So I want to really know what happen last nite caz I hear Sophia in hospital with head wound and the Twins Shelly and Shawna left her Milkshake to get beat by Trinity Trini and her daughter. Met plz follow up on this. Dem tawk duh tawk buh can defend the war

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  1. I can tell u one thing dem twins play too much they act like they was in bathroom I guess deh twins so both had to use bathroom at same time :nohope…when I walked up milkshake ah look like she was still dazed such a blank stare and twins dem had a look of shame on they face milkshake ah adjust her wig cuz true it lop sided har frenzy help her fix it but ah she still look puzzled I don’t knw if it’s from all that shit she ah talk and got beat or har fav twins dem or anybody else around didn’t help dem say twin dem protect her bag and not har fren sad case :cool

    1. Whose party was this @ MsNOchill, what kind of head wound…….WHO Bust her head? Boy oh boy, time to stay home now Shakey! All the young boys in your DM and that did ah text you, not one cudden defend yuh my girl???

      1. It was day party I don’t knw exactly who party..

        And they the man Jeff try band trini and har hubby from party and if it’s true niggas do act like bitches


    1. Idiot tuff foot trinni duppie know who fi frightened dem soon lick weh you an yuh man bitch u can’t f**k with no riders like that but I guess homeboy from 20s who u mek frost lick weh pon a move duppy still deh pon yuh yeah men when u get it u gone wish ah di twin dem did deal with u and twin unno stupid pussy hole fi mince this ole Trinidadian want to be Jamaican ass bitch to pieces yo trinni go tell frost dog leash link seh yuh tell everyone seh ah him lick down di good good man yeah bitch mi have secret fi yuh

  3. trinni Sophia did beat you up and when she Stan up yuh man grab her and di twin did a lick him in him back and Sophia bro punch him 2 times and then Trini man run and call di boy dem then Trini man grab Sophia bro round him neck and a call the boy dem .. Sophia you don’t know me but I see when you grab Trini and flash her to the grung and her daughter gust grab your hair if you ask me Sophia win … Is a lot off ppl in la them don’t nice .. Dem don’t like Sophia and the twin .. And Trini call out so manny a dem and dem don’t do nutting … Sophia I hope you don’t feel bad but you must buss back Trini man head .. Trini did not do nutting to you .. I watch you and I never know you could fight so

    1. If milkshake beat har like u saying I’m surprise they didn’t post all of dem tuff post like before when twins and milkshake sey trini ran and Ray ray….I know for a fact if the fight went how u say it did I know the good pussy Ave chicks would have been on all social media talkin shit

  4. Mi was deh deh and Trini beat Milkshake baddddddddddd. Twins dem running from front to back and nah do nuthin. Shelly mi see u with mi 2 eyes dem and you see dem a beat her and you run a front and give you white bag and run inna back and still nah help Shake. Shake family or brother a help her and still nah win. Mi feel sorry for her still but Big mouth Big Beatin. Trini you really a defend you ting and twins dem BIG COWARD MI SEE. Stank shake where di wig

  5. The only reason y Trini on the pink wall talking she work for the police but they can’t save you and shut the f**k up you did not lick Sophia a yuh man do it

  6. Lol mi man you can’t try that shit this time bitch because people see lol you say I work for the police but stank shake was seen talking to the police after the party so go suck yo self ANONYMOUS I already proved my point u just mad because I shut you bitches down inna real life I proved my point I bet she won’t hit nobody else done talk.

  7. Nastygal shut the f**k up you sound like you don’t like Sophia Trini run out when security come is are man did a fight yuh so many ppl could not a lie pan her man wall is to entertain ppl a go chat … Sophia don’t get your self in trouble just beat her up back and as for her man make your police report ….

  8. Video wudda solve all this back and forth and man lick, daughter lick, milkshake lick…..foolishness! Nobady never video this?


  9. Trini I know you .. I know your man was charge with murder for the Mexican him rob and the Feds come for him and him cop out don’t for get we were friends .. A 3 time him get deport and yuh marry him that can’t help him …. Mi she yuh ditty man lick the girl him too bright .. A so him did want jump the twin too but twin get the chopa … Trini Milkshsake beat yuh a she first grab yuh and her daughter grab her wig and yuh man punch her … The guy in the white tee shirt I herd it’s milkshake brother him back you and yuh daughter off and that’s how yuh man lickle her and the di twin did a try fight him so shut the f**k up and try feel big .. Y yuh tink one next man punch yuh man cause him see when him lickle milkshake .. Mi naw lie when milkshake and Trini man a fight she fight him back and the twin lick him and the boy in the white tee shirt him big bad all Trini man hold on pan him neck him don’t move …. Mi know fight don’t fear but I would give the wining to milkshake if Trini man never lickle her she would not have no red eye

  10. It happen so fast if it did vedio Trini a go a jail cause yuh right anonymous the ppl dem say you say me say but mi see Trini man lick milkshake

  11. Trini one question y you carry 3 gang member with you when you an woman a war ??? A dat mi don’t understand

  12. Blah blah blah any excuse to stray away from me beating stank shake ass lol her brother got choked out for hittin me and pushing my daughter now y all bitches talking about police let us not go there because all of y all bitches are illegal no papers using other people’s info immagration sweep in your near future remember say fingerprints don’t lie.

  13. Big bad idiot gyal state your name please I don’t take kindly to idol threats please boss up or shut the f**k up meaning stop hide and chat you don’t know shit just a try blame me husband it naw go work .

  14. Anonymous 6:20 you must not be there at tall cuz Stankshake get beat and Razor don’t lick her so stop lie. Twins Big punk and coward and me see everything so gwah. Anonymous 7:43 I don’t know her and obviously you wasn’t there if you say she don’t get beat cuz everbody see she Stank go beaten and her friend dem didn’t help her. All jamaican she call pon her video and no 1 approach the gal….Unno to worthless and lie. I bet she can’t post a face pic and Trini well post her face. Razor was fighting Stank bro so how unno seh he hit her to man sound sad. Mi don’t feel sorry for she. How she call all the old foot dem and unno don’t beat Trini. SAD BAD so no you shut the F**K UP BITCH cuz you never do shit neither

    1. Gun shots Inna face! I was there and seen a bunch of punks Inna party chat bout what the good pussy Ave was goin do aND all now not 1 bloood clot gal stepped up to trini! Dem bitchest talked all that shit bout when one fight they all fight weh dey go :kts: talh bout she don’t want it how trini ran from twin dem from chopa ray ray she police rayyyy ya now flip side of that Bullshit twins dem Neva have their idol back nor any of tha other bad gals who was wid good pussy ave :games u just seen 2 idiot dunce twin run Inna circles handing purses and shit to ppl :games and milkshake talkin to the police DWL what a f***en flip side

  15. Milkshake don’t answer to nutting Trini is trying to call you out … It’s not bad she bad is the police a back her trust me she think because she and her man work for them mi want see what a go happen … Trini so what if milkshake was seen talking to the police ?? Your man hit her I’m pretty sure a yuh man she a lock up not you sticking pussy bitch I can’t stand yuh don’t like you at all ..

