10 thoughts on “LAWD WOIE MY BELLY LOL

  1. She nuh fraid sey bungee worm find resident inna har hole, my girl u stomach strong.. You new name is LATRINE

  2. Asheeka did ah defend Amber like crazy weh day when him d**k sucking pic dem reach fi wall….oh Asheeka….look how him find ah next likkle girl hungrier Dan you now..

    Asheeka nah go nuh weh still….if him sh*T up cocky nuh run har weh…what will?

  3. Nasty shanique need fi mek up her mind. She used to fuk a ductor boy a waterhouse, f**k him family too, then lef say she a f**k gal straight.. Now she gone back to man…. Da likkle gal ya do anything fi a change

  4. Asheeka a say she ago carry him secrets to the grave, what secrets I don’t know, cause di whole world but her know the boy a tek buddy.

    I feel bad for all the worthless no ambition, gal way love hitch up a party every night and skin out in a camera Jamaican nasty gals, that reduce to sleeping with batty boy in order to eat and wear clothes.

    The Jamaica that I remember if someone start a rumor that a guy a batty man, five six man a beat out him cloth and run from the neighborhood. Now gal a den with them and a breed, yow this world gone mad.

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