Her name is Tanya Simpson and she was killed in Jamaica either early today or late last night along with a man name Splicer from Tivoli . Both were stabbed to death


  1. Omg this’s so heart breaking I wake up to this message on my phone this morning I couldn’t even reply to my cousin , very sad story, I saw slipca yes2deh an that was it, smh RIP to both of them

  2. Met a just mek a call fi some info,,,, pure speculation a hear they slashed his throat and stabbed up the lady above,,,, looks like a love crime,,,,,,,they said the attacker locked the children in the br and committed the savagery……….an u know d ppl dem bitta ppl saying is one a splica man do it because a d nature of the crime we shall hear more

  3. Its sad very sad it was this morning my son woke up and say mom where is daddy my my prayer goes out to tajh and sutie those little boys are scared for life

  4. Is this the same story?
    …..”Investigators have confirmed that Mr Reid is a close associate of jailed drug kingpin, Christopher “Dudus” Coke.”
    Couple killed in rural St Andrew
    3:37 pm, Tue October 21, 2014
    Homicide detectives are now at the scene of a double murder in Red Hills, St Andrew.
    A couple was found with multiple stab wounds at a house in Lease Flats.
    One of the deceased has been identified as 42 year old businessman Steve Reid.
    The identity of the woman is being withheld.
    It’s reported that shortly after eleven Tuesday morning, the bodies of the two were found at Mr Reid’s residence.
    Its believed that they were killed Monday night.
    Investigators report that the killers stole a 2008 Black BWM registered 2746GF and a 2005 Nissan Caravan registered CH7776 from the residence.
    Anyone knowing the whereabouts of the vehicles is being urged to contact the Constant Spring Police, 119 or the nearest police station.
    Investigators have confirmed that Mr Reid is a close associate of jailed drug kingpin, Christopher “Dudus” Coke.

  5. mi hear say dem throat cut and the killer dem lock the kids in the closet, and the man a bill a big house up a redhills and to get into their apartment its must be someone close to dem

  6. Eeda crime of passion or di killer (dem) muss more dan one neva waan fire no gun shot inna di uptown hill area.

  7. It’s said he had a hand/information in oniel a.k.a Gun man killing not saying it’s in retaliation but if he knw bout oneil death ….dats good for his ass

    1. You are one bitter person. You better hope nothing don’t happen to you or your family by rejoicing over someone death. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  8. A just fi him time he’s no Saint,,,,,,,,,,as for the young lady sometimes we don’t know the person’s history we get in relationships with, a savage an untimely death for her rip. Met, it’s ironic how people just can’t escape their fate/destiny, majority of the bad man dem weh use to rule wid the short man either dead, run weh or in prison majority a dem dead blacks oniel splicer and many more God nuh like ugly a nuff people blood did deh pon dem hands I live to see all some a dem weh use to rule wid iron fist a beg now,,,,,, I’m not rejoicing but judgement is mine saith the Lord

    1. I’m sure she knows exactly the type of person this guy splicer was, but because these guys have illicit money and carry certain rep (badman) and can set them up in many ways, they go head in first. Everyone is saying the guy was a fish and I’m sure she knows that too. These women are attracted to one thing and one thing only, money. They fail to realize that they are putting the lives at risk when the enemy comes calling. At least the two kids were not harmed.

  9. well dem know how it a go …dem jus neva know wen …and den again a can all him bf kill him who knows..walk the straight and narrow enough side walk deh fi sidung

  10. Homicide detectives are investigating the death of a couple in Leas Flats, St. Andrew.
    The bodies of the couple, Steve Reid, 42, a customs broker also known as “Splicer” and his common-law wife,Tanya
    Simpson was found with multiple stab wounds at a house in Leas Flats shortly after 11 am on Monday.
    Investigators theorize that Simpson, who operated a store in downtown Kingston, was on her way out when she was held up by gunmen who forced her inside, tied up the couple and searched the house.
    They were then stabbed to death.Two children at the house were not harmed.
    The killers stole a 2008 Black BMW registered 2746GF and a 2005 Nissan Caravan registered CH7776 from the residence.
    Investigators confirmed that Reid was a close associate of Christopher “Dudus” Coke.

