A couple received the scare of their lives yesterday when their one-day-old baby was taken from the recovery ward at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) maternity block.

The parents of the missing baby, citizens of India who are both employed as nurses at the university hospital, were overjoyed when they got news that the police, acting on a tip, found the child hidden in a house in eastern Kingston. A woman who was at the premises was immediately taken into police custody.

According to a release issued by chairman of the hospital board, James Moss-Solomon, staff members were alerted about 10:30 am that the baby, who had been delivered to a diabetic mother on Thursday, December 8, was missing from its cot adjacent to the mother’s bed.

The hospital said that visiting hours had not yet begun at the time the baby was discovered missing.

A group of people, including the child’s father, took the matter to the Office of the Prime Minister in a bid to find the baby as quickly as possible. It was not clear if they were able to speak to anyone from the office, but by late afternoon the police announced that the newborn had been found in the eastern Kingston area of Rollington Town. No details of the circumstances surrounding the rescue were provided by the police.

According to Moss-Solomon, staff on Ward 11 at the UHWI at the time when the baby went missing included nurses, doctors and other medical personnel who were making clinical rounds.

“The hospital immediately called the police and our security provider, Marksman Limited, and a special investigating team attached to our security provider [went to work immediately],” the hospital board chairman said.

Moss-Solomon said that the hospital took immediate additional action to further secure the premises, and that all vehicles leaving the compound were searched when it was discovered that a baby had been kidnapped from the hospital.

In the meantime, the hospital immediately instituted a new security policy which requires all visitors to the facility to present valid identification before they are allowed to access wards, or any other sensitive areas.

“We will accept a picture ID, which will include a valid driver’s licence, the national ID or a passport,” the hospital board chairman informed.


  1. While I am glad (genuinely glad) that this child was found safe and the parents mahem is over somewhat we have to address the bigger issue that this incident brought out. There was a news some months ago of a missing child from a girl they said was “under age” she had twins if me memory serve me right and it was an aunt who took to social media the theft of the infant. Don’t know if the baby was returned but I hold out hope…. Now we hear about baby theft/missing all too often, why were they not dealt with such swiftness? Was it because dem born a Jubilee instead a UWI? Was it because the parents were “low class” and not doctors? Better yet maybe because they were Jamaican’s and not Indian nationals. Look here this is a slap in the face and it don’t look good.

    1. I was just talking about the same girl all now we don’t hear what was the outcome of that baby and dem all reach at PM office, to be poor is really a crime.

  2. These types of policies should have been implemented long time ago to prevent these kinds of incidents from occurring. Typical Jamaica. Always put the horse before the cart.

    1. Am I reading right? That i.d. and log book being implemented… inna 2016!!! So any ole body cudda just come in and do as them please before? Smh.

      I am glad the baby has been found safely. Not too often these stories actually have a happy ending.

  3. Note: It said not yet visiting time at the hospital when baby was discovered missing. INSIDE JOB! Smaddy let in dem fren fi teef di straight nose Indian baby.
    Leave no stone unturned and expose whether Doctor, nurse, midwife, practical nurse or cleaning staff

  4. The Jamaican powers that be only implement measures when foreigners are affected. A jus like couple years ago when the lil tourist died from a Jet ski getting outta control and dem ban jet skis. How long man a ride Jet Ski n dem never see the danger till a foreigner died. If a was a Jamaican we wouldn’t hear bout it or it would be business as usual.

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