Dear Met,

In light of the harsh socio-economic conditions facing many females, they’ve chosen to sell happiness to get by.i wish to use your forum to tell a cautionary tale that this is not a profession u just get up and do road just so!There are things you do and just don’t cuz it is a matter of life and death.

I was informed that Rose aka Goldie who sold her wares off Seymour ave St.Andrew was killed last week‎ Thursday. My source alleges that the Tuesday one of Rose’s reg customer(a uptown Lawyer) was turning unto Rose’s hangout roadspot.She jumped in the Road and fan down the SUV emphatically while jumping for joy screaming “Mi Boss come”.The SUV came to a sudden halt n Rose rushed over to the passenger side n pulled the door handle.

The fact that the SUV was tinted Rose never realize it wasn’t Mr.Lawyer driving..,yes he was in the front but it was His WIFE driving!He argued with his wife to drive but she came out n started questioning Rose bout how long she know Bossy.Boss come out and a try pacify but Rose tun fool and mussi sey wha she nuffi sey‎!Wifey splurt for the SUV and tek off lef Hubby and Rose. Met by Thursday Morning them find Rose’s dead body with a bullet to her left eye.

The Sad thing is search the papers and u won’t even find a mention of Rose cuz after all she was nothing but a $J200 Crack ore right smh??Saturday my source claimed she reported what she know to 311.Yesterday I was busy helping her to get in the witness protection programme but it is proving an exercise in futility cuz our system is so messed up,them nuh want give a homeless Crack ore a fresh start. I wonder if it has to do with the topanaris Lawyer or them simply don’t believe her cuz of who she is.

Met I believe her,i swear I do but how can we get justice for Rose in such a corrupt system as ours?I don’t know what to do,i feel like giving up,maybe I seek audience with the commissioner but I feel sooo helpless and hopeless.‎Women who sell happiness plz take note.

21 thoughts on “LIFE AND DEATH WARNING

  1. I agree. No justice will be served here. Sad but true. Sorry that her life was taken for whichever reason.

  2. Me virtual friend…is there anything to the story where Met can run an expose, where this happened by the way? Plus, I want to know if they were just driving by the spot.

    1. Hello sweetheart!! I will discuss with Met.The legal implications of exposing them is the issue.Remember the police is aware and has opted not to even as much as question the couple.The republic of Trinidad embassy is off that road they sell happiness.

      Go there Rt now you see one or two and they will tell you and confirm the full details dear.

      1. Writer, see someone @12:38 a say dem know her in passing. Was she a senior fi true? ‘Cause if a so then wife nor husband had zero to fear. Those ole heads nah even tell pon Jesus and him deeds.

      2. bredda a wen u ago stop mek up dem elaborate stories yah? yuh too rass lie man, an a bare movie shit too inuh, bout man a bring him wife to whore weh him a buy pussy from, yah mad man? and the “lawyers wife” so unintelligent so she a ask a street worker where she knows her husband from, like really, an di dunce dem on this site jus swallow it up like met’s dick, with no regards to investigation whatsoever

        1. Dem a swallow and u a digest it and now your digestive track overfull so u one step away from dropping dead dont? Drop dead for us

        2. You are beyond dunce so Jamal nor hook on phonics can’t save u.Where u get the man carry him wife go to ore from in the story?the road is a main road ask someone with sense for the directions given here.You will be able to ask one of these ladies any questions re this story. Use the time u come up for air from Unda them crotches/anus to ask the pertinent questions.Go star ur own movie and lef mine!

  3. It sad – a life is gone. The man fi hang dead if a really soh it goh.

    Always saw that old lady when driving on old hope road. Was a disgusting sight – BUT, she in a better place now.

    She like many women weh sell prepaid or postpaid pumpum, , had choices if onnu know the story.

    Har family try tek her off road multiple times. Some of them a foreigners from what I know.

    In her line of work she spreads disease and death, and what goes around comes around.

    Lesson is STAPH sell pumpum and goh look wuk.

    1. You are making alot of sense anon but who is gonna employ them?Some weeks ago Met posted one of their ringleader appealing to the Prime Minister that she can do filing among other things but nobody nah hire them!

      Would you hire any of them?Many of them are victims of circumstances and if not for the grace of GOD who knows that couldn’t have been our fate?Like seriously Who you know LOVE or WANT to sell happiness by choice?

  4. Mr writer ano sell some woman want sell purposely some been thru shit an no know no betta. So cut dat damn contradiction inna yuh writing bout they chose to… tap eeh noise yuh know how ppl life stay? yuh know what ppl go thru yuh know di reason why some ppl self worth nuh mean much? Yuh deh pan di outside a write… ppl naw stop dead a so life go ppl dead fi next ppl live. An pussy naw stop sell dat a gwan b4 yuh bawn an it ago gwan till god come fi him world. Rip an constant lotion to di crack whore as yuh call har. looooooooooo. Den bout justice fi di crack whore lol…. Youth go back to di papa please Mi see chu yuh writing. Is either yuh come real an dun are no badda.

    1. Gm Latty,how is it a contradiction to say some women choose to sell?Then it stands to reason that you must be saying they have no choice but to sell becuz of what they’ve been thru and are going thru.

      Respectfully we can agree to disagree on this point becuz ALL of us (yes u too),know of ppl facing tough times,poverty and they never chose to go sell their bodies,carry Drugs nor scam anybody.

      By thier own admission they call themselves Crack ore so no offense.Ali said to call him Ali but a Clay him name.Latty I’m not on the outside,i help them not judge them and they will tell you over 2yrs now.

    2. Oh the fact is this is not based on trying to stop pum tun from sell.All it is saying take precautions if u do so.Any seasoned seller will tell you that u don’t call or approach the John unless he gives you a sign.

      Think of it like when a girl a tek a Married Man there are principles to the runnings right Latty?Yes as u say ppl nah go stop dead,my point is they need not die unnecessarily when it is avoidable.I’m never in the papers dear,the streets are as real as it can get.How can you,will you help get justice for Rose?

    3. Yes is sell some woman want fi sell crotches. No career prostitute can’t tell me circumstance mek dem a sell front fi days, weeks, months and years. The circumstance should have been resolved at some point and time for them to move on in life.

      A homeless,pennyless drug addict,prostitute circumstance is still one made by choice too. At some point when they aren’t under the influence they could chose to change their circumstance. To do drugs is a choice. Homelessness and penniless are true life circumstances…often times they manifest due to choices made by the person’s or others.

      If the author was fibbing Met sources would have discredited him long ago…a few feed backs my man has verified to be factual and his sources range from street sleeper to king makers and nation builders.

      Good Morning Met, Writer and all.

      1. Hi Phantom Phoenix,from Day1,ive admired and respect u for your authenticity/sincerity.In criticism,encouragement and praise you’ve kept it real.Thanks much,walk good and we will drink some soup 1 sweet day.

  5. Me bununus Writer, where are you? Me know a nuff things me and other dedicated readers of your reports missing out on.

    Please submit an article ’cause me downtime habit that I formed from reading this post section missing you :kiss I feel out of synch.

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