Belly ah hang out ah girdle u need to seek planet fitness cause the girlde them you ah wear cant help you😠😠😠😠😠😬😬ah next ting mellissa you really wear sneakers at ur dance you stay bad your cousin shanny did look better than you an ah fi yuh dance!!!!

10 thoughts on “KETCH DI GIRDLE

  1. Stacy lef the woman alone talk about how 3 man in one crew f**k u a queens plus we hear say you f**king Bob ravas now and u was f**king his friend uncle talk about that and leave the gal she have her own roof over her head what u have than the clothes you thief out the people them store wutless bitch have papers inna America and all you do is walk and thief every minute you make video for Mellissa a style her and she was better than you at least she have pussy principle. See how you look malnourished be a mother to your child and get a job. Menace like you Trump need fi get rid of

  2. Melissa u look good wi all know say ur belly big but we know a Stacy send it in stop hate pon the gal because she put u out. She buy her sneakers with money she don’t thief and bring back like u fi get shoes

  3. Im sorry, what’s wrong with wearing sneakers to a party? some people don’t know what F to say and jus chat rubbish. Who gives a shit if she hype. Ask the right goddamn questions already. For instance, why did she wear that ugly under garment and ruin what could have poss been a cute outfit?
    Why didn’t she alter the crotch area?

  4. Stacey u really obsessed wid Melissa cause your party flop an hers did ram
    U nuh stop throw words pon ur page but u need to move on and stop walk and thief for fren & mon cause it u using fi get a bust but u naw get none cause u Live bad inna real life
    All dem mon u a thief tings fwah & tek don’t own u up
    Sad bad

  5. STACY PETITE F**KING BOB RAVAS never see smoke without fire mi see dem pon movement after party inna him car and how she never comment pon the wife and him pics but always his them ugly big woman yah can sekkle fi less from young boy the way how bob f**k off nuff party gal and always a send him cocky with him inna bathroom to mi friend pon snap that woman is a real clown all these big up on social media and the gal dem always a laugh off a her Bob old wide wake up granny wake up don’t go this year party inna wedding dress I shall laugh mi a Mek sure go early fi see all him gal dem WEH inna the party how dem act

  6. Once smaddy and people no talk unu say a them and run in. Check it out, Stacy can’t spell well enough to send in this statement as simple as it may seem. If Stacy post this she would say something like yours cuzns because spelling and grammar is not her strong suit. Melissa full a pure enemy. And it looks like she has no real friends either because I would tell my friend that this outfit just nah connect.


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