1. U siddung deh a write up bout “u a tell people fi di last wen u respond people tink seh dem hit a narve…lowe it mek it blow ovah likeb ebrry odah news innah Shallow-hood…if is lie u a lib u live and if a tru u still a lib u live don’t? Unu shouldah out deh pan di moon a celebrate, wah u a read comments fah? unu celebrity need fi left di media fi a min and ignore di crap if is crap..but unu just can’t…smdh

  1. The issue Mr.Kevin Hart and to all the other men that break hearts and feel the other woman should ” just get over it,”…the real at hand is NOT about moving on…but apologizing for the PAIN and HEARTBREAK you caused to the one that *** nutured you the MOST.***
    – isnt it always strange that the one who held it down the longest and sometimes bore stretchmarks bearing kids for these wealthy men…always end up getting dumped for a woman who DIDNT put in the HARD EMOTIONAL WORK ??
    – congratulations on your engagement.
    I hope you both are equally yoked.
    I hope you continue to make money to keep her happy. I hope you feel TALL now that you got an “eye candy ” u could have NEVA HAD if u were not making all that $$$.
    – p s. Paying the EX thousands per months does NOT stop one’s heart from bleeding…
    (Dating someone else…she probably TRYING to move on…but secretly that PAIN there every day she thinks about your midget ass.
    Fame over foundation??
    *if your conscience SO clear…WHY d NEED to EXPLAIN your actions though?

    1. Because people a run in like dem know more than them. Every woman has been in a place where emotionally she has given more than enough and it didnt work out the way it should have but you get to place where u dont even want to see or acknowledge that person .If she is in a place where she is still acknowledging that she held him down etc…no love was there. Don’t let her emotions fool you. What I would like to do is to hear from him on why he left that relationship and I take it if he plays tit for tat with her he will look like the villain . The apology will not stop the hurt in her case , she wants her pound of flesh . Life doesn’t work like that but she hasn’t learnt that yet. As I mentioned before the basket baller I forgot his name his ex wife got it worst than her and she is not as bitter. In her case u can see that what she gave was from her heart. Mi nah tek up fi Kevin nor his lady but I hate when women act like that. The biggest turn off should be that he doesn’t love her anymore and that should be enough motivation to get over it and him

      1. Him fi mek dem run een Met,him nuh hab nuttn fi prove to nobody or no?..a nuh di fuss dem a attack im bout sinting but im always haffi answa..On another note, mi si women wah hold dung dem man fi years and dem left dem right when dem mek it big and don’t even look back, pickney or no..some a dem all want to do dna test all of a sudden wen dem mek it big..suh she fi tank har lucky stars. Still nobody can’t tell any body how fi hurt and how long fi hurt, but as mi seh certain things dem must keep to demself and stop chat bout(di ex in dis case)and shortie fi just ignore it and mek it blow weh wid di wind like ebrryting else..some people just can’t kibbah dem mouth, but hey, unuh chat and gwan suh di I and odah bloggers can chat..nuh suh it go Met oooo?

        1. Sometimes dem gwaan too much pan di people dem page like dem know dem ..I had a family member whey did married for years and di man I dont know how him go get papers bout dem divorced but he was still living home and go married. When he died a di fraudlent wife took all the houses..It happens all the time..Mi hear how man deh wid ooman and dem mek di ooman get dem suit ready n dem go married and lef di ooman and pickney dem whey dem deh wid fi years just so..a dat hurt

          1. Met oo, di bible seh, Di righteous falls seven times and rises again, but the wicked stumble in times of calamity. Hmm mm, suh mek dem gwan..

