1. On no it is here. The Prison Exodus Lamentation. Shawn weren’t you ask not to do this. Attention seeking as always. Why not leave your new found prospective between you and god. Isn’t looking the approve of people the reason you went to jail. See you at the next dance darling.

  2. my girl go get educated…go get a likkle job and invest in you and stop try impress dancehall people..yuh nah see dat nuh reach nowhere..impress people with your success not wit tings..quality people nuh impressed..yu a try impress people who nuh have no ambition

  3. Then shawna show wi the jail house look nuh? Yuh hair do yet? You put on the 10 pound a make up yet? Yuh have a picture in yuh jail house clothes? Most importantly, yuh back to yuh natural black skin color?

  4. Shawna plz take my advise no one needs to know your business not everything deserves to b posted there are times when we must stop calm down humble ourselves and move forward onto bigger better things in life I look at u as a talented individual because I know you personally because even the biggest stars with the highest paid stylists can not look as fashionable as u take that talent and use that productively and forget about the hype dancehall media for awhile stop pretending to b who u want to b try to really b that person truthfully you are getting older but not much accomplishments time is running out darling time to make a change not just because of your recent lock up pitty they don’t know this ain’t the first just try to leave that life alone .

  5. Nassau county news 12 say police looking for woman use stolen credit at the tanger outlets store. A probably this gal shawna. Cyan put nothin pass them

  6. Shawna I understand what you are trying to say it mek u stonger and wiser fi go back go theifTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT the ppl dem things out of dem store again THeifTTT

  7. @Anonymous 6:12 n nuh f**king kill me inna di day yaa woiiieeeee met ah u get u bloggers dem from Tears of laughter :ngakak :ngakak 🙁

  8. @me too pretty
    Same ting mi did ah seh to mi self. Shawna dunce bat go and bathe off your crosses from yuh body and Ctfu! Jail house convict. In this time and age when theirs so many hustle and bustle going on yuh choose fi teifffff cause yuh to red eye bitch! Next time immigration won’t be so lenient on you. Stop running down the hype it’s not for you lil girl

  9. Back to selling pussy you go ms. Shawna falling star :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  10. she has on a monitoring bracelet and get magga! they not learning, the only time these ppl know god is when trouble come. God is very jealous, yu cat use him, thank goodness for his mercies. But she so dumm, show off bring disgrace

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