SOME women will go to any lengths necessary to protect their interests in the men they love. These include protecting him when he does wrong, even legal wrongs; making other women know in no uncertain terms to whom he belongs; and even harming others in the desire to keep him at home.
Just watch any episode of Oxygen’s Snapped and you’ll be bombarded with stories of women, intelligent, smart, moms and wives who risked all for their men. It’s not a topic that’s discussed often, but according to Counsellor David Anderson, “Women have an innate desire to nest, and like a mother hen, she will protect what she considers hers. So a woman who seemingly should know better will lie to the police about her husband who’s a gunman; even wash his bloody clothes. The intelligent professional will fight another woman for her man β€” once she feels her relationship is threatened, the urge to fight kicks in,” he said.
How far would a woman go to protect her interest in her man? All Woman asked a few, and this is what they said:
Georgette H, married 11 years:
I would do just about anything it takes to protect him β€” including harming any other woman who feels she wants to take him away from me. When I just got married I had to beat and threaten a lot of women. It’s plenty times we go to bed hungry together, so I would not let anything happen to him now.
Colleen B, married seven years:
I would lie for him and do just about anything else, except kill anyone or go to prison. I wouldn’t go that far.
Annette B, in a relationship two years:
I would lie if it’s not putting me in any trouble. But I wouldn’t kill for him, because when I kill for him I would go to prison and he would be free to get involved with other women. So that would not benefit me. And if it’s a case where he rapes and kills and I know, that would be too big of a lie for me to tell for him. If he does the crime he has to do the time.
Helen W, in a relationship four years:
I would lie for him, but not if it involves lying about him raping someone. No way I would do that!
Karen B, in a relationship five years:
Nobody will come kill me over him! That me sure of!
Hyacinth R, married nine years:
Look at it like this, I would not be a Hillary Clinton. And though the marriage vows say better or worse, worse doesn’t mean putting up with other women or him breaking the law for his own selfish reasons. No man is worth that, husband or not. You think if I do something to break the law he would protect me? No. He would be glad to send me guh prison so him can get weh mi work so hard for and have him bag a woman dem!
Natalia B, married one year:
I would probably do something bad to a woman who tried to get close to him now. Maybe I wouldn’t get personally involved, but I would pay to ‘guzzu’ her. I’d even pay to tie him to me.

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