        2. Tinan di way dem class that girl one a di time dem roll every jamaican ina di same box she in bout we a gold digger and we have never borne that name..I dont endorse man stealing nor do I respect any woman who spread off in another woman’s relationship…but ifffffffffff man deh wid a woman and LEAVES that woman for the new one..good God almighty who is the beef with the man whey lef or the woman whey tek him? Because if him lef when him meet that woman he was surely on his way out..She a gwaan like kevin did plaster pan di last layer of her pad and the girl took him so she all waa beat har..I am so sorry a neva a real hard core ghetto gyal him tek fi pepper har ass

          1. Mi nuh like di tekkah dem eidah Met but u di si gal “jealousy” Met,is a hell of a ting. Nuff hate/dislike we fi no reason at all suh is just dust mi brush off a mi shouldah, but dem bettah nuh step innah mi space. People guh always chat weddah wi like it or not, she and anybody else can class we Jamaican’s all dem want mi nuh hab a yei fi dem, innah ebry race and country u hab GD’s. Mi a mek and earn mi own “gold” from mi left HS, by wukking honestly and by di sweat a mi brow, suh mi nuh need fi get up pan nobody fi dah, so mek dem klass and keep on talking while I keep on walking caz dat nuh phase me and it shouldn’t phase we Jamaicans. No one hat nuh fit round here. Suh mek dem galan.
            Met all me know seh mi tiad a disyah deah horse yah… Now if she want to pass on some a dem millions wah deh mek har miserable she free fi pass by mi yard and drop a bag..but den again can’t stan di constant bitching suh maybe not caz mi love mi peace of mind and space 2much…hehe…
            U right, she need fi let it guh fi real, but a fi har bokkle and bokkle covah, plus hey as mi seh mek dem keep bitching and we keep on larning,of how not to act amongst many others, and blogging of,mmm. Nah mek dem hot up di I head, no sah..not innah disyah loife.

      2. You’re absolutely correct Metty; she’s a woman permanently scorned and she will bring her baggage of heartache and pain from one relationship to the next…the footballer’s ex-wife seh she naan nuh time fe ah hitch, she needs to look ah new money man*a young one at that*…but why is Usher’s ex-wife Tameka sooooooooooooooooo bitter??? I really do empathize with her on losing her child to such a tragic accident, but damn!!!! She almost comes across as hateful; Celo’s ex-wife has such a beautiful soul; love her positive energy..

        1. She is next one…memba she lef har man fi di young bwaay wid di big buddy………di haitian mother did not like she ..we duz not know what ile sprinkle desso

          1. *Thinking out loud*…i’m gonna sit back and watch how Ms. Tracey Steele plays out in this story line as she is Torrei’s “Jamaican” homegirl..this should be quite interesting :siul

  2. @blackberry love he did admit to his wrongs n he did say he was sorry ,it was after his mistakes with his wife he learned then he wasnt in the right frame of mind….6 yrs goin 7 her heart still a bleed?come on ..a muss a pound a flesh she want yah @met …im nvr gona b sorry for her cuz she milking the story so where is the love that obviously she still have!

    1. She wanted the girl to f him over and then she would have felt better so the longer they are together is the more bitter she will get because what she wants isnt happening

  3. @met me figure it out,she never expected kev to blow up how he did …she wanted his success now to have happened then with her ,but god bless him wen he saw fit!im sure he thnked her for holding him down but inlife women need to understand that some rships r jst rships,some are teachers , life changers and happy ending …laas dem big oman ya laass walkin around in age n doe have a clue

    1. They are some people who satan send in relationships fi ”hold” down…so because he is not being held the way she planned he is wicked..When infact maybe if he stayed he wouldnt have made it as big ..she would have been still stealing his mojo because ooman like dem drain all the positive energy out of a man because a dat di devil send dem fi do..She not fooling me

  4. The point is…his over loving of himself..asTinan said…earlier…His **need** to feed gis ego and -justify – his actions and STILL mention the ex wife…ibviously he is -just- as bitter. This is NOT bout d new gold digger…but d two of rhem growing up…there are kids involved. Met…u nuh been hurt before doh…cuz u respond WELL fast.
    I pray man neva hurt u crucial…then u go understand women pain and nuh say dem “bitter.”…no amount of honey darling…remove dem pain dey…not even new man.
    Which more time a heartbroken oman dont truly have…but might be seen out on d town wuth someone ( Rihanna’s dates for example…are to sooth her hurt from chris stinking briwn)

