Renee Sayles

32 minutes ago
And just a reminder lanceisha I will be calling section 8 and let them know ur living ina the ppl dem babymother house and am sure ur not supposed to be there yu think mi a pay tax fi yu live free dancehall mattress.yu fi tell the ppl dem y the trini gyal yi bring yu from Jamaica stop yu yu wont so let me tell the world for u sespool month she coming from work and catch the battyman down stairs a f**k yu hood so she put yu out and a so yu reach a queens….
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Renee Sayles

47 minutes ago
Once again my fb friends and family am sorry for any disrespect but I have to address this once and for all!mr batty man lance want to be fashion who walk and suck gyal pu**y like dog,no have no cloths lance who live ina the 1black blazer weh mi buy fi yu a zera, toilet mouth lance weh no stop gi gyal and man credit card swip fi money and yu still bloodclatt broke,shit up wood lance weh no stop suck wood fi green card and still can’t get none.nigga mi bloodclatt man comfortable and we live nice yu no bloodclatt beg or barrow anybody who know renee and jigga know what time it is.mi bloodclatt man clean let me repeat clean, my man no need fi repeat him pop tags a bloodclatt jigga mek yu know bout brand a bay cheap recycle cloths yu wear,yu forget when yu use to live ina mi house tent free yu use to go ina Jigga closets and a ask why him have so much cloths wed tag.weh yu say yu give him gyal fi f**k thats a good thing yu kno why yu do that.bcuz a bay man dick yu suck and f**k.he’s authorise to f**k bcuz no gyal cah f**k him away from me but the spanish man a harlem f**k u away from the ppl dem baby mother jigga sure London ivey a fi him, can you say the same? mi bloodclatt man nah wear no cut to fit jacket u do.when yu check the facts yu wish yu life was like jigga.mi man no have time fi write on Facebook like yu batty bloodclatt lanceisha and guest what when yu see this come si mi and yu kno mi talk FACTS.SOHYPE SICK.stop pree we,pree yu jacket and yu green card.
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Roxanne Williams Do not let anyone draw you out do u and take care of your family even though sometimes just block or delete them
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Renee Sayles A true hun but something some scavenger no know dem self.dem walk and tell lie fi look a hype and dem kno what time it is.yu kno mi from school days and yu kno I don’t play.
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Roxanne Williams I definitely understand that Hun misery loves company and your happy their just jealous just ignore
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Lance Fashan Di Pepper
48 minutes ago
Renee Sayles vex bcause she was trying to Fuk Lance Fashion an I decided that I won’t do it bcause ur my Frend woman so now it hurt u that i find out Jigga Lo a fish an stop link wid him lol. Nasty Renee who told me she let Jigga had sex with her on her period lol. Renee mi nuh trouble ppl but stop put mi name inna yuh status dem, yuh likke batty man an suck pu**y tlk dem stale now man. Tell di ppl dem how yuh pregnant an cheat pan Jigga wid di belly an Lance was ur besty who u confessed it to.
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Lilly Divine
wow lol

Lance Fashan Di Pepper
22 minutes ago
Lance Fashion reporting once again lol Fb Renee Sayles an Jigga Lo have mi name inna status all bcause I found out the man she is fukkin is also taking fuk rite? An I find out the girl he is sucking is also sucking another man rite? But I kept it a secrete until this nasty girl now tell me str888 up she know her man Jigga is a batty man an she dnt care, just like he told me he feels like the child is not his but he is just playing kool, an bcause Lance fashion was the one who give him gyal she vex, Renee I have respect for females bcause I have a mother an sisters an a daughter an if i didn’t I wld let Fb see ur little nasty pics u b sending me wen r man sleeping bcause it cldnt turn me on an I see y he wasn’t having sex with u
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Lilly Divine
omg Lance you knw im in england so its the morning yea this is too much to deal with right now dwl dwl
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Lance Fashan Di Pepper
Tell them dnt trouble me den
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Lilly Divine
ok lol
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Tasheena Love
Lance this is not u and I know u since primary school….don’t stoop to there level hun
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Lance Fashan Di Pepper
Lance Fashan Di Pepper