  16. Milkshake don’t answer to nutting Trini is trying to call you out … It’s not bad she bad is the police a back her trust me she think because she and her man work for them mi want see what a go happen … Trini so what if milkshake was seen talking to the police ?? Your man hit her I’m pretty sure a yuh man she a lock up not you sticking pussy bitch I can’t stand yuh don’t like you at all ..

  17. You don’t want to f**k with me in real life it’s better u just leave me alone for the second time .

  18. Why ppl lie so. Razor never lick her so stop it. Only Trini and the daughter deal with her and the bwoy in white tee deal with Razor. So take the beaten and gwan. What twin dem deh? Dem twins don’t help. Unno stop tell lie pon di bwoy cuz nuff guy lick Razor. Him run go get his friends while Trini deal w Stankshake

  19. Look who a talk bout finger print lol mi glad yuh talk the truth milkshake bro did grab you and yuh daughter off her your daughter jum in when she was beating your ass and then yuh man punch milkshake and twin jump pan him and Milkshake bro punch him 2 time him run go get the tattoo man and a try grab milkshake bro round him neck .. You see how the truth come out Trini .. Mi know it was going to come out … And y would you want the ppl dem fi go pan social media and when any ting go down Trini a go call the ppl dem name take me serious she work for the police the both of dem

  20. Milkshake bro punch mi in my face and push my daughter then my husband and milkshake bro were fighting and they jumped him while me and milkshake were fighting. Than milkshake bro draw gun at us, now let’s tell the truth he then got kicked in the back and dropped the gun and Julio the security picked it up so y all still making up all these stories smh it’s called mortal combat you figure it out. He never touched stank shake but Chad punched me in the face and pushed my daughter so who u say is pressing charges?

  21. Anonymous 8:47 isn’t it true that if you can’t stand me or don’t like me at all you will say and make up anything ? Tell your friend milkshake to keep her f**g hands to herself I warned u all not to touch me I stated in my video that I know the law and that I will not throw the first punch and that u would have to hit me first and milkshake did just that she hit me first so she got what she got without apology .

  22. good all megan should be their n get a good slap ,shake shouldnt call the police y’all was on insta telling triny where to meet n she shouldnt get the police involve so y now y’all bad bitches call the cops set of punks .shelly say on her page she ago meck triny stop come a dance n blah blah so shake teck the beat n move on first thing shelly n shana a falla shake but dem soon get what they looking for lol it sweet me they say no cops n them same one call the cops dwl bag a chat n cant defend it ina real life poppi show dem teck beatings n go chill

  23. I can’t believe Razor hit no girl at all… Then thr dudes try jump him that wasn’t a good look so I don’t wrong hi to go get him friends and he wasn’t worried bout hi wife cah she had everything under control her and her daughter. People I don’t care for none of these people but milkshake got beat simple… How dare dem say their going to get her band from partied hoe they going to do that shit… Take your beaten and sit down already and call it a day and stop the violence… But another thing how gun get in the place if security was suppose to check everyone, I don’t like that shit because my safet was jeopardize I’m tried of that security team putting innocent people life in harms way for a few couple of hundreds… That shit I can’t stand at all…

  24. Haha this is soo funny. After all the shit Megan and the twin dem di a Talk pon. Insta. Whe dem deh di deh… I was really expecting more. Not sure if I should post this video.

  25. You have the video just post it, so we all know if Trini did beat the girl or not, since that’s what everyone at this point of the exception of a few stragglers… Bring the video come so we can lay this back and forth ting to rest finally, so we can knock one ass whooping off, because I’m sure this Trini girl want’s to beat them all, she is just not stopping at one… LOL

  26. Shame dem shame all the f**y den talk upon IG and yet Trini come dun dem Bloodcloot gal deh. Razor no hit Sophia shame she shame cuz all the bad talk and couldn’t defend that talk. Twins den coward BAD let her get beatin so. Stop lie upon the man cuz him fight with her bro and 2 otha guy him neva get to reach back to him wife. But the brother lick Trini in her face and she still fight him. Sophia you sad bad what a disgrace with the lie dem Razor neva hit you. Mi it all deh pon the side of you. Unno quite like church house mouse No pic of Sophia face

    1. From what I hear her eye is black and blue, slightly swollen. Twin them have suhtin ah keep end of this month…….bad gyal dem ah push out :nohope :ngakak :ngakak

      @Tammy send on the video please…..metty take a look deh and tell we how it go, we don’t need to see what Chad jhap! We just waa know who get beat up and if Razor really lick Shakey when she was beating Trini…..or waa :ngakak :ngakak


  27. I could never see Razor hitting a woman it’s not in his character, he is the more calm one out of the relationship but he will defend his wife, he won’t allow no one to jump her if she was by herself but I do not believe he will hit a woman, people making up these stories so they can have these men dem out there hate the guy, just because he par alone and not with too many guys… Milkshake play brother hit Trini and push the daughter and he stepped in to defend that and two other goons try to step in and jump the man… He left his wife and step daughter to go and get some help from the guys he came with but from what I seen he didn’t get to do that because two guys came for him so he back, back to catch his grown but the security quickly pull him to the side… I don’t know any of the parties involved but I know of them, I’m just a patron on the outside looking in, I’m not on any side but I will honestly say what I saw and it is the truth because none of these people involved done anything to me and I’m not a hater like most… We all know that both sides are hated by people and they are going to make up stories, I can give two flying f**ks about any of them but what I will do is tell the truth… Trini got with that play brother she already said in her videos she will fight a nigga and she did just that until her husband stepped in and she focused on Milkshake the twins were there and did nothing for their friend, and just like people said running around to make themselves look like they were trying to help… But what I would do is give Milkshake her props because she did swing first and that was a wrap and she help her own it is just unfortunately she got her ass beat and that’s ok we win some and we loose some… But what I will say I couldn’t be friends with people that wasn’t there for me at all, don’t come in my face after that fact… She needs to evaluate her friendship with these twins and that is no joke, they can’t fight I guess the stories are heard is true, they are just a lot of loud talk and that is it and Megan is their number one fan and I didn’t see her, was she even there or was she mad that her party the night before didn’t do so well at the door… But again it’s a gamble when your doing parties… What I do not want to see is anyone getting bodily injured over this mess…

