11 thoughts on “KYMARLY??

    1. I was just about to ask is who fa son, bout “son of an ICON” ….Bogle son? And if ah Bogle son…you really think him ah roll over dung deh? Hmmm

  1. Hey mi want to know if the fatty is him woman/man I don’t even know which is who to who smh but u eva notice say dem always together look like a hap-pay couple to me

        1. No! I’M a peeper, And I know them too @tawkchuet/battymon….. So “how you doing”!!!. So far your info lady,real lady,that you cannot be!!

          1. Mi is a battyman cause a man me teck mi will gladly teck dat name cause mi bawn with a designated spot fi teck man but u n u crew whey do construction pon unnu shit passage caaaaa style me u tunnel might be leaking go check that don’t attempt to check me n come a day time when I’m up 12:11 is such a gay hour bye birl

  2. There was fight at their party on Sunday with a few trannys. “LIKE” Patra AKA(grandma),IShawna(gullyqueens),Cookie(scamma tranny from the bronx),blueberry hair tranny name(Kevin) who par with with Cookie, SHitty belly auntie Pinky and her ugly tranny dawta name maxine. I Shawna aka gully queen started the war. Patra started throwing bottle and auntie pinky cus IShawna fi done. and pair things mi hear. plus i heard it was over some straight man them a tek

  3. Bogle was once batty man twice a child came as one to no money have to sell your soul to get clothes act like a bitch i hope no man Sapp the shit out of him he needs to grow up be a man not a girl

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