The murder trial of businessman, Patrick Powell, who is accused of the 2011 murder of schoolboy Khajeel Mais, is expected to start tomorrow.
The case, which has been labelled as the X6 murder trail, suffered several delays, however the The Zee has been informed by Kimberly Mais, the sister of Khajeel that the trial is set to start tomorrow.
The trial was pushed back last year to February 29 in the Home Circuit Court, but failed to get underway.
Mais, who was a student of Kingston College, was shot dead when a taxi in which he was a passenger was reportedly fired upon in Havendale, St Andrew by the driver of a BMW X6 motor vehicle.
Powell is accused of shooting at the taxi in a fit of road rage. Powell is currently out on bail.
This latest attempt to get the trial started, follows various campaigns organized by the Mais’ family.
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  1. These days I lean towards a different type of “justice” than that of the judiciary system bevause it’s a constant failure. I will keep hope alive that this family get the justice they deserve, there has to be some form of accountability.

  2. I love the dedication of the sister, she constantly profess her love for her brothers and it shows. She had planned a peaceful march for this morning, and people in power scared her into cancelling it, saying the march will have “implications” on the case (bullsh*t), whatever happened to our right to protest? Jamaica knows nothing about democracy. After hearing that obviously out of fear for another 6years wait she gave up her right.

    Wasn’t there a rumour that Powell paid forensics to put gun powder on little jaheel’s hand? Ah boi, the rich have their way with the poor. I pray for a fair and just trial

    1. you must be one of his 20 children or one of his 10 babymothers who benefit monetarily from his crimesssssssss

      dark, arrogant, ignorant , evil are some of the words that come to mind with this wicked giant

      could never be a hater , theres not enough m0ney in the world that would make me want to ever be around that monster

      1. Tell us the whole story. No one seem to want to tell us about Patrick Powell’s background apart from being a die-hard PNP supporter and a building contractor with significant wealth and police on his payroll.

  3. according to sources even though he was a license firearm holder, the gun he used in the murder was traced back to a high ranking police official who refuse to cooperate when the incident happened, that part of the whole fiasco get swept under the rug, what was he doing with a policeman’s gun? how many other people fell victim to that same gun? wether by this individual behind the trigger or that rogue police official? would it reveal yet another case of high ranking police officials on unscrupulous people’s payroll? maybe “talk di truth” from last week’s topic on “andre duffle-bag-of-$camming money” can fill us in a little further!

    1. I’m confuse, but Patrick Powell refuse to turn over one of his licensed firearm for testing and that firearm is nowhere to be found? So, how is it that an unknown gun was traced back “to a high ranking police official”? Why would a Powell have in his possession firearm belonging to someone else? Was he planning on shooting someone that fateful night? Are you saying that the bullet that was taken from the victim was used to match a gun owned by the Police Officer?

      Without any evidence to support my theory, I think it was one of his trouble-making/hothead son’s that was driving that X6 that night, not Patrick Powell. Wasn’t two of his sons accused of beating a man to the point the person almost died…maybe permanently crippled?

  4. bangarang u heard the DPP say she complain to commish bout the causewell case of OAKLANDS APT the murdera was a socialite who did everything him and the girl phone with the 76 calls in a day went missing the clothes she had on at time of death went missing with 18 wounds on her body, sargant who had the phone went on retirement so.. read between the lines with this case. he had lots a friends up deh dem drag it like slippers witness no where to be found, so him might walk smh good luck

  5. the police a nyam evidence like how goat nyam sorefoot paper, weh the rass taxi driver deh he was the only witness no hear nutten of him, these cases tek long to come up witness fraid and look visa goooone to ra***s weh u woulda do if u hear this man keep party a him yard P.N.P J.L.P go myammins, the high ranking police official refuse to co-operate. (MET weh the little man pon the blue scooter) DWLLLL RIDE WEY

  6. @Anonymous 4:17pm ……. “patrick powell refuse to turn over one of his license firearms for testing and that firearm is no where to be found” BECAUSE THATS THE FIREARM THAT IS LICENSED TO BE CARRIED CONCEALED ON HIM IN PUBLIC AT ALL TIMES AND THE LOGIC IS THAT SAME PERSONAL LICENSED FIREARM SHOULD /WOULD BE THE FIREARM USED IN THE INCIDENT(the other license firearms most likely are either shotgun, rifle, m-16, ar-15, uzi etc. which are license for the protection of property, business, for sport/gaming etc. not to carry concealed), he refused to turn over that particular firearm because test would reveal that the shots that were fired into the taxi which killed the youth DIDN’T CAME FROM THE LICENSED FIREARM THAT HE WAS SUPPOSE TO LEGALLY POSSESS ON HIM AT THAT MOMENT OF THE INCIDENT to the contrary, shots retrieved from the scene was traced back to a firearm belonging to a high ranking police official who refused to cooperate in the preliminary investigation (understandably) EVERYTHING UNFOLDED WHILE PATRICK POWELL WAS ON THE RUN(AS HE FLED TO THE US),
    still confused?

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