8 thoughts on “KITTY FIND MAN?

  1. No that guy has a big position at (work for) Digicel and Ms.Kitty is a brand ambassador for Digicel so they’re coworkers basically. They’re just messing around, nothing serious here, just two friends.

  2. A who say d man nuh polish? Kiwi caah chat him, pussnaat tar nuh inna him league. How u mean Kitty, find u self a King Kong fi beat up u meat (an gad know u av nuff). Hooray fi Kitty. A weh mi pom pom dem deh? From mi rise dem fi Kasi mi cant find dem. “Want a Blackie pon ar frontline. He will be there, rub him n him shine” :hammer

  3. Lol it was just a joke, she referred to Ding Dong as her baby father as well. And I definitely niticed that Miss Kitty seems real happy these days.

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