  11. So she never know say har man a did fish.r is it a case way a bad up and f**k ting she did deh under, cause the flowers man dem was well known for sending go call a catty, under badness.the fish dem is well known to prefer knife inna dem crime act.

  12. Oh boy mi just a memba har from the van weh she sell from downtown near tivoli arcade sigh, bought from her couple times well, young green 27yr old nuh live nuh life sigh.

  13. Well everyman has their time sad howthey meet their end splicer wasnt no saint as we know but after the raid him did a quat and focus on him business and setting a foundation tanya was from fletchers land but they live together as common law in redhills because they start a family i remember splicer when him use to live a belgium with him baby mada on the building way before tanya but they brokr up when the baby mom found out about them tanya is no saint too because who know her knowd that tanya love war she might change but im talking from wat i kno personally its still sad but it fishy but the ghetto will talk cause any bed weh spread affi pull up… Will keep u posted

  14. sad for her, sound very personal (passion of the heart) stabbings and viously like that is affairs of the heart.

  15. What a tangled web we weave…if a real gunman dem no have no time fe stab up anybody..this really look like a crime of passion..they say he went out the monday nite n he is not a person who goes out..this just sound gay..

    1. Don’t have to be gay. It sounds like real mafia killing they didn’t want to loud it up in that upscale uptown area or else they wouldn’t make it to the foot of the hill trust mi

  16. Met mawning, like somebody said it was going to happen just a matter of when. Rule # 1 Splicer is no ssint, not saying he deserves to die but a nuff mother dem leff a bawl fi dem pickney dem. Yes him did kinda tek weh himself from the whole Tivoli incursion time and gone uptown.Every day dem deh inna di ghetto a di same bwoy bwoy dem weh a follow up dem yard, you never see him without 3 man di least so where were they. Next thing a whole heap a time him beat up Tanya gi har black yeye, if Mamma Joy and Tameka wishes fi talk the truth. She is what they mean by ride or die chick cause she surely do both. Ask thw two pickney dem who kill dem parents, you get name and address and is not a battyman killing this either

  17. Leave dudus and gunman outta dis. Splicer might be a bad man but them help keep the order cause a nuff a uno likkle 13 year old woulda suck cocky all bout breed and don’t know who the father is and some a onooo muma did send onooo boy pickney inna badness cause want ratings and protection inna Garden .When dudus did a reign uno never know them a batty man or bad man all of a sudden everything happen uno a talk . See and blind hear and deaf cause uno know tivoli a college. Walk n live talk and bomboclautt dead

        1. lolol…yu notice the two staunch advocates pon yah walk far from saying him neva up inna de fish syndicate? lol
          TG man dem a play dandee shandee inna batty looong time and the females been at it looong time to.

  18. Some of unno just a run up unno mout if splicer or dudus say come we would see how fast unno run come just to chatty chattyif it wawasn’t for them same man Dem nuf of unno pickney and family would have nothing and a dead fe hunger if you no have noting good fe say keep quiet at the end of the day whatever him did him same one have to be judged about it!!!! RIP me Fren Steve Splicer gone but not forgotten!! Nuff respect

    1. Gweh, old craawsis! Yuh think every Jamaican come from Tivoli ghetto? Di first time I heard about criminal Dudus from the cursed Coke family was when he challenged the state and the JDF crushed his murderous ass… And I lived in Jamaica. I still remembered how retarded he looked in that curly wig! lol… Yuh bright!!! Yuh must know there are people in Jamaica who would not even spit at murderer Dudus. Yuh must know is not every Jamaican hungry and live careless. You ought to know there are educated Jamaicans, poor and proud Jamaicans, honest Jamaicans, Jamaicans of class and high morals who would scorn criminal Dudus and the rest of you dirty-living people…and they blog right here on JMG! Don’t come try to bully people who are better than you! Old Jezebel. Guh wash off the blood off your hands and try find God! KMT

      1. Thank Yu anon @5:07…Me claims banana walk, coffee piece, cane piece, mango bush, ganja grung, pimento bush, yam grung, chocolate walk and dung a river…lolol not a Tivoli or Jungle…Bush yah so and JDF nu have to raid country at all :alay

        1. lolol…full who fah head? Show fi yu own and mek me see which one a we suck steel and eat lead fuss! lolol By the time me buss two laugh offa yu picture and hit ONE digit pon me phone, press send and start bawl, me people dem do a quick check is yu door that a get tear off! lolol

    2. You are one of those women who used to hide guns in your home for gunmen. Witness murders and wash away the blood like it’s nothing.