    1. Lol dont read bits of my comments then try to tell me what I have been through and not felt nuh do dat..If kids are involved the more reason to find yourself quickly for their sake because no man is worth more than them. Yuh wudd sidung wid u kids fi six years a cry and be bitter? Man send on money I am taking that shit renew miself find my way and find love again..He is bitter because she is playing on people’s emotions and its annoying to me muchless who in it. As I said before as women, we have ALLLLLLLLLL been there and it does make many women not love again, it makes some of us like myself not put all of our cards on the table again, but it should not make you six years bitter and six years wanting to destroy or get at the person because God is bigger than all of what has happened..She need Jesus as I have said before. Look pan di woman whey her daughter dead fi di jamaican singer and in the middle of her one and only child dying he left go get pickeny wid another woman and moved on leaving her to handle her child’s death alone..NOT EVEN SHE SO BITTER..what excuse does this woman have?? Oh she held him down??? So she wants to be held down back or what? I think she is a comedian too so she a look her own spot.. :travel

        1. There is one pan mi instagram rella_relz or something near suh…she is a next one claims she holding down richomiequan and he stay cheating and she stay a blast har mate dem

    1. If a person is that bad dont have to walk and tell every bystander..di bible say by their deeds you shall know them so let their deeds find them..IF THEY ARE AS BAD AS U SAY..Di exwife mek harself look bad and she couldnt get one shoulder from me not even a tissue

      1. You make this “get over the man” thing seem easy eh. Good for you! But the reality is that not many women have a handle on that. I’m sure you had to learn to be the way you are now and she will have to learn that too. This woman was 20 yrs old when they met, half of her life was dedicated to him, their careers and their family. She didn’t choose to end it, he cheated, in fact she mentioned that she believe in a “family” so she feels it unfair for this new woman to get the life she’d dreamed of. I think we can afford to cut her some slack here. Seems like he’s the only man she’s ever known. She have a whole heap of growing up to do and it will happen, but for right now don’t be so quick to chastise her, her emotions seem real enough..

        1. She met when they were 20, he is now 35, they have been separated for 6 years so dem did deh nine years, not once did I say it was easy but dem deh fi 9 year lef now 6 years…What are you and I missing? Would she have rathered he stayed and cheated and left her in ten more years? If she believe ina family she would never find di show whey she on yah now fi vent. I have never said one time that it was easy what I have said consistently is that there are women in worse positions that are not as bitter…what is she really bitter about? If u go say she think it is unfair that the next girl should get what she dreamed of mi nuh really know what fi say for or against that because as i said is about her EGO. A di same reason why nuff jamaican woman tek bun fi years eno..they were with the man first so they will not leave. Man more wicked than the one she dealing with so if she want to begin the healing process she should begin to count her luck because she is not the worst

          1. Look pan all di man dem whey come up from jamaica to the women dem fi greencard and di way dem ina haste dem lef before or start disrespect before dem get dem permanent..The men may not be as rich or famous but the hurt is still the same..what she is focusing on is his fame and she wanted to be a part of that come hell or high water…Woman was planning and God was a wiping..

  5. Wooiiii…look how unno *emotional* ova di people dem business unno nuh even KNOW…
    Deadings. Kevin like most men in hollywood…have “beards”…and Jamaican men join d bandwagon of secret fishing too..
    – wiz khalifa
    -bow wow
    -eddie murphy
    T.I .
    -Arsenio Hall
    – Kayne West
    And d list goes on…
    Dem nuh make it in hollywood unless dem open up dem **backdoor** better known as – THE RECTUM.
    I nuh give a F**KS bout d engagement.
    Post next story please…

      1. Booooooooooooooooooodoooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmm as dem run out a argument them say di man dem gay n a open dem rectum how u know was ur mouth open too kmft

  6. n ya tlk like yuh knw kevin of all d celebrites u cuda assume say a batty man i highly doubt kevin is one !gal gwan yah kmt @met lol

  7. doe tell d lady wat to do if u doe care go read a nex post! we deh pon dis n a dis we wah tlk bout! nobody is hurt ovr the comments is jst tht we were trying to apply the reach one teach one method ie enlighten the dimly lit cob webbed bitter heart n brains

    1. kay I dont know what them expect we fi tell dis lady..she mus gwan hold on pan di bitterness some more..Him wicked the girl wicked ..maybe she will feel better like that

  8. Met, you can do up a post pon supernatural experiences; wedda ghostly, or angelic, or just general out of this world experiences? Would love to see how many people have experienced strange occurrences.

