15 thoughts on “KIDNAPPER DEM SEH

  1. Wow pure mad man live a Jamacia now!!! So a look him a look the girl??? Somebody answer me please because I can’t believe what I’m seein… This dog shit is possessed!!! By the devil himself… Sound like him proud fi know say him a the most wanted man a Jamacia… A stripes him a look … You R not the most wanted man right now sir … Duppy film have that title … So u might be second most wanted… Hope u full a so much tough chat when police hold u nastyness… All u duppy film all the obeah u a work nah go save u from Father God … Fire and brimstone go unu so called bad man

  2. She should have alerted the jcf then make it sound like she giving in,decide on a meeting place them allow the police to shoot it I mean take it from there….now she went viral and he’s still at large with her life at risk

    1. Him lucky a dat him a get because the 50 man f**k treath would mek me tek one f**k an mek man dust him.

      Dat dead dog mean every word him type sey.

      1. Yuh a talk my language i wud play him for every breath he takes. Him wuda shock fi knw a mi empty mi clip ina him head…Women do Not let fear grip onu…memba deliah and samson, wi powerful badddddd…

        1. You now brass too good fi some a dem. Him need to be tied,molested, beaten and burn.

          God know, the gang rape threat alone is him death sentence.

          Two dog heart and a deprave battyman is all she need fi sauce him.

  3. His account isn’t private, I’m looking at his page right now pon Facebook. Am wondering if anybody contacted the police about him. Waiting to hear some official news. If it’s true I hope he pays for what he has done.

  4. Him Fb Page still open,hope somebody carry through on their threat. Him seems like a deportee, on Nov 9 he posted, Trump win so him dont bother want to go back home.
    Bwoy live inna a shack in some dutty place and a show off when him collect money from Western Union
    Evil POS

  5. Everybody siddung pon Facebook! But mi sure none a dem nuh gi it to di police mek dem go investigate! Den when di nastiness go do suptn you hear how long him a give threat and police never do ntn!

  6. He has two FB pages, one is private and one is open. There are some concerning things in hindsight on his page. He has comments about not trusting girls as they change like green lizards. He also has a scene from the movie Babyboy which is a fight between Tyrese and Taraji (lead characters) there is a very ‘passionate’/rough sex scene straight after.

    There is also a link to a youtube video talking about him making threats of rape to a female and stating that he was convicted of raping a 14 year old some years ago and served time for this. Not sure if that bit is correct however if he is a deportee perhaps he was sent back to JA after his sentence was over.

    The killing of that young girl Shineka Grey has all the signs of a crime committed by a very angry individual who harbours a deep seated rage.

    He seems to love his mother or so he states under her mother’s day picture.

    That level of mutilation is possibly what they call a ‘lust killing’ or Erotophonophilia is the official term where the sexual gratification is dependent on the death of the victim. In the text message thread that threat about 50 men raping the girl he was speaking to is chilling and implies he may very well have like minded associates, perhaps even accomplices. All in all he is one very sick and evil individual and needs to be caught and dealt with asap.

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