      1. EXACTLY!!! These types of comments make be afraid to go back to Jamaica. There are so many supporters of evil because of what they can get from the murderers. Really scary shit. Is this a ghetto thing?

  19. Soooo sad I feel for the babies only god knows how they feel, rip tanya ur a good person with a good heart, love goes out to ur family god will help dem to stay strong, ppl stop talk bs leave the woman and har man mek dem sleep in peace, I can imagine how heartbroken again the fam must be to be reading dis shit, if they are sighhhhzzzzz

  20. Some a yall need TGTFOH…unnu a talk bout 13 yr old wud a suck cocky..all them dutty nasty faggotism originate fr talk about all the 13 yr old boy pickny wa dudus splicer gunman oneil n d rest of battyman badman dem frig off…so this girl actually knew that this man she deh wid a tek or give hood to men..this luddy…was this all done in the name of money..then again someone wrote on fb that she called n was begging help to buy ticket to I thought they said dis man had money..the whole thing jus confusing am sorry herkids had to go thru this trauma thru no fault of their own…normally when battyman kill them lover them teef them things as in evident in previous cases…I leave everything to the Almighty who is the judge juror and executioner..he will sort yall down there who fe dead dead and who fe live live…me still cant believe that a woman lay down with this flambouyant faggot mek him breed dem ewwww nasty

  21. Metty heard that the 2 Vehicles belong to Dudus, but was just registered in Splicer’s name for him to keep and care and to hide Dudus assets from the State/government. However, I dont know what d arrangements are now that he is incarcerated, if he was suppose to return them to his family or what, but mi hear seh a Tivoli man dem come back fi dem.

    1. As far as the police is concerned, those two vehicles are stolen property. How would they be able to register them in the future? The people who have them in their possession would be prime suspects in the double murder. Doesn’t make sense, but this is Jamaica and anything goes.

      1. The way I see this, it was a staight up robbery and they use the two vehicles to transport the stuff they came to get. Don’t be surprised if the person that set up the robbery lived in the same community and was a friend of Splicer and let the murderers into the community. Splicer was probably sitting on some serious stuff (guns/drugs) and the people came and took it. They stabbed them to death because they wanted to keep the noise down and give themselves time to move the stolen goods.

        1. Not really..they coulda used ah silencer on their gun of choice…I feel like it was more of a personal attack…fe slash smaddy throat is a warning signal fe talking too much or di pickney dem nuffe mention nutten weh dem witness, especially since dem mek the children dem witness the murder…I feel seh that was a very very personal attack…

  22. All who a talk n call up mi sista name unuh know mi sista u gal wah talk bout tanya love war u a liaad my sista nuh walk n look war yuh affi trouble r trouble har family n yuh cum a talk live wid babymadda him n no babymadda neva deh mek mi gi yuh it straight a him n jamel did live ok…… u now wah seh him send go bad har fi she deh wid him a nuh so either him look har dem start talk all a year time him not even f**k har yet……and all who a talk bout him a battyman is like him did a f**k unnuh r smaddy fi unnuh cum off a dem bloodclatt name dem not even cold good yet n unnuh start dats di wurl cyaa betta mek mi sista n bredda in law sleep in peace unnuh too much if unnuh a send unnuh condolences send n leave dem alone unnuh deh pon dem alive n now dem gone home unnuh still good god mek we grieve in peace and as for all the enquiers he got 8 kids so go ask him babymadda dem if him eva go a di wrong hole kmft

    1. I don’t know about anyone else…BUT, if that girl was my sister, or any close relative, the grieve me woulda deh grieve right now, me wouldn’t remember bout JMG… MUCHLESS fi reach over here a cuss bad words. SMH…

