Body parts found scattered across Long Island have been identified as belonging to a Brooklyn mother of four, and a woman is being held in the savage killing, cops said early Thursday.
Leah Cuevas, 42, of Brooklyn, was charged with murdering Chinelle Latoya Thompson Browne, 27.
Browne was reported missing July 5 after arguing with Cuevas, who lives in the same Sumpter St. building.
Browne’s remains were found from July 8 to July 17 in Bay Shore and Hempstead.


  1. Landlord fava Merlene Ottey doh. Is she Jamaican. For some strange reason I believe di lanlord di a look di girl and she refuse har so she plann fi har..

  2. I just can’t imagine how a person can chop up smaddy an scatter body parts…All people like she fi get electrocute likkle by likkle every damn day while she inna prison.

  3. It could be over something very simple being that they were roommate and she kill her…met u right she had to have a special evil fe chop up a human body like sah a animal.

  4. my whole body just went cold
    people evil sah
    look at the nice young girl – gone
    body mutilated like that

  5. oh my dis is sad beyond words…why ppl so hate chopping chicken muchless fi chop up a human.. God me know di end is near but oh lawd man!!

    1. u know I saw the pic in the paper and se mi have this person on my fb and she is fi true…she was active on facebook till she mia omg

  6. that bitch needs to get tortured cut her fingers off 1 by 1 a thump on monday a pinky on tuesday aww man she wicked … RIP Chinelle so sad she left behind her 4 children’s

  7. Looking on her FB page I realize that she lost her dad in June..n she was saying she lost her mom 6 yrs ago and she has to go thru this again..Boy now look what has happened to her..Lord have mercy

  8. Oh my gosh cut up di woman n then throw har away piece by piece den where is this monster’s heart n mi sure the woman must tell har she have 4 children OMG this is terrible

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