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PinkWall Christmas special starring Nino wana be black Santa. It was the.night before christmas and nino, shamiele ex man and tns crew member, bought his new bae two new pairs of bridget sandals. Enough a the Christmas business me waah know a weh nino get money from. Poor litttle struggled to buy the two sandals amanda no sah bout u waah two ne nuh wrong u stock em up. But nino doesn’t have a steady 9-5 packing groceries in the supermarket cant cut it at bridget sandals mid afternoon nino inna gym no sah a so the supervisor dem a Brooklyn supermarket flexible with. Or him tief out little extra outta the.ova suh profits woiii unuh please bring the tea…. PS can somebody.please tell me how I.can start commenting here I don’t know how to…. oh yes merry xmas

12 thoughts on “KRISMUS SPECIAL

  1. Putting on party, business wah you see forever open and nobody nah go deh; clothes store, restaurant, car mart etc, investing in real estate, this is how everybody inna Jamaica rinse dem money, di party dem weh dem put on nah mek enough money fi di lifestyle dem a live! Dem hav dem other means of making money. You smart sender you can figure it out!

    Tell di fat one fi stop walk and tell woman dem weh dem a do fi get dem money!

    @Sender firstly you need to make up a name, this going be your name here so we all know it’s you. If you change it den mek we kno seh you do!, secondly enter your email address (you’ll always use the same email address with your name) and lastly you type whatever you want in the comments section and click post comment if you want to comment on someone’s post then click reply and type away and you good to go….look forward to seeing you here!

  2. This is the sender I agree promoters cant make much off them little events. N we have to wait n see who sham gone to

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