0 thoughts on “LALA YUH MISS YUH SHADE?

  1. God pls forgive me……but why Wayne always look like one perverted old man. Him just look mowley. Lala oh Lala. Dwlll

  2. Mi need a barrel fi pack some things fi ship go jamaica and Lala look like she can hold everything wa mi have fi ship

  3. IDK Her but i LOVE her confidence. for the most part she always looks nice to me. she can’t help how her body is shape. at least she nah nip/tuck fi fit in. U GO GIRL.

    1. I AGREE…..not everybody shape good or good looking….thats why she should find her attributes n flaunt it…..looks n shape is NOT it

  4. Blessed ONE well said. Lala carries her self well fi a big girl na diss her, her confident lean apple to di right she can neverrrrrr everrrr straight again lala continue lean dem to di left to left!

    1. I agree Lala always clean and confident.These people have so much talent in so many areas but have no direction. In todays’s world someone like lala would make a great motivational speaker or motivator. Because of the fact that so many people are looking to surgery to make them feel better about themselves and it doesnt last

  5. di bitch big af**k ,,y’all talk bout confident,, the doctor say she need lose weight first before the surgery

    1. Lala guh buy a waist trainer mi dear. And den none a dem gyal yah cyaan chat to yuh. Di belly look well firm but di waist trainer mus mek a likkle dent.

  6. nothing wrong with da girl except she need to lose da weight for her healthdDAT is all me see worsa inna dancehall if she lose 100 lbs by tommorow most ah da dancehall gal them halfto hide them man ijs

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