0 thoughts on “LENA TOO SLIM?

  1. Sendh ain’t nuttn rang wid di lady, she looks good. A bet if she did hab on 5-10 mo pounds u wouldah still hab a prob.. Now sendah wah is di real prob here, bettah u dus come out and say it.

  2. Mi can see sey somebody out fi Lena! Unuh Badmind Bloodclaat jankro!!! Friend di girl pan har instagram then tek off her picture dem and a try scandal har!! Unuh fi know sey unuh IP address get registered pan a site yah and if she want sue fi defamation, it haffi hand over! Bitch go find wuk do and leave Lena alone! You good fi nutten, jealous, ugly fat stinkin punny bitch whe a hide and scandal di good good ooman! Yuh gwine mek Lena kill you! Wait…just wait she drop more flex pan unuh. Badmind Bicthes!!

    1. U serious? You know wah defamation mean?..lol.. Easy pon di Matlock reruns, u a one a dem wah love watch di marathons pon di weekends don’t..lol

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