1. Bwoy mi love ar hair color, but since I got a “regular” job I can’t wear those colors.
    OAN: The fellow in the background, is him di girl dancing on cause him not even a bat a eyelash pon ar dwl

  2. Kizzy u look nice here….man a crack smile Inna photo with u…. Print and frame this one up for the Pitney them cause las me see Jj a smile so bright a when Candice son graduate jr high . Ps Kizzy The smile is coming along braces stills wear?

    1. He should be around 27 28 she got him young she at least 10 yr older she looks nice in the pic but 9 yrs 2 kids 0 ring 1000 bun lol

  3. This clown bragging about 9 years pleaszzz keep taking care of him and you will get ah next 9 and that will make it 18 yuh have enough money for a nex 9? becausz wen the up coming rapper buss your little struggling money wont be able to help him!!!!

    1. Hahaha dwrcl but si yah kizzy cyaa keep a MAN cah dat ano man him a manmpla… Ijs *cut yeye

  4. what is a definition of a man??? protector provider head of household ok dat a man frame “nutten fi boast bout sum ah unno desperate females as long as a body a warm up unno bed don’t matter if da man wutless

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