SCAMMER ALERT!!’ Mark Her Face and add bout 15 years of wickedness !!!!

This big woman goes by Claudia, Claudette or Simone, a walk round Miami,Fort Lauderdale and Jamaica a tell ppl says she can fix you “credit” and she can sell you Drivers License and TRAVEL documents!!!’ She a LIAR,SCAMMER and ROBBER of the worst Kind!’ She a Thief. Nuh Mek Her BMW liscense plate (Edited) fool you. At first she nice and you and her a big friend!!! She might know little things public knowledge, but is a part of the SCAM.Once she get you money that’s it. She make bout 5 months a promise and can’t deliver!!! She gone with you money!! She a the worst kind cause them rob people thats already in a situation !!!! Nuh make she fix you CREDIT!! NUH Make she sell you Nuh Travel document.. SHE a SCAMMER…..she is a piece a dog shit.. Harlot and a pillar a salt!! Buyers beware!!


  1. No she still a walk and a con and a thief people money she need fi stop it now or smart haffi stop har a years she a do this fah 6 o’clock can’t come soon enough

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