    1. You are right I agree with you it is what it is. It takes a real person to truthfully say what they saw. I respect you for that. I also fell it’s unfortunate that all of this happened but, I also feel that some of those ladies feel Luke they are running things in L.A. they are not!!! Trini doesn’t bother anyone unless they bother her. No one can tell me that Razor is an woman abuser. Razor is one of the nicest respectfull Jamaican man I have ever met. That’s why I know he had to be pushed to anger. Hell!!! At least he defended his wife honor, that’s a real man who truly Loves his woman. Some of you men need to learn from this man and get some real balls!!! My man is the the same way big up my friend Razor!!!! And to all real men. I can’t speak for all men who hide who the real women is supposed to be because, they are to busy in the dark f**g every thing that has a hole coward whores!!! At least everyone knows who Razor’s women is and who he Loves and defends. I don’t wrong him or anyone who defend themselves.So if you got your ass kicked take it like a boss because it take a real person to admit that, you loss the battle. Trini & Razor you didn’t start it, you gave warning and you’ve proved your point. To the all others rest yourself unless your destiny is jail, deportation or worse your life. Now really is your pride worth it???? It’s like two boxer’s in a boxing match, who ever win’s, win’s simple. Also why do people have to jeopardize other innocent lives buy pulling guns to defend yourself. Coward’s at least they fist fought except the coward who tried to pull his gun. At least if you fist fight you live to see another day to go home to your family and live life.This is why Jamaican’s can’t make no real money in our country because of ego’s andignorant, leave that alone.Some Jamaican’s worried about stupid shit!!!! You all need to re-evaluate your lifestyle tradition’s too many lives have been taken over this ignorant behaviour. What you (Foreignes)need to be worry about is, how to get along, build up your country, deal with the rape of children and women in your country and stop the murder’s of the youth. Jamaican’s waste money,the foreigners who’s made it here should be greatful, you are blessed. Stop putting others down and support each other in all way’s. I have to big up all Jamaican’s who came the the USA first, they were smart, they had class they worked together as a team mostly they were about their business and their money. You new Jamaican’s are nothing compared to those Jamaican’s, they were rich and help build up Jamaica. You new Jamaican’s need to learn from them.I know this for a fact because I was an American who made this money with my Jamaican partner, some of our money help build some things in Jamaica. Life is short no one is promise tomorrow make a difference in your country for the future and the children. What your destiny??? To live or die heaven or hell. All that fighting and arrogance is NOT!!!! Worth it. Grow up people

  28. This whole thing has gotten way outta hand. I dont like to see grown oomen behaving so! Milk shake make video ah sey she was jumped by 3 people. Shake you and di Ave been saying pon IG, no fair fight Ron ere. All while Trini, damn near beg uno for a head up fade, one on one. So, it’s not Triny fought you one left in the boat to paddle by yourself! Di twins literally saw you fighting and they never jump in! Triny come wid Har daughter, because uno said all di Ave gon jump her. Please don’t act like that never happened. Furthermore, you need to relocate, that Ave is not for you. Dem twins ah bate and Megan need to stick wid her Mad famely! You should have never take up their argument! Now, one of di twin want to be a cheerleader under your post! Gtfoh! Change your friends. You spoke di truth and said you rushed di gyal, so deal with the consequences! I don’t know who beat who, but you admit out your own mouth, she got the best of you. There are no winners in this! Done it!

    1. Wer the video deh? I agree with everything you said…change your crew dem cause they don’t have your back as they posted

  29. Hold up tell me this now how the f**k did Stank shake say she get jumped by 3 people first of all my husband was in the walk way talking to one youth me and my daughter went to the back to use the restroom I was standing in front of the stall and Stank Shake came out like a raging bull lol and hit me after that I beat the f**k out of her all her people were standing back there her brother started to first push my daughter while I had Sophia on the ground then as I was kicking the bitch her brother lick me in the side of my face by the time he did that my husband heard the ruckers and came around and grabbed the brother and start choke him than the stinking twin dem start run up and down but still not helping there friend looking right at me as I stomp the shit out of there friend and do nothing so it was about 7 people for her back there mostly man and 2 of us before my hubby made it back there that’s just a brief story before the brother got kicked and dropped his GUN and etc. so stop lie and dutty Shauna stop call from private number and send threat what your man is gonna do because really and truly dead hole shuana you aint about that life so go sit the f**k down somewhere. To f**g wicked and lie. dem just embarrass because them a run off them mouth pon ig and couldn’t defend it stop tell with the stories you want somebody fi feel sorry for you.

    1. I don’t even know why dem scary bitches even getting men involve inna woman fight. They talked soooooooooo much shit on what they goin do to you all now thy wanna call pon ya phone with threats smh my girl u whooped her ass just like u say I WAS WATCHING WHOLE THING even seen them boys tryna jump razor….good pussy Ave is a big bag of punks whole crew not 1 help milkyshake same scary bitches try bring choppa to a fist fight I hate bitches like them…all now bitches slient woiiiiiiiee bet that’ll teach em

  30. Sorry she want ppl fi feel sorry fi her. She got box like she ask for. Trini if she try press charge pon yo husband I will send your her fake info that she work at AT&T unda. We all have secret and mi know fa her own. Trini you do excatly what u say you go do. Twins dem shame and Shank shake embarrass cus you get what she ask fa! Gwan go on with unno self before some gal get hurt and leave your family that love you.

  31. When you think no one knows your buisness !!!!

    1. Sophia good good : You were f***g one man and in the process you shit on yourself nasty gyal loose booty,then you took poor junior from your best friend and now that he had a stroke you forgot all about him left the poor man for dead you don’t even visit him in his convalescent home then you f**** your cousin which is tashi son and because he cheated on you with linky chow daughter you got him deported you set him up you evil bitch that’s why I hate you then you even try f***k your own sister man that’s the real reason why y all don’t agree on top of that you make your brother dead because you were trying to get him here the cheap way why you never let one of the young boy pay for a visa for him? Your a crosses bitch all your mother you let sleep a road and you have a place and you wonder why bad blessing a tek you trini beat out your rass .

    2. The f**k out Twins: Shawna you mek Stockey dead because you f** f*** you cheat on Andrew with Stockey and made him out the man Then you moved to florida and f*** down the whole place the man find out a got rid of you than you came back to La and start f*** down the place Shawna memba all the new man that you have right now is not even to straight mine you get the man mix up in your shit you just f*** everybody and either the man dead or go to prison your pussy salt not to mention your family ram sister name Shelly how you and your sister do 3 some with Bob and you turn around and breed for him straight nastiness shelly you and your sister are two walking f**k box Shelly you make Donna son dead with your salt p**y the 2 f**k box twins needs to go get cleansed because every man them f**k something happens to them men beware of these silent killers la matters no man a la want unno because dem know your file only the out of town niggas may give u a one slap or two until them find u out how you two twin so wuklas deh a foreign so long and don’t have no papers if unno say good pussy ave why you can’t even married for one papers you know people info is a felony nasty bitches bout trini run you down with chopper move crosses gyal.

    3.Confused Meagan : Little gyal u need to go find out who your baby daddy is I wonder if it’s British Boy Shane or Kressdawg you are young and a big time whore or maybe it’s sherly son baby, give or take you can all ways go to Maury and find out he is not the father lol. Meagan why you didn’t come out and help your friends I heard trini daughter was waiting for your scary ass by the way how was your party lol you win some and you loose some slow down on the f***g remember your father Dennis died of Aids tek heed f**ky gyal. I hope trini f**k all y’all fake body bitches up ijs.

