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  1. :shakehand2 :shakehand2 :shakehand2 :shakehand2

    Kim and Dolly and Sweets were parring P’s for yearssssssssss….how come dem neva learned from her certain things :bingung

    Great Lesson of today: Kim!!!!!


  2. I never see a bitch love make people business bother her like this gal. Why are you so hurt over the people dem life? Her message to get right and stop focusing on clothes is a good one, but she nuffi chat. Gal stop being a priest and stop preach to the people because who did love clothes and spotlight like you? Who always a wear the knockoff them like you? Who love video light like you? Gal is full time now you stop judge and get off social media and go live your life. Your true life. Live for you alone and no one else. Maybe then you will find some peace within your tormented soul.

    1. I guess wearing knockoffs while saving is a smart move. Appear to be like them but being smarter
      Have to preach it for them to take heed

    2. A true man, she has an issue with people’s lifestyle Cuz she wanna live it and can’t right now! Not saying wat she is saying isn’t facts but she used to be aaaall a weh she wrote bout, she just cudn keep up!

  3. Disgusting set of people worshipping clothes and shoes.As someone said under her post most of them have no jobs yet everyday dem on IG a post brands.

  4. Wow!
    Very insightful, let’s hope that this will resonate in our lives.
    This is what people need to aspire towards.

  5. Oh please Bitch you not the only smart Jamaican from the Dancehall community. Nuff off us have our 41k pension money in Jamaica national bank Sid down a yard pluses our insurance policy that grown interest over a period off time . Plus land pon land in Jamaica. Not everyone have clothes and boot bruk and hype .

    1. Well obviously her message wasn’t for you. MAJORITY of them are and that’s who the message was for.

  6. Kim your such a hypocrite because you lived for hype & fashion on instagram. Thank God that your in remission used your valuable time to be positive instead shading others.

  7. Wait deh..Kim ful a time pon her hand eeh? For a businesswoman, like she change anything about her life she love SM like. Go open a school like Labon James with all your money and knowledge that you have. Please call the chickenheads of dancehall then you will get a high five!

  8. Young people listen!!! A smart man lead from his own mistakes, however a wise man learn from the mistakes of others and do not make the same errors. If I could shake her hand a hundred times for this one. Social Media is filled with overhyped narcissistic types, young people need to see a balance.

    I would take the advice from someone that has done it, fell and picked themselves up than from one that had never experienced hardship nor have made any mistakes. Lady whatever your past was not my business, but that speech needs to be broadcasted far and wide!

  9. Thank goodness mi suffer from frugalitis.I get compliments often on what i have on or what in my house..thanks to Tj Maxx,Marshalls,Ross,Burlington and Macy’s.I don’t know how Gucci store look inside and mi fine wid dat.Kim not saying anything wrong.If a quarter dozen people she can save from being homeless let her preaccch

  10. I can’t believe the idiots that disagree because age used to hang out so a drug addict preach change should shut up ? No man kim listen preach it someone is listening ….. unu cuss happle unu cuss kim who a seh wake up no man nobody can’t win

  11. Kim is a wannabee and that’s why whatever she posts, I take with a grain of salt. She shades her own friends on the low, fuck that hoe. She needs to stop bleaching and starting living the real truth she speaks of. She ain’t saying what many of us haven’t heard in our day. These riff raffs B.

  12. Met if you remember she did a post like this few years back bout 5 years if I dont lie.
    1. She has a good point
    2. Dont blame the messenger just take the message
    3. Kim seems to be in remission as someone said the pace leave her and her subconscious wanna do the flossing and fuckery but she sensible enough not to because of funds or the lack there of (story of my life)
    4. Either way nothing she said is wrong

    Met before I bought my house I struggle for months wondering if I should do a mommy make over with the deposit money lol. Thank God I listened to my kids and didnt now I have over 150000 in equity (I’m in Canada not lying) but say that to say I still do feel some type of way when I see these ppl wearing these expensive pieces and I cannot buy it not that I cannot but it’s either the Gucci shoes or the mortgage (2500) plus utilities lol but Kim you are not alone I just think you shouldnt post it cause it can come off salty even though its fr a good place. Ppl know what they are doing they choose to thief scam or buy the stuff to put up a facade. Kim the 1s saying a true u fall off get your message they just wish you hadn’t highlight it and remind dem. Bless up met

  13. Palm trees, palm trees and shade and more shade. Kim include herself but can I tell you it’s for her to look good. Queen of shades but good msg . I want to give her a mic .

