Mi a go talk di story as mi hear it…Suh uno read and add up oo
Kizzy beg a trip fi she di kids and JohnJohn to Florida claiming she waa change a scenery.. Neither she and JohnJohn never have money fi di ticket a beg dem beg it and get it..suh dem go down deh now and get a two bedroom fi hold till di 3 bedroom ready..and Kizzy get it along wid smaddy bed fi gwaan sleep pan..not only did Kizzy mash up di bed and dismantle di apartment…from Kizzy move go Florida she dont pay no rent..Is like she did intend fi di rent pay itself because man a yard JohnJohn was sleeping everyday..while Kizzy find herself pan di road go teef and all get ketch..while as mi seh..JohnJohn was sleeping…Mi nuh know what Kizzy did intend fi di goods and do ..mussy sell pan instaygrame whey she did a show off picture a place whey she never a pay fah…….
Kizzy di people dem want dem money and dem name whey yuh mess up when yuh move yuh dirty life go Florida…How long yuh intend fi mine JohnJohn for??How much more years lef fi him breast feed? Yuh run go Florida wid no income and no intention fi pay but yuh did waa live ina townhouse and cannot pay fah…Di people dem have all right fi EVICT yuh Kizzy because yuh keep di place nasty pan top a di bills dem whey yuh neva pay..not even di garbage JohnJohn would put out…uno a store garbage pan balcony …Kizzy yuh did a try hype pan Zulika and it fail..not only does the girl doesn’t see you…she have another man and dont want yuh bedridden man..Yuh fly up back from Florida to New York like bees sting yuh and dog bite yuh…and yuh neva waa lef..a di best school and best house yuh and yuh family eva live ina but yuh intend fi put up wid a man that is not putting out…so yuh dus as worthless as him..wuckliss kizzy


  1. So Kizzy really leave NY go to FL go tek up $1800 rent. Cause dat very expensive for Florida, especially when you not working cause at least in NY here u can get a likkle 2 bedroom fi even $1250 if yuh look good and ask round. Some as high as $1500 yes but if yuh look good u will find reasonable ones. Cause rent a tek time drop a NY now. Smh. Whoever snap these pics is not yuh fren though Kizzy. Dwlll. An the place ina dem name so dem have all right fi blow u up. Yuh wicked. Dats why not even food mi naw co-sign fah fi nobody (I will buy it give yuh if yuh hungry) or use mi social do nutten for nobody unless is family. Nopes. Wicked Kizzy. Cause business wasn’t bad in NY for you. If you wanted better schools and good neighborhood you cpuld move to Westchester County. Somewhere affordable like New Rochelle or even Tuckahoe or Cortlandt Manor. Shame on you Kizzy.

    1. Snap what she owe? the person put them name ina di place fi Kizzy dem have every right to put her on blast and take pictures a fi dem name Kizzy mess up she too out a order

      1. met a stupid dem stupid feh dweet in the first place. the woman no have no income and a she, wid pickney and man. the man naw work either. what the hell did they expect gonna happen? common sense . if anything some money should have put down upfront (security) to secure if anything and she or him never get work smh. sender should take some type of responsibility also for doing business carelessly

  2. Woie, Kizzy not so klean, mi did think yuh wuz well conditioned but it’s the other way around.. Yuh shampoo wah condition. :ngakak :ngakak

  3. Some gyal so desperate fi man, them will put up with, lazy, shiftless, triffling buoy. Grow up and set a example for your children,what you teaching your daughters about relationships

  4. Mi see dem say she dismantle di place yes but mi can’t imagine why she even wudda tink fi destroy anything ina ppl dem place. Smh.

  5. Dat is the reason you never see har smiling in any of her pics shi full ah stress shi always luk worried shia real man mascot she have har little skill an shi still mek man ah spin har like barber chair!!!

  6. The person wey send this in unno need fi tell met a you owe the rent n kizzy send har money fi rent are place and you teef the gal money make she could get har place teefing gal

  7. Met!!!!!!!!!!!

    I not believing seh as much money as kizzy mek she cyah afford rent… I not believing that today!! NO NO NO NO nO NO!!!!

    All those shoes and bags?!?!?!?!