    1. :hn :hn :hn :hn Blooooood Clot! The light shining bright eh…DWL mi swear at one point I thought good pussy Ave crew was legit now mi see they bad pussy Ave with nothing to show but pic of dem cheap clothes Inna parties and one bright blue ysl bad that lawd mi sick of seeing.

  32. I can’t believe that Milkshake dumb ass is even excepting the bullshit ass excuses her fake friend is saying… My girl you know for a fact they didn’t help you, you seem your own friends there watching you try to rush Trini but you didn’t get the upper hand! Then your fake brother jump in while Razor wasn’t even there but by the time him came he handle you and didn’t business in the woman fight he was busy fighting fake brother while two other dudes trying to jump him, I seen one punch him and another coming to punch him but miss so when the hell he had time to hit fake ass Milkshake. stop tell lie on the girl man… You get jump by three people you must of been in a real daze baby girl cah it was only two… You guys asked for it but only one great pussy ave defend all the bullshit ass bad talk and the twins let dem good ass friend get her ass beat… You must have not came to your senses if you believe those fake friends of yours was trying to help all along dem deh deh… They didn’t help because they didn’t want Trini to beat them and give dem black eye dem too lol… So dem figure Milkshake will take one fah de team.. Smdh. I. agree with you both @ Logical and MsNochill…. I think they need to sit one side and stop running off at the mouth too many people saw milkshake got beat and down why they still posting shit… It come like they like to take ass whooping eh…

  33. All yall liars stfu startin with stiinkin trini. Stop actin like u beat milkshake. De girl bumrush u straight inna de wall n ur ldaughter came to ur rescue same time ur man standin right there watchin caus he followed u to the bathroom like a bitch. A drap de gal drop y u sayin u beat n this n that. Bitch u had help. N yes razor is known to hit women caus u n him jump nadine at the casino n gave her a blk eye. Jus stop with the lies caus u kno how bad this can get he will get charged for battery. I saw him hit her in the side of her head TWICE! Stop lyin hoe! N wen some guy wid de tattoos jump on her brother back he spin roun n punched but it was the dam security lol so they maced him n he cuddnt see n thats how pussy ass razor kick him in tbe back. Trini stop using the GR assistance u gettin to look big U get $220 & $189 in foodstamps monthly. SS xxx-xx. Lol.

    1. You talk a big one, The Truth who says street fighting is supposed to be fair? It never has and it never will be. People how would you know what you would do if you were in this situation? The Ave. Crew said they were coming for Trini so why in the hell she couldn’t have her back up to. I know if I was in Trini’s position, I would have did the same and worse. Big up Trini. Hell you know you to would have did the same. You not the Truth you’re more like a joke. Stop hiding joker

  34. F**k out trinity milk shack beat the f**k out of u that’s why your sis ugly daughter jumped in because we all no you can’t have no kids and the 3 kids That u that your sis daughter gave u got token away from you a long time a go so u can get the county’s money for them and that went left then u but her ugly ass on your case know she had one more baby because she have 10 baby daddy’s but this one was like hell no I don’t won’t her and my baby on that shit and know u get GR 220 cash and 189 food stamps I no this (Edited) and u taking about u kick with timberlands on we all no u did have those on your feet your outfit was about $40 the most including your shoes so u on here acting a fool you lost keys that you had in your custody you all GR Bitch just go get a job Milkshake beat you your man hit her and she’s not the only woman your man hit you guys job Nadine at the casino you and your man gave her a blackeye so get the f**k out of here on the real tip I think you and your man smoking some crack miserable you are mad that nobody did not support your party because you need money to pay your rent so you mad at the world grow up and get your shit together jumping people and dealing with police makes you a punk bitch and again milkshake did not jump in because of the twins are you people on here stupid she called out the woman you guys would’ve did the same f***g thing stop being hypocrites she did not fight for the twins she was fighting for herself just like y’all would’ve did Milkshake you handle yours when it was 101 then her pussy ass man and her niece jump Dan it’s all good you guys going to get what’s coming God don’t like ugly milkshake here’s those hoes info DOB. 3/13/19(Edited).. Address is (Edited)
    A. Ferns (EditedP).. Nevermind she is no longer in be home. (Edited) do what u won’t with it she is a evil parson people just don’t no it

    1. You need to grow up with this illiterate message. What in the hell does where and how she get her money has to do with this? It doesn’t matter stop worrying about other people’s money business!!! Also the estimate of her outfit it’s just plan stupid!!! Why does that matter as long as she look good and clean. This is foolishness some Jamaican’s are so materialistic that’s all they care about is designer wear, who’s f***g whom,baby mama drama, who’s waring with whom, etc. etc. This is all irrevelent!! What you all need to worry about is minding your own business. Don’t you people have a real life. Worry about the poverty in your country, worry about the rapiest,child molester’s and murders, worry about how to build up your country and each other damn!!!! You people worry about stupid things, some of you act like you’re better than others and you haven’t sinned wow!!! People are laughing at you all and your ignorance, people with class and etiquette don’t behave this way. Stop exploring the people’s personal information on open media because, you wouldn’t like it if it were yours exploited.

    1. True that’s what I said, why bring these men into this argument? They are not here to defend themselves so leave them out of this. You’re to out of order

  35. @CHECKMATE – Dem file dem real long eh… Wow never knew that of any of dem, not to say I’m in their business like that but it is shocking to see what is underneath all the hype which is basically tried out woman who needs to have ten seats back because their life drawn out bad… We as woman get a bad name when we start going from one man to another man and never settle with one for too long, then you start to get the title of a whore and everyone man you’ve been deh wit have something no so nice to say, and once a man start talk bout you, you should just give up dating because no one is going to want to deal with you but if they do because they only want to get a one or two f*ck offa you… And Megan is following in the footsteps of her idols… Men going to jail and men dying and all can of mix up from dealing with these woman, damn they ah fi true crosses… I think it is too late for dem to get dem good name…

