1. It nuh look like the same one Real. The other one had darker skin. It’s the culture wey dem a grow in that teaches a black woman’s worth lies in her sexuality. Shi not even have a clue wey shi a duh. And the poor little baby a smell har renaming tail and a wonder if him sister a have epilepsy.

    1. ye u right…………. in Trinidad …them really have this under cover sexual nature….the carnvial done set a evil inna dat deh place deh …

  2. Morning Metsy, Real n Foxy
    I don’t it’s the same one but Foxy is so right that’s wat out little girls are being taught that their value starts and ends in their crotch poor things smh but the mother should buss this one ass too, one time gone if parents n adults were talking or doing things that were not age appropriate the child would have to leave the room STAT but now a days dem invite the pikney dem inna di mix all now my ears tip dem pointed cause dem ketch shape a try eavesdrop pon big ppl argument cause dem run mi outta di room the minute dem start tawk smh ahh boy

  3. Well, I don’t see much of, if any, disciplinary actions coming outta this one because this mom chose to leave a baby in care of another baby so I’m gonna refrain from any further comments here cause it ‘s really starting to seem like people and dem pickney ah try fe duh anything to make the infamous Pink Wall, so knock ya selves out ..if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, don’t Metty :ngakak

  4. that lil girl dont deserve no whip it look innocent to me but -its just all overthe net being expose tto predators n pedophiles her mother need to talk to her n put a lock on that computerwhen no adults are around

  5. Who ever seh dis is innocent muss not have a daughter, because nuttin innocent in what she is doing, and infront of a baby. This likkle girl need guidance ASAP

  6. OMG when I first saw this I wanted to grab hAr ass through the screen and kill hAr wid a wet leather belt

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