    Im tired of saying the same thing…. these hoes be living for other ppl and dem life BUN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. but last week JJ come back a bronx fi mine up him gal Paul Range him mek sure him was in new york to attend his bitch PAUL RANGE party ! oh met u didnt kno ?? Paul Range and Jay Icon are in a relationship #FACTS jAYX why u leave u baby madda and child a florida inna dutty apartment and debt fi come suck hood and lick out man batty yuh aguh go a hell ! KIZZY i like you but u are a man clownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!! u need to leave john john alone!!!!!! idk what could seriously attract you to this batty man .. im really confused ! and paul is just using him tooo why cant u get the things out of jayx that paul get out of him im really confused ! Kizzy tek heed this is the truth

    1. Jay Icon and JayX are two different individuals so get your facts together before you slander the men names.

  9. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others …..

    Suh yuh mean fi tell me seh kizzy loose the section 8 dem find out bout yuh flossing nd living above the low income life or wah?

    Why wuden she go down there inn pwrson at first jus to make sure all was well woth rent being paid in full being as she send har fuss month n security etc, kizzy a live above her means tuh plz johnette nuh wonder her older dawta spot it frm mawnin n neva guh, yuh caan a spoil up ppl name like dat wwn yuh man a greencard holder now cud have used his name smfh

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  10. Look here real good, when you pay down on a apartment/house, once the lease is signed, you lose all of your money!!!

  11. :ngakak You cannot move down south and live the GOOD life if you don’t want to work, and for the record, In NY when you can live in people house and don’t pay rent and they take you to court and the Judges let you live rent free for a certain amount of months because you tell them lies and sad stories, It is not like that in the south BOOBOO. Your arse will get kicked out. I DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR THE PERSON WHO PUT THE APARTMENT/TOWNHOUSE IN THEIR NAME, THEY ARE INDEED AN ARSE KNOWING HOW DANCEHALL PEOPLE HYPE AND DON’T HAVE NOTHING.

  12. but for some reason this story not adding up. she must have had some type of money to move, if she never have the children then I would think otherwise. how the kids would eat when they reach if their were no money. two side to a story then the truth. mi want hear the other two sides not gonna jump to conclusions because dis no mek sense.

  13. Kizzy Har money to get a place, the people dem get the place for kizzy, them put kizzy in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom townhouse til the 3 bedroom 3 bathroom ready, kizzy noh pay rent in the 2 bedroom 2 bathroom so the people give Har eviction, all because the 3 bedroom 3 bathroom was not ready at the time when it suppose to, no body do not want kizzy money

    1. if due to them getting her apartment that she paid for ready they put her up in a smaller place why should she pay rent? what you saying don’t make sense because that would mean while she’s waiting for the property she paid for they gave her somewhere to stay in the mean time until her paid for place is ready to move into. so if she never get said place then she don’t owe for the secondary place she were placed in. smh

      1. Bull. You can’t live in an apartment/house for months on end for free because you waiting to upgrade. Is either the rental office give you a month to month until the they can accommodate the upgrade.

        Bitch wasn’t paying rent and sherlock Holmes could see that without looking.

      2. thinking the same thing why would she pay den rent when the apartment she pay fah nuh ready n den put har inna down grade so den jus half subtract the difference from the 3br and 3 bath.

  14. & why would Kizzy choose such an expensive place to live Oasis at Delray Beach … there are so many other nicerrr places with reasonable prices all to show off smh. My friend lives in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom 2 walk in closet living room dining room huge kitchen with island and pare tings in FL … complex has pool and all … RENT? $850 .. so im confused something not right it look like this was a shared space

    1. But Wicked? knowing how these people show off yeah? Why wouldn’t she moved in a expensive place so she can SHOW OFF? FB AND INSTA Going to be the death a some a dem.

    2. Hey Wicked, where in Florida can you get a decent 2br bath for $850? Need one urgently, please n tonks

      1. New Smyrna Beach. This place is not for people who want to live hype life! if u a decent smaddy weh guh work and into yuh education then yes! there is no hype life in these parts.

      2. in the “complex” smh if you want good you affi seek it. weh she choose to rent no matter as long as she can afford it. no everybody want live inna the ghetto

  15. Kizzy shame on you,come again cus wat u just said don’t make on dam sence. Gal move and tek a pose wit ur shame. All wen u a move u tub Fi nuh look suh. Nasty euuuu not even wata Mi wi drink from u. N don’t cum n justify shit, no one come n pack up so dam fast, hypeness bring shame. Met I’m flat lining on dis one.

    1. “Gal move and tek a pose wit ur shame.” (foh)

      This is a rass lyrics me ago copy, LOVE IT…

      :sup2: :ngakak

  16. Kizzy choose it cause she love hype, she chose to live in Delray, kizzy never wanted noo regular apartment, kizzy wanted townhouse with gated community!!!!