    1. 9:50 Anonymous, you are so right. Who the hell do these whorish men think they are? To classify any women as a whore? To all Nasty f**kboys you have no jurisdiction over a woman’s pussy unless you are Bill Gates that has his kind of can mine a women’s pussycat. Most of you don’t have that money. Men and women we are all adults and God gave us all the same feelings and emotions. Men made up the rule, if women f**k a lot of men they are whore’s!!! Then men what the hell does that make’s you? Whore’s there is NO!!! difference. Hell women what to f**k to just like you men do. Let’s keep it real talk. Some of you men think you can f**k and you can’t your Dick is soft. Most of you go around from women to women making promise’s and babies causing baby mama’s drama between women. Ladies when in the hell will we stop letting these f**kboy whore’s stop making a fool of you? I’m a secured self confidence woman who knows what she wants n and out of the bed not one blood clot men can predict my pussy unless he has Bill Gates money or a ring to put on my finger. So can call me a whore all day and all night and I wouldn’t give a f**k!!! Men just like you want your dick sucked I want my pussy sucked. Just like you men want to go around exploring pussy, I want to explore dick practicing safe sex. This is 2016 get with the program. All these broke as men wanting you to come around and f**k you when they want once or twice a month maybe because they are making their rounds from woman to woman. This us bull-shit!!!! This is belittling us as women making us feel like were desperate. Well I’m not desperate to wait for a man to come f**k me when he want to f**k that!!!! What ever man made this rule, this DOES NOT APPLY TO ME!!!! CAN’T WE ALL GET ALONG? We are all adults. F**K or MAKE LOVE to WHO EVER YOU WANT TO!!!! Men if you knew how to handle your business and women, STOP WORRYING about what people are saying about you, nobody should control you but God and youself. NO MAN RULE THIS PUM PUM you have to earn this. F***G make the world go round and feels good.

  36. @checkmate Blooooood clot all now mi wonder what’s all the hype bout dem good pussy Ave if they have no papers with good pussy come stability like real papers a long time husband owned home nice car from 2016 not back inna day :cool I guess deh body good so they good mi wanna fight dem :bedug

  37. @ MsNochill Sophia work for AT&T under false documents she is illegal here also the 2 stay bad twins all using false documents smh how u gonna start a war with a legal citizen lmao you tried it

    1. Blood clot!!!!! Gunshot!!!! Lol!!!! Real Talk Trini. That’s why they need to leave people business alone. They have nerves

  38. @ logical I stated in the video that these people were iliterate I can’t even understand shit she is saying lmao this bitch can’t even spell correctly obviously she didn’t get the memo about my clothes lol remember I wanted to be comfortable for that fade that you all are mad about the world knows that I can make clothes and the world knows that you all steal your clothes so what does these things have to do with this convo huh dunce bitches. Just accept the fact that stank shake got her ass beat that’s it that’s all.

    1. That right they are toilliterate to get the message I knew that once I saw your gear that night laughing out loud didn’t get the memo for true. You’re right, most of them do steal their clothes and have the nerves to put you down. To all you hating, Bitches and informer!!! Memo Trini is forever stylish, creative and forever ready.

  39. crazy how ppl dem run around like they really the shit talking down on evwrybody else and their papers ain’t even str8 DWL good pussy Ave DEAD whats done in dark come light.they was better off 1 coming to u as a woman if felt away instead take up the things different way. U never once said anything about the whole of dem pussy crew it was Jeff now look Jeff free shake got beat and twin dem cowards smfh and ugly stiff ass magan MIA and slient as dey ocean..nuff respect trini

  40. @ Logical 12:27 Real Talk you talk fi true… This stink ass men dem is the one that give us woman these bad names… Like just because they are men, they can f**k anyone and anybody whenever dem feel like because they are men and they can do that shit… But since we are woman we get the bad stigma for some reason, it’s like we can’t date and with dating sex is involved that is a giving, unfortunately some relationships doesn’t last long at times and then you have some of these men that are bitches and like to talk a lot of shit…. But again there are some woman that are real slack with them pum pum and some of these men think we all the same but you have to put dem in their place for real… No man can come style me up, not at all… You want so I want too, that’s how it’s going to be but you going to respect me and when mi feel like she everything going good the man nah pressure me for sex, maybe after a while just maybe we can reach to the next level only if the relationship is promising.. You have to be ten steps ahead of these men, because the head game they think they got on lock but you should never allow someone to put your name out there and now you have such tasteful representation…

  41. @MsNOchill 1:14 you are so right all this was drawn out and went left… The woman never said nothing bad bout them girls, the only thing she spoke on is what Jeff Skinny Ass Jizzle said about them, just like he did on all the other people she mentioned… People did you forget that Jeff said he tired of all unno begging him money, and no one never beg him back and the beg, beg too much… Jeff got exposed but I guess people didn’t like the way she did it, yes she should of just went to each and everyone on a one on one but things didn’t go that way but the fact still remains Jeff spoke about you rich people who show off and display to people like you got it going on but you truly don’t… My thing now why none of these people haven’t spoke up and call Jeff out for venting to someone they don’t even like… Jeff even talk bad bout him parry Linky Cho so I see that they are not as tight as they use to be… Jeff did one and half circle with one old man and then he goes to one corner and hide, the entire time he trying to have some mad dog look pon him face like someone was suppose to be scared of him, his a coward and have the nerves to think he can band people from other people party him brite eh… I can’t stand him yuck mouth, how did these girls that he said he f**k even give him the time of day, he money must be really up up up fi true cah he helped the half of LA dancehall people… The shouldn’t of never look for Trini and think she was going to back down because of all this internet bullying the great pussy ave was spitting out… The girls that Trini called out none of them stepped to her, and she called them out so we know these bitches talk shit on internet but in person they are not about the real badness inna real life… Trini leave dem scared coward so call woman and I say that loosely, I bet now they will never try to test you again, you a straight warrior my girl…

    1. Anony…….Yuh is a mad person, them already ah plot to off guard Trini and her man. They are now involving, their man and baby fathers. Trinny as mi say……ROUND 2 COMING AT YOU!



  42. Oonuh tooooooo wicked, what does papers, who have from who don’t have and who on welfare from who is not, have anything to do with THIS FIGHT……Big Pussy Avenue Girls been on social media running off their mouth and laughing, same as Trini made a video. The only difference is Milkshake who was NEVER mentioned end up with the beating, whether she was winning or not she ended up being the Loser with the proof to show!!
    1) Why didn’t the TWINS jump in to help Milkshake when TRINI’S DAUGHTER JUMPED IN…..WHY did they wait to hit Razor…..all when RAZOR was fighting CHAD….WHY DIDN’T THE TWINS GO HELP MILKSHAKE OR SIMPLY BEAT TRINNY’S ASS FOR RUNNING OFF HER MOUTH???


