Thank you to all of you who reached out help the young lady in the video, Kimone Grant. Mi heart almost bus because as terrible as we all are sometimes we are a caring and empathetic people. Two people inboxed me to shed some light on the young woman who is about 17 years old. They explained that while it was true that the uncle is the one keeping the young lady from returning to the house, she was given an opportunity to come here and wanted to remain in Jamaica. The young man she is with, they say he is extremely abusive and on one occasion she was severely beaten and had to go to the hospital. We must try our endeavor best to uplift this young girl and empower her to rise above the abusive situation she has now called a place of refuge. I have not contacted her but her facebook link can be found below

9 thoughts on “KIMONE GRANT UPDATE

  1. Met I really never wanted to say much about this girl but there is so much u dont know. Things that I
    Have to inbox u! But sins of the father shal be visited upon the son. Her father was a TERRIBLE soul

  2. I can understand her dad may have done some bad things but its not her i would deffo help her bcus if i done wrong i sure wudnt want my kids to bare the consequences.

  3. Such a pretty girl! Keep your head up, god gives his hardest battles to his strongest, when u look around people have a lot of problems

  4. first off its good that you’re still trying to go to school under your current situation, my opinion make sure you are on birth control cause jamaican man love breed woman and it nuh mek sense fi go thru all this and end up with baby and stuck, second go talk your area counselor and mek dem help you and yuh brother, ppl fi start hold dem accountable, mek dem atleast gi yuh a place fi stay. leave drews land to yuh uncle dem a deh so it ago end fi dem it nuh haffi end deh so fi you, it tough and it ago hard and yuh need help but fi tek up man whe a fight fight yuh every minute a nuh di ansa neither, it nuh matter how yuh mother and father died that is irrelevant, you can make a change and a fresh start fi yourself, God know yuh father and mother and him know you, so you nuh worry bout the sins of yuh father God will deal wid him…ppl too quick to talk bout sins of mother and father and nuh realize say God know everything aready dem nuh haffi tell him. Yuh uncle dem a shit house instead a dem a protect yuh dem a push yuh out fi man beat yuh kill yuh…hold up yuh head ya honey God na sleep just keep pushing thru it soon pass it might be long nut it cant be forever. find some a dem politician deh and mek dem help yuh go a TVJ or CVM or whoever else and gi dem yuh story and force dem fi help yuh…God help those who help dem self

  5. ppl a talk bout sins of father, if some a wi know wha ina wi granny closet and wi mumma closet wi keep wi mouth shut not because it nuh reach you dat nuh mean it wont reach wi kids dem…it might be good now fi the senda whe want inbox Met…but when the calamity reach har kids fi whe har granny and har mother do she ago scratch har head and a wonder a whe dis a come from…don’t be so quick to judge darling because none of us know what our parents and grand parents have done in secret…atleast the girl still a try and with the help of God honey you will have a great testimony one day and even turn round and help di shit up uncle dem…young girl hold up yuh head ya…

  6. This a likkle gal yah a evil.. nuh listen to wah she a seh.. ppl try help r n she nuh waah d help… r step mother tk r a farin n d likkle gal tief weh d woman card n phone n run weh book bk r ticket n cum bk a Jamaica to d ugly zutupek weh nuh stp beat r till she nearly dead admitted ina hospital 1 a d reason fi d beaten she full a man she ave man all bout n a brite wid it… she fi stp tell lie pon r family dem… a she pt out r self tru she nuh waah leff d beaten… reason y she come bk a jamaica tru r man seh bout him cyaah eat nor sleep frm she gone.. n as she land is a beaten she gt seh a run off she ago run off leff him.. ole idiot.. mi nuh follow 1 side a story… from primary skl dah likkle gal yah a bad father use to beat r n it neva help.. r father set tings fi r so anything weh she a go tru a she waah go tru it… a nuh like seh if she go nuh family member yard dem ago treat r bad.. a d kinda life style weh she waah live mk she nuh waah stay among r family she all a bruk out r 13 yr old sister a gi d likkle gal baay batty draw drop out shorts n u knw wah happend is icky dem find pon r breast likkle 13 yr old… so nuh listen to r… n Kenrick nuh want him pickney round r fi bruk r out n mi nuh wrong him… she nuh ave nuh fren caah weh she call fren a nuh fren caah dem cyaah tell r seh weh she a do n how she a live nuh rite… bt anyways d wul a dem a d same ting worse wen she gt d scamming money n she seh dung a town she a shop fi d wul a dem…. oh n she seh she a gt pay fi gt beaten so mi nuh knw y she a mk video a tell lie bout who nuh want r in a yard… n craigy mk how much sacrifice fi help r bout craigy a man mix up d man affi tlk caah u go tell u man bout how much craigy tell him lie n a nuh visa u gt a file fah n u neva did a go come bk to him n mk u ugly man a threaten d man.. u a evil.. n everybody c u tru colors now bt d family fi low u to d man u think a hospital u ago end up again… bt fi tru still kenrick u fi gi d likkle boy him mother room n go bk a yuh likkle bk room n Jane fi stp uphold wid u n u slackness n nuh like seh u a gi d pickney money offa wah u a collect a u kimone known as tia gt d evilness from

  7. If she reach a farrin and go backa jamaica after har mother and father dead then a she want it. if she live wid uncle and a man dem and dem can’t talk to har of course dem ago put har out. If she really that wicked fi a call down judgement pon har uncle dem and nuh si say a she wrong especially when yuh nuh have no parents backative then she really need help..well mi hope after all this she look into harself and realize say she need fi make some changes. young girl if a so the story go yuh need fi do betta and want better for your self. Yuh put the story pon social media and now the old house a tumble down sometime ppl need to see things from a differnt angle or from a differnt point of view fi really see what is the real truth…good luck and search yuhself and unnu try save the 13 year old one a just follow she a follow give har something better fi follow…

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