Met how u address LeanClean mistress & no mention roundhead daughter whe nasty suki Nuh stop bring to ar nasty man??? More Dan one occasion mi see dem out but da likle gal ya discrete cause mi barely see she out a party but met it look like Gregg a mine all a dem to me


  1. She on Twitter as @Rebirthofrjae, bere nastiness she talk bout all a tell story bout how she did a suck a yute teely and when she look pon it good the teely full a cheese bad. Me never know say she a roundhead daughter she need fi gwaan better.

  2. Ginnal Weasley ‏@RebirthOfRjae 17m17 minutes ago
    @Kareembigdreams can u ask you r friends at pinkwall to take me down? I not rich, I not a socialite,
    A waddis

  3. Is this the big story that was dropping Monday morning?????

    Sender aka Simone…come with something jaw dropping.

  4. When Beenie did a sing bout gal inna bungle, him never did a see dem breed a woman yah!

    Look here dem UPT man and woman full a suh much side piece it nuh funny. If you fi put man like Greg and Money Mike and di whole a dem and dem mistress up wi woulda deh ya fi d whole week!

    @Likkle girl, di nastiness pon twitter need fi stop! And Kareembigdreams is no one fi talk to we + him have him own drama (see today’s post bout him as reference)!

  5. From u on ig an inna ppl life a put out u life like u big shot u will end up on pinkwall wah u fraid a, sah ppl agoh talk up d truth dem bout u

  6. An Evening With Greg Christian

    Greg is a man that’s known to party a lot especially on his boat. When he wants to see you he usually calls or texts you to say he’s going out on the boat and he wants you to come. I have another friend that I usually go with and he would tell me to bring her or tell her to bring me. If you are close by he will pick you up, or you will have to drive and meet him there or take a taxi. He He has a few different spots where he docks the boat but I wont say where. After getting on the boat we change into our swimsuits and get ready to go to Maiden Cay. Music is on and the partying begins as we set sail. We hug and kiss Greg and thank him for inviting us to be with him. Usually there are at least two sets of girls, one clique here and another clique other there. Greg divides his time between all groups. Reaching Maiden Cay, food is set up, the alcohol is brought out and the real partying begins. Sometimes Greg has some friends/family with him, a few times it’s just him alone and the boat guys. And the lots of girls of course. Sometimes I think he fancies himself as a rock star.

    Anyways we are all on the boat drinking and partying and as it gets closer to night the heavy action starts. Girls start kissing up together and taking their tops off. The guys watch, sometimes they get involved. If Greg feels like he will bring down a few to the bed and the action continues there. Sex, wine up, party, orgy. It’s all happening all at once. When we reach back on land sometimes we go to a party, or stop by one of Greg’s apartment and whoever he wants he brings into the bedroom, Sakina is always leading the charge, other stay in another room. When you are ready if you don’t drive he has a few taxi men he works with that take you home. As soon as he wakes up the next morning (or afternoon) he is ready to do it all over again.

  7. Met that comment need a story for itself. lol..
    Years, Greg has been doing this. long time before him married Lean Clean. I doubt he’s going to change now.

  8. I was on her twitter last year when di story buss and a never so di story go first comment unuh love add on too much
    I took her off my twitter cause she too raw and outspoken but she cool otherwise an she is a great mom to her child
    Sometimes unuh too much ovah yaso

    1. Yes we know how the story go she go put a cheesy buddy inna her mouth and taste the cheese, she say when she ask the dude is how so much cheese deh pon him buddy the yute say is a sickness him have and he has to use baby oil to break down the cheese when it cake up.

  9. Janice I believe you cuz that girl has the sucker look unlike Dolly who has is a blower. Dry ice dolly big up urself straight.

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