  43. @Puertoriquena – You are right all that other stories that is not relevant to the argument has nothing to do with it at all… Shit Razor was being jumped by two other people, he had no time to business in his wife fact for him to hit no woman but they want to make the boy look bad and then bring all baby fadda and the niggas they f**g on the side and then their current boyfriends to do what… I thought they didn’t have a real man only the one twin do the one with Bob… What’s the point of them men getting involved in woman argument especially if they started drawing out the damn girl… Milkshake take the ass whooping and stop putting everyone into that need not to be in it… Razor was handling the brother for hitting his wife and he got his ass whoop and two others try jump razor but Milkshake what you need to ask is why your sisters the twins didn’t help you, they had all the chance for one to talk Trini or the daughter and none of that happened, I guess they didn’t want to end up with a black eye like you then lol dem she mi too pretty fi fight lol that’s why they bring weapons… On top of that all of unno illegal and you guts fighting and drawing the police inna it, now Trini knows you illegal and using false document you better watch it the girl will continue to be the victorious…

  44. Wol on deh… A who a gi oonuh false info? Tapp it yah n com wid facts. Mi nuh kno bout de twin dem. I think dem lean like palm tree a sway inna breeze. Everybaddy kno megan born yah n mi tink de wurl did kno seh milkshake tun citizen bout 10 year now. Kmt. Met nex topic now…till roun 2 Lol. Trini floyd seh him miss beatin yuh it use to turn him on


  46. Ok so when immigration come she doesn’t have a problem right lol try again milkshake never married one and two she come here illegal so move you rass bout 10 year ago she get her citizenship in which lifetime and who mentioned nasty Product of a Aids man daughter Meagan there y’all go again assuming somebody a chat you. Can’t wait until round 2 when trini beat the whole of you.

  47. Mi can’t bother with all the funeral and death chats :amazed: :amazed: all behind trini beating old sweet Sophia ass DWL all u Sophia cheerleaders need to be ready to fight the twin dem the whole good pussy dem they the ones didn’t help why yall so mad at trini who Neva chat twin dem nor milkshake the good pussy Ave ones who act bad ass on insta callin trini out and had milkshake jumping on bandwagon now look sophia your bandwagon done gone and left u Sunday night stranded now everybody wan fight trini smh yall crazy as hell DWL get a grip on life…when u call somebody out u amd your crew should always be ready when one move we all move Inna this case twin dem run around in circles like a dog who just take a pill if u don’t know how that aguh Google it DWL….I would have beat the twins ass right after I got jumped punk bitches mi wha fight now DWL

  48. Warning!!!!! If anything happens to Trini or Razor in L.A. or anywhere in the USA, BE WARE!!! I promise who’s ever involved will suffer the consequences of, jail or deportation. You choose, it’s best to end the argument. See what you people don’t know is, you never know who somebody knows. In this case none of you know who I know way up. So stop with your threats to Trini & Razor. Trini & Razor I will keep this promise, you both don’t even know who I am but I’ve got you. This is a WARNING!!!! to all who want to keep threatening Trini & Razor test me and see what’s going to happen to uno!!!

    1. Bitch nobody no suffer consequences fi breadie so who da f$$$kkk is Trini and her man? Unu too phucking idol :ngakak :ngakak

      1. Anonymous 2:29
        I’ve got your Bitch ass between my legs. That sounds like a the threat to me. If you’re so bad try it, I dare you. RIP Bready. How dare you bring Bready into this, you are too out of order this is disrespectful to him and his family. You’re to illiterate to even know that, besides Bready’s situation is totally different so you uncouth b**** keep Bready out your mouth. I like said uno will see

  49. But wait a minute why are thy getting death threats for a simple ass whooping that makes no sense… People you guys really need to stop with the death threats because all of unno involved in the threaten going to suffer the penalties…. When the American police ready to find you they will find you, nothing goes un punished so I would think twice of hurting anyone of those two people.. I’m on the outside looking in but this is going way to far over someone getting they ass beat, a person who call out the damn girl first of all and the girl defend that, you sung at the girl and she did what she had to do, the husband beat one and got jump by two others what is fear in that… Take your ass whooping and call it a day and move on it just is what it is… But death threats who does that shit, you guys act like someone suppose to be scared but do remember milkshake and the entire crew God do not like ugly and he is the only one can call someone home no one else… So you guys and your man dem better think twice about hurting those people… You can’t fight with your hands and call it a day then leave the argument alone… She beat her ass now move on you want a rematch then ask for one then but do not send death threats that’s crazy… ????? 1:17 pm if you can truly do something then do it because that is just wrong…

    1. Anonymous 1:48 Thank you!!! I totally agree with every word you said,this is why I sent a WARNING!!!! You see some of those Jamaican’s don’t have any respect for this country, other’s or themselves. Who do they think they are and where they are. This is NOT small Island Jamaica, this is the USA. If the authorities can capture El Chapo, Bin Laden making surely they get your asses. This is NOT!!! worth any bloodshead. I’m so sick and tired of the trouble making Jamaican’s all over causing trouble Damn!!! People can’t even go out and enjoy themselves due to their arrogant and ignorant behavior. They need to learn some manners!!! Once again 1:48 p.m. I give you your props!! So people take heed this is a promise, jail or deportation you choose. My family is full of Law enforcement so try it. this must come to an end. Like I said you never know who somebody knows.

  50. You all are so f**g stupid, do you all know the law, yall calling up ppl names jobs ect, in the court of law this is all evidence, dum f**ks yall all need law education, do research, go, back to school stop this old dancehall bullshit fighting, get off yall backs, get the dicks out yall mouth and grow the f**k up, some of you bitches are grannys and still fighting over bullshit, and some of you bitches dont have shit waiting on the next money man for a hand out, GROW THE F**K UP AND START DOING DIFFERENT SHITS, THIS SHIT IT OLD, GROWN ASS BITCHES, #GETAF**KINGLIFE.

    1. I agree with you Polish, They fight over man and their Dick’s that’s been all over the place from pussy to pussy maybe even botty. Ladies now really these men are making women look like desparte fool’s WoW!!! Fighting over Dick’s!!!! There are to many Dick’s to fight over. Furthermore I don’t need or want a man to take care of me and my children God is who I depend on for all things. Ladies don’t you all know pussy is in charge, hell a man can’t live without it unless he’s gay. We women suffer unnecessarily.

  51. Checkmate go pick up a book. Most immigrants came here illegal. Is marriage the only way to becoming legal? Have u ever heard of amnesty? Milkshake been a greencard holder from the 80’s & became a naturalized citizen many years ago. How can u speak so surely of something u kno nothing about? No sah. Ah ppl like u cut jesus slippahs.. Go sit dwn u jus hate her like 99.9% of the ppl on here.

  52. @ anonymous 3:18

    Amnesty : A general pardon for offenses against a government often granted before any trial or conviction.

    So idiot gyal stop use words that you don’t understand everybody knows that Sophia is illegal so stop your bullshit and go do your studies before you come up here and make yourself look like a fool dunce gyal. Prove it then post it like you post everything else.

    1. Check check!! talk bout amnesty :request….99.9% milkshake cheerleader. How did this beef become over a nigga? :siul mi can’t deal DWL now ppl just chatting cause clearly the reason behind the beat dwn was on social media :cd

  53. End yuh mumma bloodclaut. Dis nuffi end till trini n raza get deal wid. A weh onuh tek ppl fah. Trini bring har gangbanger dem wid all evil intentions n trust me theres evidence for that. Eyewitness was there weh seh raza lick de gal in har head twice PLUS theres video evidence seh him walk inna donna restaurant 1st and call trini fi dem fight shelly. A suh dem roll suh end onuh muma pussyklaat. It gawn to another level a now oonuh wah seh dun.