As mi seh tell dem to leave me alone den
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Tasheena Love
Mi nuh know if I did I wud hun….just pray for them…..cause u see when god a shower him blessing pan u a that them nuh like
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Lance Fashan Di Pepper
5 minutes ago ·
So Renee Sayles is mad now bcause everyone find out that her man/woman Jigga so hype is gay rite bcause he was in a big fite the other day fiting with a man over a man rite lol. An to all dancehall ppl who dnt know who is Renee Sayles she is one of the biggest pink wall fan who send in ppl pics to pink wall an comment under all da posts. She sent in ppl pics including Sashauty Shorty Spender bcause she think her man wanted mi Likkle short Frend lol. She was the one who call police pan shorty dance in Lorna’s an let them turn off do girl dance an bcause Lance told her mi nuh rate dat she didn’t like me no more. Oh an Jigga Lo we heard y u had to run away from Jersey an come live in qns, the same reason y u sleep in adult pampers nigga an telling ppl u have a bladder prblm.
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  1. :ngakak You FEMALES need to know NOT to start war wid these gay dudes! They will chew yu and spit yu right out! lololollllllllllllllllllll

    Me nah war wid nu batty man whey know me business cause dem will ‘bedazzle’ up it rass….dwln!

    1. hayyyy talk di tings dem :tkp
      di man say di girl tink har man want him mi seh from mi bawnnnnnnnnnn

      1. Me believe de dude cause him nu exclude himself from de lashing…lol. A de Spanish man thing have me at 100% convince…lol A de Jersey part me want fi hear….oh LANCE! put on yu blaza honey child and come labrish yah so…lol

    2. bedazzle it up_________________________________________________________________________________________

  2. den suh wait deh likkle a di same section 8 apartment renee an di battyman did a kotch pon wid lance? unnuh wake up an cum talk oooooooooo

  3. Morning met mi nuh have no ratings fi wicked ppl who mek immigration chat. No lie mi hear from ppl a NJ say jigga a real fruit. Renee u good eeh a send yuh men friend naked picture lance run the picture demmmm. Suh Renee u really have this short undercover babydad of yours a beat u up a farrin????? Wah happen to 911 it nah dial pon ur phone???? I guess this is the price you females pay for supporting these worthless boys financially. Mek the bwoy guh wuk or use him batty mine yuh

  4. Disgraceful….. young bwoy all a sleep inna adult pampers, bladder or leaking batty problem. Naaaawsty bunch

  5. Why woman f#¢k battyman? Dem feel like dem aguh convert di menz?
    Good morning Metters and Peepers.

  6. Well it confirm now, all who ah say dem ah nuh battymon, c it deh, fashion ova jigga….gyal kno r man is a fish anna tek it out pon fashion…….d werse ting is fi mek a batty bwoi tek ole’ aaf u biznis; caa wen dem dun wid u, an scroll out all ah u misdemeanor dem, u muss affi tek u foot dem an say…feet doa fail me now (rip Qp)!!!!!!! :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir:

    Morning jmg, met, jmg crew, bloggers, peepers an all, bless up.

    Wata story nice an distasteful!!!!! :lapar

  7. Trust no one, not even a batteyman…Why ppl think seh wen dem have a batteyman bestie dem think seh dem secret safe.I believe every word di faggot seh

  8. lolollllllll….. :hammer This is a Will & Grace special…costarring Karen and Jack…lololllllllllllllllllllllllll

  9. I doe put it pass none a dem fi be batty man. God soon come for him world so nutten don’t phase me anymore. Bunch a wukliss f**kas dem both di man dem an di gyal. Kmt

  10. Good day Met and all a wonder a wich 1 a di gal dem send dis in lol sometimes i wonder bout this generation dem so confuse.

