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KINGSTON, Jamaica –The Supreme Court has handed down a judgement giving the owners of the popular Downsound recording studio at 43 St Andrew Park, a property zoned for residential use, to return the premises to its original use by September 16.
The decision ends a long battle between the music producers and residents of the east central St Andrew community, over whether the premises should continue as a music studio.
The studio was originally owned by the very successful dancehall producing brothers, Dave and Tony Kelly (Mad House Records), before it was sold in 2002 to current owner, Josef Bogdanovich, an American dancehall music producer and entrepreneur.
Over the past 12 years, Bogdanovich has built the label into one of Jamaica’s most successful dancehall imprints with hits coming from artistes including Khago, Specialist, Fanton Mojah, Ninjaman, Harry Toddler, Foota Hype, Nature and Ishawna.
However, residents in the community continued to protest against its location in the area, and have made several complaints to the local authority, the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC).
The KSAC initiated enforcement action against Downsound in 2002, including site inspections, warning letters and investigations by the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA). Following stop and enforcement notices served on the principals of the company in September 2013, KSAC’s attorney pursued the matter in the Supreme Court. Hearings were attended by representatives for all parties, including residents of the community.
On Thursday, the court handed down the judgment that the property is zoned for residential use. The judgement says that the operators of the studio must cease and vacate all studio activities and return the premises to its original residential status by midday, September 16.


  1. its about time, no issue with that , probably too much loose man a hang around studio ,probably when dave kelly had it ,it was so loud .

    1. Agree. The studio is in a residential area and I believe if the patrons were acting accordingly, they wouldn’t get any push back from the community. The problem with these studios are the entourage and people just hanging around and the community probably feel threatened. Keeping a low profile would have served them better, now it is too late.

  2. Joe don’t just give up your properity it the government want it they should by it don’t just give it up dem 2 bright I think they f***ked with the right person cause I know he is not gonna let the government play him for a fool.. Outta order..

  3. Why tings caan just zone properly a yawd? Music studio nuh hab nuh reason fi eena residential area. Some businesses can run as home-based dis is not one of dem.

  4. a residential area that? kmft
    one duty old tyre shop de right cross the road and the whole a molynes road desso full business. how desso fi be residential area?
    fight dem a fight di man tru him white

    1. A same ting me a wonda…cause di place deh right a di entrance before you even reach inna di community…an mi neva see nowhere as unattractive as di tyre shop…a dat dem need fi a complain bout…mi nuh know bout di fight him cause him white part

  5. Nothing wrong with having a studio at home (like big ship). Family ting. Respect the community. The problem is when you turn your home office or home studio into a commercial operation… and have the bigger, less disciplined traffic that comes with that.

  6. what go around must come around scatta dem a some wicked suck pussy batty man a GOD a beat dem downsound going down

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