Kranium joins Atlantic
SINGER Kranium has reportedly signed with Atlantic Records. The entertainer, best known for the hit single Nobody Has to Know, announced the ‘signing’ on his Twitter page this week.
Efforts to get a comment from Kranium were unsuccessful.
Born Kemar Donaldson in St James, Kranium moved to Florida in 2005. One year later, he relocated to New York where he opened shows for Gyptian, Serani, I-Octane and Tarrus Riley.
Nobody Has to Know is the 24-year-old’s breakout hit. Produced by LMR Productions, the song got strong rotation on the influential Hot 97 FM in New York and also did well in Jamaica.
Kranium’s follow-up single, Lifestyle, is also making moves on ITunes reggae charts.
Atlantic Records has a long association with reggae and dancehall acts. The best known is Sean Paul who had two platinum albums for the label before being dropped last summer.
Atlantic was once home to Garnet Silk, Dawn Penn, Wayne Wonder and Elephant Man.
— Kevin Jackson


  1. why dont you think thats true? a just badmind ting? because yuh nah say why yu tink it not true.
    its a done deal wether you like it or not. why so negative and you have nothing to back up yu talk?
    Shaggy lawyer did the deal, Shaggy was very instrumental in the whole ting too. big up Pee Wee, look like some artist and blogger ketch heart attack

    1. Because he is known to lie n mi get my own set a experience wid him a tell lie pan jmg say he was a topic here..he lies so liard cyah gi me heart attack

  2. that a foolishness. you a place your gossip mix up blog on a par with telling the public he is signed to a major record label? you seem to be suffering from delusions of grandeur there Met!

    1. Dat a one ting mi doe have..unless u don’t know what it mean either. I said simply he does not tell the truth so whether major label or minor label I still don’t believe for one as I said before he is a liar..two is one song mi hear him with..U know what delusions of grandeur mean..again? :travel

  3. dat a one ting you have in abundance, it seems insecurity is the only trait you have more of, hence you hide behind a gossip page like this. i just told u its true and who helped the deal – Shaggy, so swallow it and be a bit more realistic about urself and ur mix up page and stop hating on the kid. u dont possess a good bone in yu body to congratulate him even?

  4. i dont think people kno how talented that youth is.. 1 song ?? you crazy he peaked number 1 with his song lifestyle also big song right now first artist to buss from new york good youth to .big up the man and stop fight what god create the man is doing major things for reggae music .

    1. its a bit early to say he doing major things for reggae music but he has a great opportunity and has broke the mold because he did it uniquely from New York which no other act really has, except his mentor Shaggy. and yes, Lifestyle was #1 on reggae iTunes but that is not on the radar of people who vomit on mix up pages like this because thats positive and so wouldnt register wid dem

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