being competitive but not argue and disgrace each other y’all have kids that are cousins smh. Yes i know the family black eye, kerry, puss, betsy, is their mother send for them at england

  8. Morning MET a di funniest ting me watch fi a long time no man she cross, @43 sec it seems like d pickney dem did a come in she affi tek a good look lmfao, Kerry u shouldnt trouble dis mad oman ya lol, Kerry her son dem hood is waiting to b sucked :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2

  9. a wah name castic? lmfao but cuh pon elephant man sister inna glasses bout ashes to ashes met this nuh hot like cheese but it can gwan fi di week

    1. :ngakak di person whey tink she tek up cheese style wid di head..a so dem do a england..cheese neva do dat part first a one girl name nadine did do it

  10. She a happen, she doe up har ting good, keep her funeral, wid out no mourners and all, her ting up, up, and poor Kerry weh shape like the birthday balloon going down and can’t fit in her castic, woooiiiiiii thank god Siona fit in a fi her own. lmao :peluk :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  11. as mi see dis met yuh caan fine NADINE own dat funeral NADINE chowe a de best wan yet no man dat name the throw back thursdeh :ngakak

  12. @Met, dem related fi chue, say it aint so!!!!.. kiss me raas, she say kerry shape like birtday ballon, me laff till me cry!!!!

  13. Funniest thing I watch today. Mi rate har she say dem are zero…lol. But in all seriousness….she needs to get her head checked and Kerry needs to leave har alone

  14. Mi needed a good laugh before I guh to bed, Puss seh dem a dancehall liad, nuh man nuh gi dem nutten a pure lie them, tell wid them sentence hole, woooiiiiiiiiii :kr

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