Since hanging up her dancehall shoes in December 2015, Marion Hall has been baptised and is now walking a Christian path.

Some of the best-known anthems from the Jamaica-born star, formerly known as ‘queen of dancehall’, Lady Saw, include Heels On, Man is the Least and Sycamore Tree.

Currently residing in Florida, Hall decided to remain in America’s sunshine state after performing at her first post-baptism concert at Lauderdale Lakes in February of this year.

“When I came here, I was on the run from my own people,” she admits. “After my baptism, I found that a lot of people in Jamaica were persecuting me, criticising me, condemning me for making my decision – talking a lot of mess.

“You’d think people would be praying me up when many were talking against me. I was so paranoid at the time.”

However, after this initial backlash, Hall began to take heart in a higher purpose.

“I realised I didn’t have to please mankind. It was about pleasing God. Mankind can’t blow breath in you. I used to run but now I care zero about what anyone thinks.”

Thankfully though, several of her former reggae peers, have been more supportive.

“Judy Mowatt brought me to her church long before I got saved. Lieutenant Stitchie has always been there. Junior Tucker, Papa San and Chevelle Franklyn have also shown a lot of love.”

THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS: Hall found fame as dancehall queen Lady Saw

Attending church regularly at The Faith Centre led by Bishop Henry Fernandez, Hall is currently spending a lot of time preparing for Bible School.

“I’ve just conquered long division. I didn’t get to finish school when I was younger because we couldn’t afford it. If someone told me that I would be learning these things in the future, then I would have said you are lying!”

Dancehall is, of course, a global commodity and Hall was once sitting at the top of the scene as the formidable, Lady Saw.

As the first female Jamaican deejay to perform as a headliner outside of Jamaica, she was also the first to be certified as a triple platinum artist and win a Grammy award.

While there is also a booming gospel music market, how does the money there compare to what she used to make in the world of dancehall?

“I’m not pulling in millions like I used to,” Hall admits. “But I’m not hungry and I’m so happy. Can I tell you about the peace I have felt since [getting baptised]? Such joy!”

Earlier this year, Hall’s debut gospel album landed, showcasing her spiritual sound. Aptly titled When God Speaks, the 14-track record was released on her Marion Hall Ministry imprint and features a number of respected producers, such as Colin Bulby and Bobby Digital.

The 44 year-old gushes: “It turned out so beautifully and was honestly the quickest album I’ve ever made. Four songs were recorded in the US and 10 in Jamaica. People are loving it but it’s dedicated to God because He gave it all to me.

“I always wanted to do a gospel album but knew I couldn’t do both [secular and gospel]. Once I started on the journey, I made a promise to God that one day, I would give my life to Him and serve Him, if He can just be patient with me and help me to make the living I need to help myself and my family. I’m so grateful to God for holding on to me and not letting go.”

NEW PATH: Marion Hall

According to the St. Mary native, her current spiritual journey has been a long time coming.

“I was going to walk away [from dancehall] but then went to clash another artist [Macka Diamond] at Sting 2013. When I was done, I felt like a speck of dirt – like I had let God down. After that, I didn’t feel His presence when I prayed…not until just before I got baptised after [dancehall singer J Capri’s funeral [in December 2015].”

Hall is no stranger to hardship and has been very transparent about her tribulations, both outside and inside the studio. Part of her ministry will include helping the hungry, homeless and abused young women.

“When I got my calling, the first thing He did was send me to a prostitute. I’ve been to women’s prisons to minister to them. I realise that I didn’t get saved to get saved, but to help others and win souls for Christ.

“Before I got saved, there were so many women approaching me about their own painful experiences and I’d open up about my own testimony. I want to use this to help others – both women and men.”

Reflecting on her own experiences, Hall says: “I’ve gone through so much. Living in the ghetto, abuse from my dad – brutal beatings, tying me with chains. There was a time in my teens when I took pills and asked the Lord to let me die. I ended up vomiting them up. I’ve been raped. But God never took his hand off of me. This is what my single, I Had Jesus is all about.”