  9. I don’t understand some of you bloggers and it hurts to see how inconsiderate and silly you are… If a man is not inlove with you anymore you expect the man fi stick around for your sake or because you guys are coming from nothing? Come on the man was already out the door, if he wasn’t he would have never looked twice on the young lady no matter how beautiful she is, take your shit, bawl, do whatever it takes and move the fux on. A nuff a Unuh woman love Leggo Unuh big tired unwanted body inna relationship because Unuh think Unuh deh wid di man first or from long time, so it’s likely that if di man give Unuh dawg shit fi NYAM yawl will still stay sake a whey mi mention up top, all when it’s clear as day to Unuh, Unuh still waah hang on fi dear life. Wtf yow. If Unuh want a man fi life that doesn’t fall out of love whether or not kids are involved please create that man and set his heart mind and soul only on you. Nuh man never puh dung fi me you are she….stop blame the gal, who gives a fux if him have somebody no one told him to stray. Care f**king 0 whey yawl gonna come with after reading.

  10. All now fi me mother nuh get over my step father, and me say every story she hear bout him she cock her ears and call all her friends dem and chat it.. she cuss the man all the man woman and dem lef from me a pickney.. but me mother usually teat me and me sista bad and give her man everything when him go married the next woman pan her she say she hate him and blah blah.. when she behave like dat she just sound annoying to me.. the world is a circle whatever wickedness you do to ppl it a go come back round to u.. a just life..

  11. well a guess a the wife punishment dat. me understand say ppl fall out of love with ppl so we must be careful about what we doing.. look how much man come up here and as dem life sort out lef the woman weh dem did deh with not even divorce just lef fi a next woman. the wife need fi cry detox do weh she need fi do fi move on and neva talk bout it again.. God na go help her if she continue get up a talk bad bout the man and him woman.. if she no forgive and move on God naa go give her no joy! she will wait and wait like how she a do now,

  12. I think this is a great topic to discuss as we always get the reasoning from both sides of women in terms of new relationships and moving on. I think Torrei is staring at the face of adversity from across the room and has no idea who she is and doesn’t want to meet her. He cheated, you ended it. its over. The girl never took your man and if she did he wanted to get ‘took”. And met mi agree wit you when you say if she was really hurt, she wouldn’t deh pon di poeple dem TV a ball. The time that she is taking to dwell/milk this situation she could have been finding herself because clearly she “gave him her all” so there is none left for herself. Met mi nah lie it probably bun fi see him pon tv inna movie preview and commercial everyday but a so it go, and if it bun har that much she was never hurt about the love aspect she was hurt about missing the opportunities he is receiving now. Love is all about what we learn and moving on if it nuh work. Same thing with old ass Tameka Raymond all of the red flags was there but she did want young bwoy and its so funny he grow up and even grow past her ways!

    1. Exactly and remember she took Usher from Chilly no matter what anyone say dat happen. She had mn t the time too so mi nuh know what she did expect a go happen. What Tameka loved was Usher’s fame she liked th spotlight das y all a dem a run wid di man dem last name loooking like fools :travel

  13. tina turner for wan has all rites tuh her lastnight and mi understand clearly why she tell dem tek everything but lowe mi name as tuh the rest a dem atlanta ex wife yah weh mi a watch wah nite dem is a disgrace tuh human race nd ungle a ole on pon dem man dem name for no gad damn reason…luk pon all the 8yrs divorce wan she weh all luk like cee lo him de money turn dem inna “prakae”………….as tuh kevin hart own mi lissen har keenly anuh him she miss is jus dat de man got even bigger and is dat pie she actually wanted a piece of

  14. great di shawt crotches man engaged to the homewrecker/gold digger, the ex wife need to move on with her life and I think she has for the most part, however I think because of her tv show she has to remain relevant and bring up her ex for ratings purpose it’s just how the game is played on these “reality shows.”

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