  11. Renee a dutty gal and love mine man fi true, renee love people man and a get upset whenu hear seh u battyman a f**k pon u. A same su shi nu noe a who a first baby father , a su u want live fi young gal . U have ur mother a jamaica a suffer and u up ya a mine battyman. Get di f**k outta here and gu teck care of ur kids.

  12. Correction ppl ,the ppl them never live in lance house ,lance use to live in there house and mi hear sah a the girl put him out ,I read both stories and it seems like jealousy to me.mi know lance from him just come a queens, lance a mix up and love call up ppl name a seem so him walk and tell the wurl sah alesha fantasy get lock up fi theft a old navy and that’s his baby mother what u think about this boy.lance just a call up the ppl them name to look a hype fi him party, from what I know the ppl them help him in many ways.and mi did talk to her about lance and she never listen a yrs mi know jigga from him use to com a queen and Brooklyn a party from him use to deh wed mitzie so a lie lance a tell pon di ppl dem the girl have her big job and dude work fi jetblue. a the same way him call up the white gyal name say she a f**k a bagga man and she tell dj kenny say lance f&[email protected] her ina her ass and him like it when she finger him ina fi him lance must tell the wurl say him s&$# jody empress p#&$ and kiki talk mi can call a bagga name a gyal weh lance s&[email protected] dem pussy and barrow dem money mi reason with the little white gyal and him baby mother and they both confirm that lance f**k them in there ass ,a same way lance call up sam and him first baby mother name but sam never give him no hype.the people them family is well together lance u forget why u move out of alesha section 8 house and go a new jersey,because when fantasy breed a 5 man name did a call pon the baby,so jm come of a the people them name if uno no know facts ,sometimes we Caribbean people are too jumpy has we see something we run with it without facts.

    1. Mi gone sleep but as day light a mawnin mi hollering at Simply fi di gun. Sound di big tiiiing. It is are deh here cause mi know dis post leaking ova to Tuesdayyy right here on JMG. Lance indulges in anal sex??? (whatsapp shock face) Nite ya’ll.

  13. Who are these people? Confused like a mofo. Which one is Lanceisha and which one is wearing the adult diapers? But are they both fags. The female in the middle should get together with both guys and create a threesome porn movie.

  14. Mi seh met mi hear seh lancesha a di one who did wear di adult pampers.word ina di street seh him & him tall friend come a jersey a f**k party weh mayda friend Patrice keep.anyway met if yu no kno who mayda is ,is a little white gyal weh live a jersey but she bisexual and she f**k nuff party man and woman a queens,Brooklyn,and anyway she and jannet fall out and she talk di things dem.back to di f**k party,mi hear seh everybody a f**k and a have fun until lancesha go missed and one a patrice gay friend,mi seh di gyal seh all she hear a big scream when dem run go look a lancesha a ball si di man dick too big fi him.met di gyal seh wen she look blood a run dung lance foot and everybody got scared and mayda, lance,him tall friend and Patrice bring him go a hospital and di fool neva ave no insurance and him did affi use him friend name,met drop died mayda tell jannet say lance tell di doctor say him ave a bladder problem, met mi laugh tell mi cry when Jannet say mayda tell har say di doctor mek him put on a blue diaper and tell him no Anal sex fi 3weeks and him must follow up with his regular primary care doctor..drop died met I was in shock.

  15. Mi just read the piece about Lance… bomboclaat him batty buss up.. mi raasklaat.a woulda if she batty well up yet

  16. Kaboom! Come renee come talk more bout di spanish man,di hood weh him get catch a suck & yu zara blazer.met mi like him new name lanceisha sweet.but met lanceisha a keep pawty name change and pose,mi nah lie mi a go bcuz mi wah si how much undercover fish ago in deh a change and pose.dah pawty wah ago call out all di undercover fish dem.


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