  17. No sah and well a pose off like she a live life is a pity yuh caah return di boot and clothes whey yuh claim yuh man buy yuh wid di ppl dem credit card fi wipe di shame outta yuh yeye.

  18. Kizzy shame on you,come again cus wat u just said don’t make on dam sence. Gal move and tek a pose wit ur shame. All wen u a move u tub Fi nuh look suh. Nasty euuuu not even wata Mi wi drink from u. N don’t cum n justify shit, no one come n pack up so dam fast, hypeness bring shame. Met I’m flat lining on dis one. :sorry :sorry

  19. What she thought Florida was like NY three weeks u gone…get out of nice clean Florida back to ur basement booboo the clown. Deadings, see we sit back and watch unu sink ur dam self. Kerry u next, cus u know repo has knocked on ur door before so do me a favor dont hype, humble ur dam self.

    1. :sorry In Georgia it’s 2 weeks and you are OUT. “SOME” NY people cannot come to the south :kr They will come down and don’t want to work and think it’s the same like DIRTY Yes I said it! DIRTY Concrete Jungle NY. Then they will run back up north go tell LIES how down south HARD. Yes it’s hard for these LOW LIFE summamabitches who love the hype.

      1. no wuk nuh dung deh dont front! People from the south cannot live in NY either they will not survive the fast paced environment Its called concrete jungle for a reason u haffi strong and be a natural born GO GETTER by force to live a NY in peace! It nuh easy .. The south is slowwwwwwwwwww Pay is higher in ny so cost of living is high … pay low in the south so cost of living cheap … Dont generalize it all comes with circumstances etc…

    1. :tkp :tkp :ngacir2 :ngakak In the midst of everything, This make me laugh out loud. Hurry come back and do tell us.

  20. Gm. Met and metters :peluk Kizzy u know I like very much but if u realy do these tings shame on you , I was wondering how come u did not put up noice pic of your house lmaoooooo but anyways let me wait for more story :ngakak :ngakak that’s why I always say am staying .. In my lane less traffic

  21. met she rent the place inna har cousin mother name and don’t pay no rent and f**k up the ppl dem name, so the cousin call police pon har rass.

  22. Why didn’t she use jonette name oooo him nah use him social fi pay tax him lay up a wait pon kizzy g I guh teef guds dat lady suda neva use her name lesson well learn inna fi har case kizzy too damn outta awda fi dat

  23. She and the boy did a fight that’s how the place mash up , him did a beg her money and she didn’t have it so she run go lock up in the room and him kick off the door and start mash up the place

    1. aww he wanted to attend his GF party in NYC this cant be true though because jay x found the money to buy ticket and buy a nice gift for his bitch big bday bash and was present by 241 in the bronx on friday night and was present for paul range party too on saderday .. so where him get the money from ? Met he bought paul a MCM bag :maho

        1. Chica, yu have a thing fi that girl, lolol Mine she slice yu wid har ebt or run yu over wid de benz truck.

  24. Goodie Kizzy yuh nuh c seh yuh ooman buy man bag check yuh b! Tch for dat how dare jonette. …..den paul range really tek de bag yuh knw dem wi tek man tuh or a continue dem a continue tuh?

    Jonette doah mek melissa knw yuh buy har babydaddy bag she nuh stable up top she wi fiteeee :ngakak

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  25. Nasty bloodclaat kizzy and your big big pu$$ your sister, move u nasty rays from here, making post on fb not going to change the fact say, you wukless, you need to pay your bill, is your own ah cousin put Har name on paper for the kids to register in school,bare mouth you gave bit$h, when P use to beat out u claat why you never hype.

    Run in pon this lizard face gal, run innn, you bright noh is wukless and have no bloodclaat ambition.

    Who want defend that come chat now, mi waiting

  26. I thank God for my mother everyday. Thank God i didnt get a woman like Kizzy for a MOM. Wooooooow. The kids must feel a way. Its NOT good to move kiDs aroUnd

  27. RUDE AWAKENING. go down deh wid di NY mentality tink seh di judge dem liberal an gullible like di one dem a NY.

  28. KIZZY when di people dem did come over there to beat you, why you never open up the door kizzy? you have mouth now cause you went back to nyc? tell your family in jamaican to go to CENTRAL VILLAGE this summer to fight the girl or go to BK next month to fi har, kizzy you should of open up the door, since you bad, cause nooo Obeah man can not call down my phone fi money, mi never yet fu2k 2 man in one weekend!!!!!!!