      1. Yuh bloodclaatt lucky yes wi affi reach ova ya jus as how u ova ya a chat f**king shit weh u nuh f**king knw bout mi sista…unuh coming like parasite…u tell nuh body wen fi cuss badwud…wen dem d alive unuy same f**k head neva a seh dis bt as dem seh”dead man tell no tales” guh fix up unuh life n stop chat weh unuh hear seh….mi sisra did a mad unuh wen she did alve suh unuh glad she dead…memba we all going dwn dat road…glad unuh cyaah seh she was a whore tho like unuh SUCK OUT UNUH MUMA


    1. Lady, yuh neva know seh what is done in the dark will come to light?…when somebody dead in the manner that Splicer and Tanya dead inna, that is a *VERY PERSONAL* attack, and that is a FACT!!…whatever he did to someone, dem lay wait him ah ketch im when him guard did down..he obviously knew his murderer(s)…what you put out in the universe will surely find its way back to you, so there is no need to come on JMG and spew hatred towards Met nor any other blogger. It is truly unfortunate that they were murdered in that manner, especially in front of their children *who I really feel it for* …but when you live by the gun, you *will* die by the gun…

    1. a your father spit mi out and u mumma bring mi so u must u stomach ache u can go swallow a dry brief ..THE POST SAYS GIVE US THE STORY IT IS NOT A CONDOLENCE POST..GUH LEARN FI READ

      1. Metty, do not give her the time ah day nor energy…yuh have nuttrn bout yuh, but yet still she find ar way oba ya come comment…some people can’t handle the truth, suh dem wi find summen nasty fe seh just fe bring yuh down tuh dem level…Metty, mi know seh dis ah your website mummy, but sometimes yuh fe cuss out dem bloodclaat one good time ah push dem one side when yuh dun wid dem…doe mek nuhbody come on ya come bad yuh up. NO MA”AM!! :hoax2

    2. Misery love company, suh fe yuh mek time fe fine your way ova ya suh pa di lady site means that you are JUST as evil and nav nutten bout yuh needa…Hatred gets you no where, ah dat some ah unu fe learn and understand..

  24. Yes Tanya sister go grieve in pieces…ya gwaan like a we oan jmg a soldier or police,.a neva we start d incursion wa mek d ppl dem are deding in front of dere modders faders n dere oarents dam dunce…a we did find dildos n ky jelly inna splicer house and put it inna newspaper..give me a dam break..fe dem murder nuh jus go so..y tink real gunman hab time fe go cut man throat n stab up him oman den teef dem vehicle wid tv n all kind a shit..real killet wudda kill all d pickny dem God glad dem spare the poor little boys them cuz dem nuh mixup inna dem parents f***kery..d fuss time me c da man deh me know him touch n me ask if him gay n dem say no mek him hear u cuz a ole killa fr teavooli…so since u a grieve n a watch jmg come tell we how it go cuz Enquiring minds want to kno…u neva know say peter king did married wid kids…dat did stop him from mixup in d milo tin…noooooo him jus f**king nasty..furdermore all the little basic school children in england know say swiper go both anybody start talk bout d murder dat a d first thing them say ..swiper a battyman..ur sister was a pretty girl but maybe she made the wrong choice…btw dont jamel is about 70 odd yrs old now…she lucky say she ge him to u sister cuz har life spare n me sure know say a fletchers land unnu n jamel come fr and she say u sister use to ge har hell..go do the maths…

    1. we need di glock fi dis comment…no real gun man nah run in and stab up nobody dat is unheard of so we a wait fi di res a dis

  25. Metty a u dem have strenghth for bfore dem go outa road n kill back d ppl dem dem sidung a read jmg…lorks we r d boom..nobody is rejoicing over the deaths but we r wants to know and as ppl say d man was not where r d Gardenites or the Fletcherites nobody nah run een come clear the it look funny..paging Jamel rass me feget say she is a retiree..u wake fe c dis morning u dont sure fe c tenite…a earth runnings..all a farin ppl call me n d fuss ting dem say d man gay so why sumuch ppl a tell lie pan him one so…tanya fren n sis we wa know eff a msg send from d incarcerated crony or what…u cant plant corn n reap peas.go do da maths deh to…polly…metty so me buy it uppa top a so me sell it n me nuh put on no

