hey fambily ( in a mi best Oliver voice ). ms.met it amazes me how some gal tun saint once trouble reach dem and dem fambily but neva stop fe think bout the troubles weh reach other peoples and fi dem fambily when them cause it. met mi seh what a way tamara hoodaz a dash out quote afta quote pan har Facebook page fe try save face. tamara!!! u eva stop fe think bout all the shit u and u wicked crinimal friends dem do people and laugh and joke bout it and neva have a care in the world. u memba who much times u walk up and dung in a dancehall and shade pon people wey u and u nasty dutty stinkin crew don’t like all sake a jealousy badmine and envy and grudgings? u memba the countless amount a time when u walk up and down in a the dancehall and torment people and neva give 2 gay man ass bout what u were doing and how it mek people feel? well guess what heathen…u eva hear the phrase “what goes around comes around”? a your time now. my girl u need fe change u name to tamara bacalao hoodaz cause u life salt like salt fish. unu dey up in a club day and nite nite and day a kip up one piece a shenanigans and neva know sey Feds a pree unu activities? and to all a how u a galang in a club and a brag bout who much belly u swallow and dash weh ( memba u and dainty simone argument )..mi nayly drop a grung fe find out sey u is a mother?????????????????????? u really is a mother??????? that little boy only see u face when u a come home from club every morning and he have to get up for and prepare for school. u have no shame or proper upbringing morals or values. tamara u need to have a serious one on one with The Lord and ask him to forgive u for all your evilous ways u still have because you may can fool some people some of the times…but at the end of the day you can’t and will never be able to fool God.


  1. Sender Tamara has nothing to do wid the bronx murder the only affiliation she has pertaining to the bronx murder case is her friend stush rebel and sender tamara son do not live with her he lives in jamaica with tamara mom and tamara please to tell bunny we know he’s back in georgia but he needs to easy himself and don’t get caught up in unncessary bullshit fi get dip again.

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