  54. @ 6:44 so leave the police out of it and deal with them lol f**g informers you sound mad lol the girl came with people to defend herself because unno threaten the girl so what did you all expect her to come by herself so unno can jump her like you all said on Instagram that you were going to do but by the way when the fight went down it was just her and her daughter against all of you. So what are you talking about and remember there was more than one eyewitness lmao you all are just mad because u started a war then lost the battle I bet if it was the other way around it would have been different but because milkshake got her ass beat by trini you all are mad. Everybody knows this post is you milkshake give trini back her phone the police will track you and get it back anyway.

  55. @ polish and logical no one is fighting over man trini would never f**k behind those nasty bitches that f***s everybody.

    1. Checkmate, you miss understood my message it has nothing to do with Trini. Trust me I know it’s not her style but, I can’t say that for the other ladies. By the way, where is the man behind all of this friction?

      1. The man behind Milkshake and Trini war is in a Nursing Home….Milkshake believe Trini wanted Junior from back in the days and decided to jump on the twin bandwagon….she never bargained for the beat down :ngakak :ngakak


  56. Why did Milkshake fake brother come with gun isn’t that more of a evil intention ? And Julio security has to tell the truth that they took the gun from Chad to the police and it’s more than one witness for that scene.

    1. Checkmate tell em! Many eye witness dead pussy Ave crew came with guns while trini had a crew with hands no weapons but yall wanna talk bout police police DWL yall way too bright. Next time tell pussy Chad 2 things learn how to old your gun idiot and learn to not bring guns to girl fights dumb ass!

  57. No man this is getting out of hand I’m gonna have to meck di cops Dem or the gang unit look into this people remember Unuh i.p address can easily tracked dung Unuh damn fool Unuh. Gwaan meck threat Dem idle jackass follow corn go a pound Unuh ask somebody di meaning.

  58. The only people whom are making threats are Milkshake and her babyfather Rudy Shawna and her man blue aka £!#k$ Shelly and her man Bob Chad and bop and etc. So please cut it out.

  59. Its sad bad and still Stank shake and dem twins a hide. All pon IG a chat the girl how unno gone jump her. Scary Shelly run up and dun still neva lick the girl. Laughing stock dem. Lying pon Razor hit stank shake. Now unno want to bring police u f**** informers. All Jeff walk and talk unno business and he walk free. Trini no punk and I have all of the screenshots from IG when you threatin the girl and say you gon jump her and no fair fight. That’s what unno pussyclot get. All of u illegal so talk the tings dem. Everybody gon missing bag of punk

  60. Shonia Chuck and Shellian Chuck the whoring twin one came on a school visa and sent papers for the other one now visa mash up and it’s peoples info dem a use and dem do care taking work off sepulveda mi soon give unno more. One live off 3rd and wilton the next one live near hungry Joe in inglewood.

  61. Checkmate eh unno play at all bet thatll teach em. Dont come fa u unless u sen fa. I thought good pussy ave locate somewhere Beverly hills not the hood but had so much to say bout where trini live. More and more mi see dem frauds.

  62. smh

    glad me did miss this and go chill a Malibu and go look pon some no-ass-having white gyal

    dem seh misery loves company

  63. Bitches are real silent who told unno fi f**k with my bestie I don’t go out but I’ve been around for years and mi know everybody business trini and razor don’t trouble people so it’s better unno leave them alone before you have to leave your family and kids and get deported and I’m dead serious.

    1. Real talk CHECKMATE, I agree with everything you said. If they know what’s good they better leave it alone. Warning jail or deportation to them they choose there is no other option

  64. If anything happens to trini or razor, Rudy milkshake baby father or shonia Chuck boyfriend blue aka Links or Shellian Chuck baby father Bob or Chad will be responsible ,or anyone afiliated with these women may be involved word has it that they have been going around these peoples home looking for them with guns so if anything happens these are the people to look for and send the police there direction or people from the dancehall environment . concerned associate.

  65. Oh wow really well thanks ???? for the heads up we ain’t never scared LMAO come right on.


  67. Checkmate dem twins say dem nah badda wid what is said everyman still ah look fi them dem still good pussy ave :ultah..

  68. Lol any man want a hole that dem can get in easy dem bitches have gutter holes any and everything go up inna dat nasty whore dem, if fi dem pussy so good why dem don’t have no papers and dem deh yah foreign so long dem a waist of space dem need fi get dip. @MsNOchill.

  69. LOL @CHECKMATE – The reason they in foreign so long because they messing with men that also need fi dem papers, thus is the reason they want money men that not even right dem selves so what that makes dem… They gave themselves that good pussy ave name no man told dem they pum pum is platinum and gold themselves think that, if the half or all the men already run in that on the low, there’s no one else whom want it or try to keep it… Those LA men tried of old pum pum they want know not run through pumps right now… Half of the woman in LA are dried up and tried all they have to live for is for going out everyday, every chance dem get… They need to put in more time with dem children and spend majority of that wasted time chasing and looking man and posing with the children instead… But you can’t tell dem nothing because they nose too much inna de air… But since Milkshake got her ass whooping maybe the whole gang sitting dem self down to evaluate their life goals…

  70. @ anonymous 9:00am they don’t have a clue all they know is instagram Facebook and dancehall they don’t have any education what do they think that they can SUCK HOOD forever I never heard about a retirement plan for COCKY WAXING.

  71. LOL!!!!! @CHECKMATE 11:29 am – You are so right that is said, the most important thing to those type of females is designer wear, hype, party they wake up and breathe that all day long… They resume long and it is not a good resume… Sometimes I wonder if they life sad or nah… But didn’t know they were using people document to work, didn’t they need a resume fi work, work history how they manage work in the first place… One thing I can give to them is that they work but at the same time the life said like…

  72. @ anonymous 3:10 them bitches are irrelevant they have a job because there pussy isn’t ass good as they say it is if the man dem a pay Why do dem clean shit for a living ? And why do they live in the projects dem fi move dem clot.

  73. How the nasty two dem a say Trini is on welfare and her daughter is her niece bitches please true unno don’t know nothing about the girl unno a mek up things and chat I personally seen shelly at the dat moi a buy her fish with food stamps so bitch stfu and worry about yourself and for the record Trini is well sort out stress free she name no man problem no money problem. And unno a say this and that about the girl and look how much jamaican people the girl help and put up unno need fi shut up and try help your own a people f**g crab in a barrel. Nuff people Trini help.

  74. @CHECKMATE 1:03 PM I like you come talk de tings my girl… I always summaize something wasn’t right with dem girls… The show that they put on most take a lot to put together and the look that they want everyone to see, the look that they betray like they sh*t don’t stink… Sometimes I wonder what those types of girl dem tink bout everyday they wake up, who man de can screw on the down low or which man going to gi dem a likkle change or wah… For the twins to have a store in Jamaica which I assume should be doing well right but to have someone baggage in their closet they don’t want no one to see… Well at the Day party they proved it, they don’t fight at all, they just model pon people and show off dem curves and that’s it… What I can gi to dem that they body is nice but for Milkshake she looks like she got her body done because it is just way too much done that it is noticeable… But tell me this as everything calm down no more threats from the pussy ave, everything back to normally????

