Met memorial weekend a Florida tear up and no good again. This was the couple of the weekend they were every where together and did not care who saw them. Moya left the baby father in la to babysit and be her butler when she get home. She blind the man him see and cant do anything about it.

15 thoughts on “LA’S HOTTEST COUPLE

  1. Bloodcllllaaarrttt!!Moya a di finest lady ever come pon pinkwall!!!She may not be Royalty like Princess Apple but she can definetly Get IT!!!Forward@realjohncrowbelly…boss see di finest food ya inna pinkwall histrie!! :mewek :recsel :pertamax

  2. Clothes out and bad now with her Butch ways. Poor Jubba wasted too much of his life with you and he knew longtime you were a boy! Dutty Miya b will f**k anything

  3. Moya u look like a f**king man what the f**k U are doing to yourself Moya you need to stop doing surgery before you bust and clean up your act for your kids all you do is f**k f**k f**k and leave that poor man at home with those kids not going to lie for a young girl u f**k to much you act like dick a run way and u have to get it before it run out cockey can’t done my friend Unuh look like two man that’s happy for each other attention U guys need lots of help poor thing

  4. The baby father knows she is out there doing her thing but he doesn’t care because he can’t stop her. He has other women that he’s been seeing as well and that’s a fact but he doesn’t throw it in her face. He’s a very private guy. He’s just giving her a rope to hang herself. He knows she’s a hoe but he still going to be there for his daughter.

  5. This bitch a full stud now but Jubba must be turning in his grave. She need to go take care of her kids bout stud get a job and stop begging for weed and money bitch.

  6. Clothes move on from Archie now to moya! Mi know Jubba must a turn in him grave! Clothes and her mumma poison Jubba S.I.P JUBBA YU A GOOD PERSON! Sorry you get caught up with this man royal gal!! CLOTHES YOU A WALK AND RUN PUSSY WHILE YU DAUGHTER A F**K DOWN LA!! It’s not a surprise anyway because your mumma self you to JUBBA from you around ten. I wonder if you know these big man f**king your daughter!!

  7. what in the trump tranation is going on :shutup: :jrb: clothes? nahhhhhhh that is a look alike so joke ova :matabelo

  8. A long time clothes a stud. She glad jubba dead so she don’t have to take no more hood, she giving hood now. Lol!! Then clothes have money for moya to go there?? I don’t believe it. Boi clothes it look like the things dem did a talk bout you for years is true. I almost did not reconize you. I thaught you were the stud from love and hip hop new york. Live your best life as you all call it.

  9. Those grown men who respect Jubba need to leave his daughter alone. You dirty pervert men need to have some moral and leave the young girls alone. A longtime Clothes a Lesbian smh

  10. Kmft you guys acting like Moya want her baby father if she can call him her surgar daddy pon her page right there she was telling the world she dont want the man for nothing but his money. I loose all respect for Moya the way she was carrying on with her man at memorial weekend and did not care who saw her or not for a hal dat live with her man smdh.

  11. I saw that picture but didn’t see clearly that it was Clothes OMG she looked better when she dressed up and with her makeup. But her partner crime I heard now went back to dick and messing with Moya stepson. It’s crazy how Moya and Clothese became such big friends, Clothes must be eaten it right and now that she can be herself she’s not worried about her kids, now these men who is having sex with Jubba young daughter they are wrong they never respected him living even though he took care of those same good for nothing that used to follow him. But these young girls to damn fass ! And for Moya her man cheating too but on the low and I know for a fact with one, so he cares zero but at the same time out in people like the jerk fest he was right behind her boarding the bus so even though his cheating too he still behind her like a wet puppy dog so the obeah strong her mother work on him every night the ribbon won’t get cut has long as her mother have him tied up lol

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