  29. KIZZY F@CK ONE FI BLACKBERRY, KIZZY how is zulika son, that one looks dead stamp ah jay x? the one that you said is not for him, do you remember boo boo? kizzy did you figet bout zulika the baby shower boo? :nerd

    metty mi here waiting!!!

    1. Kizzy know Zulika son a fi John John own he was eating cake outa Zulika mouth at the shower…Kizzy had the belly but JohnJohn was living wid cutty ranks at the time

  30. But waitttttttttttttttttt Kizzy send on the ppl dem monayyyyyyyyyyy they are going to donessssssss uuuuuuuuu empty out u file n read out all u chapters PAY DI PPL DEM OOOOOOOOOOO

    1. Metsy u see she come with har bullshit story n haffi run whey dem say shine eye girl is a trubble to a man but this bulb eye toad looking boy (Jonette :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak if a laff one more time I piss myself) is going to be the end of Kizzy it sad bad oh don’t figet the discolored teeth so Mi waaa know a wah so

      1. people doe fool round here and deposit is not rent..all kizzy did haffi do is sew har pieces and sell same way but she waa teef fi live

  31. kizzy di people dem is not jay x idiot wife that you mek di ppl dem tek way the lady $8,000, you bucked up pon di right family, kizzy kizzy kizzy pay off your bill, cause is palm beach court your picture and name going, and in florida ICE, love ppl like you in court!!!! :cool

    1. Oh God poor Candy Posh heyyyyyyyy Candice u suppose to thank God n kiss u bible every two second cause God meck u escape this YA shithouse ya girl a glad fi u $8000 is nothing to lose fi get rid of dem terrible bacteria like Jonette

  32. my gosh. but MRS.X has many photos on the gram shopping and eating good.So yo mean to say that you could sacrifice di shopping and expensive meals and use that money pay the rent? im baffled.

  33. Kizzy u really have the audacity fi talk bout Lady Saw face wid u brite self and living literally in dat shituation filth of yours

  34. Dats why she have to stay wid that mealy mout, scrawny, no morals having young bwoy, is which grown man would put up living in deze filty conditions! I caan even imagine how dat place smell.

  35. Florida nuh slow!!! fort Lauderdale, palm beach and surrounding area offers a very comfortable lifestyle. Once you have likkle education you can cop a decent job weh allow u to get a nice place to live and a nice vehicle to drive and live comfortable!
    fi all a the flossing weh mi see JayX him put down from palm beach to south beach one would think things would be going great for them…..mi seh as soon as him open fi mouth with the fake twanging, rapping and the peessa teeth him upset mi!

  36. Game over go tek. Care a your stinking pussy wey nat nat tell you bout you wok 3 jobs n no f**king food ina ur hour wid your 1970 benz

  37. Game over kizzy mek you did fraid fi even come ina you own f**cking house fat f**k talk bout you stinking when a ur biggest problem

  38. Stinking pussy Natalie n her stay bad Messenger why come on here n paint a picture? When you f**king kno Kizzy send her money come give u n u n your hungry belly man eat it huh? Y’all keep say y’all not in no internet war but still chatting? I don’t get it smfh Natalie the time u on the pink wall talking shit u go wash your stinking pussy cuz yah man say ur pussy n ur month stink! Bitch u come on here to put on a show when ur a nobody ur pathetic! Tell the ppl dem the truth n stop make up thing because God don’t like ugly! We’re waiting on u next month so when ur digging graves please dig enough! The agreement was for Kizzy to come to Florida Into her apartment it wasn’t for her to stay at ur house because u eat her money that she send u, u told her to stay in your two bedroom until the three-bedroom was ready so why the f**k should she pay for your rent? Smfh Natalie ur a lieing bitch! Bout don’t worry I got something for you sweetheart!

  39. Some a uno too lie, clearly Kizzy was facing eviction from the property…the letter is there to show..How all of a sudden now is smaddy she did a kotch wid and the person want har pay dem rent?? Kizzy please

    1. Mi jus look agen pan di lease and see say it a say move in date feb…Kizzy move January so fi a month she was staying with someone till she get di new place…where was February , March and April rent?? Kizzy u wicked

      1. No no..u was not at no house fi one Month u lef ina same February around the second because the post was here u lef fi go Florida and move in Feb 13..u is a wicked wretch and lie..u were in someone’s house for a few days then move in go pay the damn rent u lie and wicked bad

        1. Take it from me met, it dont take much for Florida to evict you once you are ONE month late more over 2-3 months. This Kizzy Gal is really worthless and NOT clean.