  14. Hi Kim! I know you’re over here reading because you are EVERYWHERE reading, commenting and/or liking. This just looks a way because all of your associates/friends are the exact same people who you are describing in this psa. Next time speak privately to sweets dolly Corey loudy and Mikey to name only a few. Great message though, regardless of the messenger.

    1. Eggzzzackly Marie! Comments likes and ratings she a look! How u fi post DAT and u r friends with the ones u r describing?! She wanna be like them but her priorities are first simply put and its obvious she doesn’t lack morals! But she desperately want people seh she different from the lot! Kim u ain’t no different u just lack the funds and good at throwing reality shades! Give me a 1000s dislike thumbs the comment will still be here! Walking Paradox if u ask me!

    1. Bounty Killer eX ooman Kadeem. They are well boo’d up. Trying to keep it quiet. We see you Kim and Kadeem

  15. Dis a di same earth whey Jesus come fi save & we crucified him & this a di same reason I deleted my social media years ago I cyaan keep up wid di hype life people try fi sell. (Mi come pan groupie once inna a while fi
    entertainment.m).Everybody happy & healthy. This girl has said nothing wrong (btw my comment is not biased as I doh know her). Some a unnu nuh know what a 401k is unnu not even have a account fi save nutn. I bet di same ones whey had a negative comment no statement most likely relate to unnu.

  16. Its summer…the sun is hot, nuff people covered under this shade:)
    For the people in the back, she have assets, good credit and collateral with her brands. You think a chattings:)

  17. Demmy_troya a kim new gal demmy gay long time still ***** but is a lesson she a teach still **** dolly and sweets she a talk still


  19. Kimberly, you are such a hypocrite. Aren’t you the same one who follow all these waste man and woman of dancehall, who worships name brand and always in their comments? You could fool me. But next time. Corrie is your BESTY and still don’t have a apartment, Credit, 401K, insurance car or legal status in America, but has the most KNOCK off Berkins. Please, teach him your great knowledge!.. LMFAO sweets was your life for years and still has nothing to her name except a few knock offs and some authentic labels that she sold her soul for. Why didn’t you share you knowledge with her and her Mom in buying a home or even sweets getting her own Room or apartment?? It’s seem like you and Marlene AKA sky kept the secret to yourselves. Lol.. which is SMART. KP, I like
    You but you are staring to annoying me. You can’t be so optimistic and focused with all these post but have the most worthless besty and fallow the most scammers on IG. You got me confused. I like you enormous upgrade KADEEM ( your new lady) she is beautiful, educated, has her own apartment, and she is a Boss. Your business is doing well also kim keep up the good work in that department.

    1. you fi get the most important part that Kadeem is a groupie weh did well and still does it. Kadeem deh wid people man like me self yah.

  20. kim and dougie a di 2 biggest hypocrite and social media liad. preach all these things and dont have dry shit.

  21. I know that Sweets, Dolly and sour mouth Shawna are here making crazy posts about Kim!!!

    Leave the girl alone and let her educate a few of these fools out here…..

    We get the message now Kim, thanks !!!

    Now move on and leave these wannabes alone….

  22. She included herself, some of ya’ll need to read and comprehend and stop looking for “the negative”. Maybe she used to live a “hype lifestyle “. But obviously she has changed, she has changed the way she does thongs now. She seems to be living a different kind of life. Look at the bihger picture people. Think about it! How many times have you guys seen your fb/og friends buy brands and putting ot up with tags and receipts? I’m glad I’m a humble person and married to a humble person, there’s much more to life than that! Some people aren’t even “sort out” so why not use that money to try and set a better life? At the end of the day it’s better to pay mortgage than rent, ots better to own your vehicle than lease… I can’t speak for anyone else, I’m a jamaican and I can only speak for my people. We as jamaicans need to do better!


  24. Omg get kick out of the crew ????? Really hmmmmmm @sweets & Dolly remember unno get notice the landlord don’t want unno inna him house .LMAOOO Dolly with all that designer u wear we the public would think u have some assets assets.. yes me gal Kim me love yu

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