As Lady Saw, Hall was famed for her X-rated music and performances. But the former dancehall queen says her sexually laced material was a reclamation of her past traumas, and also a tool of empowerment.

“I used the same sex that I could’ve hated men for and sold it to feed myself and my family,” she says. “But after each performance, I’d be praying for forgiveness.”

Forgiveness is a huge part of redemption and Hall says she chooses “not to dwell” on those who did her wrong in the past – particularly her father.

“He acts like he doesn’t remember the things he did,” she says. “But I forgave him a long time ago.
“He has some good ways too. He used to comb our hair, sew – do a lot of those things as my mum passed away when we were young. He now lives in Ocho Rios at my house.”

Optimistic about her future prospects as a Christian and her new lease of life, an effervescent Hall declares, “I am married to Jesus until he says otherwise!”

Marion Hall’s single Room In My House is out now, available via major digital retail stores

22 thoughts on “LADY SAW

  1. Lord me happy fi you just gwaan hold it and do you thing and if yo ever decide fi hang up yuh church frock dancehall will be here for you!

  2. There were more for her than against her when she changed iver her life in my opinion. But ues you have to do things for you and in her case the greater good, she is at peace.

  3. Big up yuh self lady saw yuh a overcomer happy fi yuh…. Who else here ever took pills and ask God to let them die…. Past out but then vomit them up?

  4. Inspiring! I respect her for her honesty. There is one huge part of the story that she leaves out every time but I guess she is not ready to go there yet. Truly happy for her.

  5. I have! I had alot of emotional problems wondering why I did not know anything about my father growing up,maybe some things were inherited. I never felt any love and my mother was not affectionate I remember plenty times I tried to stab myself and I took Pills..alot of pills and I really did not feel much side effect from doing that,I would sleep long but still wake up!

    1. You are not alone my dear. Stay prayed up, take your meds if have been prescribed any, and have a strong support system. Eat wholesome foods exercise regularly. Sometimes the best family truly are friends. My neighbour’s brother hung himself on Friday and it truly is heartbreaking. God bless you.

  6. We strongly condemn all forms of abuse especially against women n children.Unfortunately not every woman can Draw n call upon reservoirs of strength like Marion.We pray God gives it to them. On some real talk ish Lady saw’s Dad should be paying retribution for the abuse he meted out to her…not inna her house a kock up him Dutty feet!

    I admire ur strength Saw becuz few women could’ve taken such negativity n use it to empower such positivity!

    1. She is a better person for forgiving him. I struggle with forgiveness and I know she is free because she chooses to forgive him and love him. Bwoy it hard cause some people are capable of a special kind of evil. All when theyve done acts that can bring criminal prosecution dem still stay in denial about their past behaviours. I admire her for this and wish I was there in my life.

  7. Love Lady Saw to the max, rate her bad bad. Its good she gave her life to christ, dancehall has done alot for her, as she has did plenty for dancehall. Life is about growth, she can touch n reach many. Many God continue to Bless her on her journey….so proud of her….nuff respect ms hall

  8. SPOON, SPOON I second that, everyone loves marion 100% feels good not one person cussin her, if she backslide a still me saw, look bad her own people mek she tek wey herself, soon find her a FL, ever seen her crying on a show re her past ills, it breaks your heart

  9. Hope others would take a page out of her book and get inspired by her story to change their ways and lead a life to follow Christ.

  10. hi Met good day as I read this I’m so overwhelm and hoping GOD dt take his hands off me and many more people of GOD who still go dancehall like myself I pray for all the lost souls searching for GOD but is scared to let go i bless all those who are fighting to let go I bless Marion Hall aka lady saw and hope one day I may find the courage and strength to let and serve my KING too. Please LORD don’t let go off me just be patient with me and help to grow into the person you desire me to be bless yah’ll peeps

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