  40. kizzy next time you shipping down ah car, please to mek sure is not a 2002 car, please to mek it 2017 car, car nooo body not looking.

    ask kizzy again why never open di door soo di girl could fix har, kizzy stop use your first babyfather credit to mine jayx, go and fix up your mumma, she needs help, tell kizzy GUNINESS looking for har!!! this is not nyc, in florida you have to pay for rent!!!!! kizzy the ppl dem is waiting on you, cause dem report you, hype gal like you fi buy house not rent noooo house!!! is stop tell lie pon CUTTY P bout di woman send obeah and killed your baby(first preggo fi jayx) stop it!!! cutty p beating stick!!!

  41. metty, dem lie!! it was kizzy lease, first of all, they office made a report about kizzy, if kizzy did pay for the rent, kizzy would been in her 3/3 by the 19 of april!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when u coming here to comment, getyour FACTS STR888888888888, stop let kizzy fool you, i have alllllll the facts, kizzy needs to tell the truth!!!! kizzy you let the big woman signed a lease for 12months, and you talk bout it slow and nothing not going on down here, so you going back to nyc!!!! bit$ch go drop dead with wicked self!!!

  42. Believe Whatever I don’t care she don’t need to prove shit to y’all at the of the day that gal name Natalie knows the truth n she knows she’s lieing!

    1. Its Kizzy who is lying the documents are here to show..She MOVED in the property on the 13 so whatever time she say she had to wait on a 3 bedroom was a matter of days…Whey di rest a rent wha she owe?? If she was in someone’s apartment it would not say MOVE IN DATE , the person would be living there already and the apartment is not Natalie’s name so how a fi har apartment?

  43. kizzy stop tell lie and pay your bill, cause when di problem reach you, noooooooo body can help youuuuuu!!!!!! i know is not kizzy comment cause she not soo smart in that department!!!


  45. Met kizzy move to Florida Feb 1st and this big old whore teef the gal money and all now she ca get har key fi the place bc this can’t even rent noway bc har name nuh good ina the state a fl

  46. Natalie don’t mek wi affi put up u mother info fi ppl dem call the office and kno the truth bout you

  47. BUT IF HAR NAME NOH GOOD, WHY KIZZY NEVER RENT THE PLACE IN FI HAR NAME OR JAY X NAME? MI ignorant fi kizzy and roach dem!!! kizzy you only making it worse fi youself boo boo

  48. on ah next note, not only did the office run kizzy but kizzy mother called the lease holder, they lady run kizzy mother off the phone and asked her why she calling the phone, when she put har name on paper for her daughter, the lady tell kizzy mother not to call back har phone!!! :hammer

  49. He got papers now and refuse to work so might as well him never bother married for papers. Just another waste man who wasn’t raised right. Kizzy, I don’t feel sorry for you because you break JJ bad and you war over him like is a man with a good job that provides benefits, owns his home and has excellent credit. Sometimes I don’t know or see what you women be fighting and cursing other females over, because these men you’ll competing over don’t make one. A pure half a man unu a struggle with, all of you are poppyshow. The person who let you use their name is a next mad head, how can she/he let Kizzy and her lazy, unemployed man use dem name. Nothing disgust me like a lazy man with the wrong kind of ambition. JJ ambition is dancehall and Kizzy bed, epitome of a wutless bwoy! Dem bwoy deh will bend over easy.

    1. Who cares how she looks, at least she is gainfully employed unlike yuh witless man. All gnu care about is looks, what about ambition and morals. Tell JJ to go and look a wuk!

  50. What happen to Kizzy’s first born? If she is 21 she can petition for Kizzy. Any day she leaves JJ, she will strive and make it in this country.

  51. Hellooo di people dem say, dem will save you ah trip, and send in dem own pictures, and pictures with dem at work, what dem went to school for and dem degree, di people dem have dem degree, what do kizzy have?

  52. @Life lesson…. it look like jj use to f**k u are u did want a f**k? U madddd or nahhhhh? The last time I check she’s free to be with anyone she wanna be with she ain’t begging u shit so y u madd!

    1. Dutty Gal go clean you house and go pay the people them and come off the internet, nobody no want you ugly looking GAY man, You is one worthless Gal

  53. Kizzy lawyer, please to tell kizzy to pay di ppl dem, tell kizzy di people say dem waiting on her to beat dem, cause kizzy can’t fight fi save har life, tell kizzy sister she can run in to, as to Rodesha, please tell kizzy to stop use your father credit fi mine man!!! :cool

  54. Gm . Gentle people :peluk :peluk Kizzy don’t listen to your friends just pay your bills and get it over with .. @ Fp morning doll :peluk

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