CVM News: Roadblocks in South Eastern St. Ann
Roadblocks in Golden Grove, St. Ann. Residents protest over poor road conditions.
Resident 1: China Harbour deh right round desuh, not very far from here, big highway, nuh pothole nuh inna it suh why we cant get di same?
Resident 2: Is just one person we want to see roun’ here and it’s the minister of works or transport, we don’t want to see no MP cause she (Lisa Hanna) not gonna come.


4 thoughts on “LISA IT LOOK BAD AGEN

  1. What’s new in that part of town? The school yard Neva pave so is what dem expect…dem should a did vote correctly when the opportunity was perfect.

  2. Same ting I been saying, big highway build, land giweh to outsiders while nuff communities in JA a river crossing and bruck weh road ppl haffi a use. If a sickness or fire di ppl dem on dem own.

    Lisa, please teck time out from your IG postings and guh deal wid your constituency. We’ve seen all your dresses and enamel mugs, now go deal wid di ppl dem wah making it all possible.

  3. They need to stop it because they voted for Lisa!!! Talking BS now bout she not gonna come. And Lisa didn’t win by a small margin either it was a landslide if i remember correctly. She did try to play damage control by addressing the issue on IG

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