  75. Everyone is who can find a way to beat the system and work at the same time then hey go for it, sh*t the Mexicans do it everyday up inna LA so why not everyone else get a part of the pie… Sometimes as woman to take care of our families we have to find the best way how to do just that with or without a man… But the twins and milkshake I never thought they were all that and a bag of chips, just thought that they were in the in crowd like they use to have in high school that’s all dancehall is a lot of in crowd children all trying to fight for that spot like and everyone went and gi themselves a name and a group name and then it made dem the people to look at every club night… Some people do inspire to be like them like Magen and someone don’t inspire to be like dem… It is something to do at the moment but we all fall once or another in our lifetime so badmind people don’t prosper always.. Right now they look good but we don’t know what is truly going on inna dem life with people like that they unhappiness they always want to make others unhappy…

  76. What do unno call look good Shonia Chuck and Shellian Chuck without makeup look like to Squirrels and before dem get likkle breast implants ,tummy tuck and butt work dem did flat like pancake. milkshake without that wig omg I didn’t know people could cornrow scalp oh jeezus the gyal head mash up and she favor dem old lady from back in the day when she get up off the ground when trini knocked her out she did look wayyyyyyyyyyyy different from how she potrays herself to look with dem wig deh ,and I don’t know why Megan thinks she is pretty she favor one of dem lizards deh with her force ripe done out f**y f**y self bitch not even know who her babyfather is smh.

  77. Checkmate how u move suh :2thumbup…I’m DWL mi can’t botha!! Mi thought they crew bad bad did u see the venue the party ah guh :ultah looks like top top to mi look like money long u see it?

  78. Checkmate you are so funny but you call it the way you see it… Milkshake you can see she wears a lot of lace front I thought that what it was, don’t the lace fronts suppose to be glued down to the hairline or something, I do not know exactly since I do not wear lace fronts but for the girl wig to drop off at the time of battle, that is so shame… Then to find out the woman is bald underneath it all that’s crazy poor thang, I have at least a ounce of sympathy for her though… She thought she was going to be victorious because her so call friends were around and she just knew they were going to jump in and help and come to find out her friends are true cowards, I would never go no where with those girls if my life depends on it… Now for Magen the girl is truly not cute she had a two pictures that the makeup was nice and it helped her out a little… But Kress Dwag is claiming the boy so she knows whose her baby father he claiming him to be yes right… She just need to sit one side and leave the hype alone, that hype look don’t fit her at all…

  79. @anonymous 9:52 kressdawg is only claiming that baby because he is looking a hype and want to add to his collection he even knows that bitch Megan is a whore he talks it all the while. Milkshake wears lace fronts because she has nothing to hold on to she Is a bald old granny. @ anonymous 7:29 I know you are smarter than that can’t you see that the African boy a use them as front page because him keep to much party them to f**y gyal a hype for no apparent reason them don’t have shit.

  80. @CHECKMATE 11:37 AM – I get what your saying because I noticed when he didn’t even put her flyer pon him page but he has his best friend baby mother flyer front and center on his page… He didn’t promote his girlfriend/baby mother party at all so that says a lot, why are they now again claiming each other I would assume and he acts like his not really with her… Shady

  81. Trini lock dung di twin dem pawty bfore it even stawt! Trini, y u so wicked an yuh knows did African involved? Hope yuh know yuh CANNOT kip nuh mo pawty bo yah

  82. @12:34 DWL all now its trini fault? Mi can’t botha DWL twin dem post long post bout celebrity getting killed fault same place or area twin dem pool party held so they can’t do it cus police say no :hn…so anonymous that not tru? And tell us the story mi jus hear bout african who dis african man cus mi know one just make sure him not the one dwl

  83. I wasn’t even gonna respond to this idiot gyal anonymous 12:34 but bitch really smh those bitches aren’t important to me y’all hoes apparently need a life/job because unno love live pon me name like unno f**k gyal or something bitch move and go SUCK some AIDS HOOD AND LOW ME. @ MsNochill me don’t even Have time to entertain these hoes because a MONEY me a pree me f**k up one of dem already and anyone else want it can get it me mek video a chat and me wasn’t chatting dem but dem run in so dem get what the duck get without apology as simply as that run up or shut the f**k up bout mash up pool party smh. COME BETTER THAN THAT MANNNNNNNNNNNN.

    1. You and your lackey msnoshit are like German Roaches. When you think dem gone they come back. Your situation stale 😀

  84. Shema you shouldn’t have even gotten involve with those crosses hoes..Your very friendly but being too friendly can lead you into problems. You should have done the pool party by yourself or with respectable people,not those scavengers Shelley and Shonia with no shame tree! You don’t need that low life crowd they bring.

  85. @trini its clear they dont want it cus all now after u plucked their big fren shakey dem nah chat chat all pon social media dem bitches changed the tone all the way up DWL deh sound so humble now not so tuff anymore. Keep doing u boo let them chat to ya back..cus if its not directed its not respected

  86. @ MsNochill dem bitches are illegal frauds dem can’t chat to me dem a idiot me don’t know why dem come trouble who no trouble dem pussy ass bitch dem whoring bitches .


  88. Trini a joke meeda mek seh yuh lock off twin dem pawty…bitch u have no pull an u a criminal yuh damnself suh yuh woulda brite fi call police. But it good fi know yuh stay following the twins moves and posts bitch #ObsessedMuch ? And no matter what, DEM STILL LOOK BETA DAN U AND YUH DAWTA #byebye

  89. Look betta den who let’s all take off wigs and make up and we will see who look betta and you can’t compare me or my daughter with dem because we have natural beauty by the way what does looks have to do with this lol please don’t try to compare a natural body to a overnight fix up so called summer body it was no gym included in that lol girl bye bout follow the twin chihuahuas who bark with no bite non factor bitches. and bitch I don’t want no pull from no police and i dont have no criminal record you flea so try again and please try talk what you know and not what you assume and thanks Meagan bout anonymous u little puppy.

  90. So u and yuh man neva get ketch a thief downtown and get lock up? And that’s just one of many incidents. Dem mus clear yuh record for being a top informa. U really don’t look better than the twins tho an don’t even mention PrettyAssMagen caz da natural body deh a beat yuh bad

  91. Some of you people are really illiterate who in there right mind will steal from downtown where things are so cheap bitch try again never in my life have I ever had to steal anything ,I work hard for everything I have unlike the Chihuahua twins who always a get locked up for stealing under peoples information and wearing there Aliexpress tights and top lol, any how which part of Meagan is pretty? She favor olive oil the black version mixed with lizard bye bitch with that non sense bout pretty.


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