1. Big up to mi married fren Bodi(fashionguru) whe live wid him wife and Big up to him 4 baby madda dem. Wi ah wait pon yuh video.

  2. No care what Lena does she somehow just misses the sex-factor that she is seeking. No criticism, just an observation

  3. tastefully done a hope she nuh trouble ntn more pon the body nd yuh see she mek sure tell tell dem dont just add the batty but hice it up a bit

  4. its a f….kin disgrace why the hell fowl foot dem loon so he is not broke why him do the foot them, disgrace even wash an cream dem, ashes pompy to rass fi a man who used to run the ting

  5. REAL, nutten no do the woman slippaz, how u know she naw go beach plus it matches her attire, kip up to much fckery, the wicked higglers used to sell us wuss than that an buy house out of us for a dem alone farrin did mek fah

  6. Lena nuh look dusty at all. But agree seh Fowl foot dem need coconut oil and socks fi 40 days and 40 nights :ngakak Dem deh foot deh fava him ah walk pon hot ashes :ngakak Mr. Fowl please tuh do betta.

  7. A true! dem thiefing downtown higglers used to gwaan pon ppl back then when I was a youngen like farrin did belong to dem alone f*ka dem balloon buss when whole heap a ppl start travel & shop fi themself

  8. Are you all forgetting this is stinking pussy informa Lena, this badmind, grudgeful, dead womb gal fi stop sen it pictures to Met fi rate up her insecure stinking weed & liquor breth (mouth) from Likkle Miss tell her sey all her parts them stink. Her friend enemy feel sorry fi har & carry her to Dominica Republic to fix her up. Look how many man Lena f**k & suck out Kim west & Angel pussy since the yute in Canada dead. Lena pussy salt she have the death sentence pussy. Dirty, nasty mix up gal.

    Fowl forgive after she f**k him good good friend from prison .

  9. Mavado better stop the salt gal coming up deh, salt up the man career & him good relationship with his wife. She better nuh set up her stinking pussy friend pon mi artist fi mash up him good life.

  10. Do kim west and the rest still par wid Lena she never stand up with them in dance. Lena is a drunk and she don’t have any manners or behaviour. She love talk shit and i feel seh is she send in her own stories cause that’s something Lena aka Yvonne Reid would do. Lena yuh ting Lilly. The Reid dem pussy have crasses. Lena you need to stay in Jamaica. I feel sorry for you because you lost your partner Rip but your a witch. I see it pon yuh

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