1. Wow!!!!! But what is the basis of all of this? Is it that he wants the girl to get back in a relationship with him? Or is it that he thinks she is not suitable mother? Because he’s definitely not a suitable father. And why are they making this whole nasty battle over this child so public by posting it on social media? Aren’t there people of authority that can step in? I really feel for her ( based on the things that I’ve read).

  2. @mamacita People of authority tried to step in when it was reported he was having sex with a minor and they colluded, she lied on national TV saying they were just friends, I feel her frustration but its of her own making, thing is she can’t travel…well she can but if she returns to Jamaica she can’t go back overstayed her VISA

  3. The authorities need to know about this man. When cisoca was looking for him five years ago he dodged it. They should be looking for him now.

  4. Who is the one threatening to kill the child??that person need to be arrested forthwith!the poor child is clearly endangered btw the two of them!!

  5. This is sad may be she was coerced into saying what she did on National TV. On a serious note she needs help. This man doesn’t sound stable to me, coke head much. Vis overstayed or not if she loves her child she needs to make the sacrifice and go for him. Obviously she don’t care that much.

  6. How hard is it to get the law involved?? She all a tag the gleaner as if they can help her. Idk sah, but she need to do her research because doing this back and forth thing on social media isn’t getting her nowhere.

  7. Why not go to the police & show them all the evidence smh if the baby was born here in America go to the US embassy in Kingston & tell dem seh him kidnap di child. My girl please go get your baby cuz this man is freaking crazy. Yuh did have di chance fi tell di police bout this child molester & you didn’t now look wah tek you

  8. What does she mean that he’s not the lawful father of the child? And if I’m not mistaken she said her son is a U.S. Citizen with all these messages she can go back to JA even though she overstayed her visa and apply for whatever that visa is called when you run from your country due to imminent danger. I believe this is more than enough proof that she fears for the life of her child and self to gain access back in the U.S. But overstayed visa or not, I’d be on the first one way ticket back to JA to collect my child. America isn’t that great my dear, guh fi yuh pitney!!!!

    1. I think the reason for her saying he’s not the lawful father is because she had the baby in the US so he never signed papers establishing paternity so in a legal sense he has no rights where the child is concerned

  9. It’s obvious she can’t travel and has to stay where she is. There is no way her parents can be in Jamaica with him and the baby and they can’t go near that child. They can more than get authorities to go in and get the baby and can prove he is willing to harm the child. The proof is all over the net.

    Couple things funny about these 2. Them mix up always end up pon social media. Kurrup vex because she stop mine him. Her parents never inna di relationship but knew they had to play up with it or else they would hav lost her because she was so in love with him. For those who are talking about her being a minor at the time etc. Kindly remember that she went on national TV and said nothing was going on and for the years that followed she played like everything was good! That can be used against her.

    But for the sake of that baby. They need to get the authorities in because he will, if he isn’t already abusing that baby out of frustration. That much is obvious. And he will hurt the child even more or kill him out of spite!

  10. cut the shit now mon this gal a get mi upset, how can a man send u this shit and u dont do sumthing about it, instead of talking about it on social media report his ass the pickney is an american u can get yu son if u want him all this is telling me that u dont want ur son him threaten the childs life, right deh suh alone yu win the case. undocumented or not fuk papers when it comes to ur child fuk watever it is that ur doing where there is a will theres a way get up off yu ass and get yu pickney this dum bitch a upset mi

  11. It’s not as clearcut easy as one may want to think.A parent technically n legally cannot kidnap their own child.Remember the Lisa Hanna/Panton case??She needs to get an immigration lawyer asap.

    1. Kmt. Me stop sorry fi her. The message all look cook up and she know is not him send it mek she no forward it to the proper authorities. There is no way on god land my pickney could a deh in possible danger and me no go get me pickney

  12. Sick and tired of these two fools kmt, every minute they always have some social media mix up , the last time kurrupt diss devina she run back into his arms on tv. Two of them love attention kmt, the only person I feel sorry for is the poor child who has to grow up in this mess, it hurt my heart to see the child caught up in this foolishness . Both devina and kurrupt are no good, u have no love for your child if you’re going to put him through this. Sad to say but I hope he will grow older and see these stuff on the internet and hate u both.

  13. Devina claim to say she’s a good mother …a good mother doesn’t leave her child in Jamaica and then galavant all over America, why didn’t u bring the child? What if u had a girl baby would u do the same thing and leave the child with this no good father ???? U know that kurrupt is a crackhead and there’s nothing good about him and u really leave your child with him. Devina have excuse about leaving him to better herself and school this music that , you’re a selfish b***h, why didn’t u carry him and let your mother keep him, isn’t your mother living over there? Your sad story can’t fool me at all both u and kurrupt don’t care about that child

  14. I care zero about visa etc the child is not being taken care of properly . I would pack my stuff and get my child end of story start my life over.

  15. Fi the last rasshole time DEVINA HAVE A GREEN CARD!!!!!!!!! Kmt unu stay there mek she fool unu overstay which visa!!????? Mi nuh know a who a fool unu .. Devina puppa file fi r

  16. kurrup don’t have a house .. kurrup live in his aunt house at west pine way, barbican terrace … bout di girl nuh ave bed and yuh have house .. nigga please … go sit on a tree stump.

  17. kurrup doesn’t own a house .. kurrup live in his aunt’s house at west pine way, barbican terrace … bout di girl nuh ave bed and yuh have house .. nigga please … go sit on a tree stump.

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