    All of the flowers inna garden dieing out one by one
    oneil was one of the mosted love and respected in Tivoli he was the one to mek street party start keeping after the invasion with duddus he brought back joy & some form of order he had the love & respect of many genuinely without the use of violence & blood after being deported he became powerful in a matter of short time but many never wanted to see him flourish it’s still unclear the reason for his death! But one thing it was no strangers who carried out the brutal massacre blatantly in open public… but still as much as he was love and helped many on one as still came forward to with substantial information :amazed:
    It’s just sad…..same story time after time as one yute rise he’s cut down buy those closely to him
    dog eat dog :shakehand2 :thanks2 friend’s plot one each other just because vanity and material desires

    1. Powerful????????????????? If so be the case him can go hold power in death.
      Him “powerful” self should have run fi politics are go open a corporation to hire people. Street dance? dat a joy?
      Jamaica need progress and all bad elements fi dead!

  27. Not even the dogs that piss up on the wall of babylon shall escape the judgement.caah believe say badman and batty man a friend.if a ooman known say him a fish and breed fe him she a batty have a feeling say the midget a tie up all loose end.if a so it go then the so call business man might be next.

  28. In just warning theses young girls.
    BE VERY CAREFUL OF THE MEN YOU PICK UP. Most times they come after the man and kill you too.
    Try to educate yourself and be self sufficient Leave Gunman and thugs alone and their things .
    If you want a BMW try work and buy it yourself These are serious times especially for females Dont be stupid. Men will blind you things , but what is the point when you might lose your life
    Be smart and live . Leave area Dons alone , you will not live along enough to enjoy the material things NUFF SAID

    1. Are you saying that both individuals were killed by Harry Augustus McLeod, otherwise called ‘Harry Dog’ and his friends? I though Harry Dog has be arrested and tried for murder and firearms charges last year?

  29. D whole a unuh pussybloodclaatttt suck out unuh muma big stinking pussy n cum offa mi sista name…wen dem did alive unuh neva av suh much blooodddddclaaaaaaatttttt mouth n tingz fi f**king chat go suck out mi sis dead pussy n lowe her name…yessss wi find wi bloodclaattt ova ya cah unuh a siddung pan sista name!!!!!!! unuh a chat n mi knw unuh av badman inna unuh family bt a hope wen dem pussyclaattttt dead n ppl a seh dem a fish a hope unuh laugh…d whole unuh av mouth backa fake page bt wrds r wind n ww unuh cyaah get wi dwn a rass…..she nuh wah nuh bloodclaaattttttt condolence frn none a unuh old parasite she av enough FAMILY fi dat SUCK OUT UNUH MUMA KMT

    1. SISTA Dearest, is true shi was Short-Man Ex??? Mi ongle asking caus mi read it somewhere else, suppmn go so fi true?

  30. Nuh ask mi ntn a rass y unuh neva ask her wen she did alive..mi nah watch her pussy cah mi nuh tan like unuh kmft cum offa her name n guh fix up unuh bloodddclllaattt life n gweh frm ya

  31. Sister-in-law big up yuh self leave these garbage to talk all them want our family dont need that now RIP TANYA >>>>>>> pussy i kno some a uno who a chat careful now ok >>>>>>

  32. AT SISTA

    1. yuh life staaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy very bloodclaaattttt badddd mi nuh beg fren nor family bitch…..nuh bloodclaaatttt f**king day mi cyaahhh hungry like u wen food a farrin cheap……….sucking nuh inna my book mi n u anuh d same f**king ting johncrow….ya pussyyyyyy a muss yuh fadda him f**k yyyyy ya put yuh head pan a f**king block seh him a battyman……moveeeeeee ya ugly pussyclaattttt deh backa fake page a gi tuff chat….as mi f**kin seh wen dem did ALIVE UNUH NEVA AV SUH MUCH FI CHAT BAAAYYYY F**KRY……rest offa mi sista dead pussy mek it breeze man kmft F**K UUUUUUUUUUUUU N EVERYBDY OVA YA..AGAIN SUCKKKKKK UNUH MUMAAAAAAAAA OH KMFT


  33. RIP Tanya &steve i dont knw their story nd me nuh cum yah fi judge but the bible say thats gods duty my condolences to the family god continue cover those little boys under yuh blood

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