Diandra Grandison, Staff Reporter
THE WEEKEND STAR has received disturbing reports that children as young as 13 years old are allegedly soliciting sex in the New Kingston area. Information reaching THE WEEKEND STAR is that some of these children can be seen even in uniform seeking buyers for sex.
Commanding Officer of the New Kingston Police, Deputy Superintendent Christopher Murdock, said he has received information of one particular teenager who is soliciting sex in the area.
“I have received information of a 14-year-old boy prostituting himself at nights in New Kingston from about June, he reportedly goes by the street name ‘Shebada’ and is from the Papine area – his biological parents are allegedly in the United States,” he said.
DSP Murdock told THE WEEKEND STAR that the New Kingston police have yet to get a hold of the youngster, but are currently searching for him.
The senior cop also revealed that he recently removed a 13-year-old boy from the Shoemaker Gully, also in the area. He said that child is in the care of the Child Development Agency (CDA).
Another New Kingston-based police officer revealed that late last year he removed a 15-year-old boy from the area. The boy was in his uniform soliciting oral sex.
“We saw him around 1 a.m. in uniform selling oral sex, brought him to the station and contacted his mother who later came for him.” The officer revealed that the young man admitted to wearing his uniform because, “the big man dem like to see me in mi uniform,” and used that as a pull factor to attract buyers.
Checks were made with the Office of the Children’s Advocate and the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse and both agencies told THE WEEKEND STAR that they have received no information about children selling sex in the New Kingston area.


  1. Unno ppl wah leff unno pickny a yawd fi search fiddi so-called dreamm please to guh check pon di status of unno children. Some a unno leff dem wid Granny and ongle a send unno big barrels ebry rass year but nuh know one rass ting bout dem spiritual and emotional state, unno nuh know if dem a raise wid good characta and who dem a surround demself wid. Guh find out bout unno neglected pickny dem suh dem wont a sell dem body to di higher bidder.
    Dis a one a di most disgraceful reports mi heard in ages. Wi have failed our children, although mi nuh hab none, mi teck fimmi blame in di failure cause dere muss be summen mi could have done fi dis nuh happen to wi future generations. SHAME!!!!

  2. Excellent point above from anonymous.
    The parents and adults are to blame. Those who left their children behind and also those who are the guardians that are often receiving monetary rewards to watch over these children and fail to do so. We also know that many go away and abandon their children in the name of new man, new woman and new relationships. Total disgrace and horrible parenting. No man ON EARTH is worth giving up your children !
    Jamaica is also full of sexual predators and it is NOT being addressed.
    Children learn what they live. Those who are sexually abused display this type of sexual behavior.
    I hope the adults engaging in the SICK practice of sleeping with children and the under aged, suffer a slow, painful, WICKED death!
    Lisa Hanna sitting down looking pretty in office and incompetent Nuh f**k! She fi be replaced by someone who do MORE for the children suffering in Jamaica

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