71 thoughts on “LIZARD FAMILY FI DEAD?

  1. Met is there something in place for the “allegedly deceased” family/estate? Because rightfully Shawty no fi be the only one poppin and him need to pay restitution to the country. How that go?
    Mawning and mannazz as usual

  2. Well a true Rush a talk as it relates to badmind. Me memba when every memba a tok did buy black cars and a run road then a few years after all a dem buy bummer and Benz.

    Dem get dem run and dem fi build. The problem with tok is that Dem still a mek songs wid d same lyrics and style from 1990’s and early 2000’s . U can’t do dat unless is reggae not dancehall.

    Flex leave tok and think it woulda be easy fi buss but he was never a lead singer in the group and never had to do it on his own so now him figure out seh it rough.

    Mi agree wid the title. Ppl always a pick up fi kartel but fail fi memba seh is him out himself in prison over stupidity.

  3. Senda :thanks2 my sentiments exactly. It seems like Lizard’s life didn’t have any value. WHOLE HEAP AH ARTIST WANT TO SAY WHAT FLEXX SAID BUT FRAID!!! CAWS DEM KNOW KARTEL STILL HAVE KILLERS PON DE STREET.

    ZJ Why Rush, Shawty nuh STILL deh ah road fe feed de pickney dem? Some of unnu selectors, artists, and followers will SELL UNNU OWN SOUL just fe get a hype/nyam ah food. My grandma used to say “if yu nuh stand fe sumin, yu will fall fe any ting.” Flexx STAND UP FOR SOMETHING and unnu want to kill him fe dat?

    Tell yu bout de mind set of these critters who have NO reasoning ability.

  4. Just want to be seen Kartel is a local DJ …turn killa .. Nutten special a Jamaican one a hype ova him … Right now a dem a inflate him head … As much as mi Nuh listen to Alkaline him and popxaan Bigga Dan Di criminal right now … A release one bag a song everyday and now Wah pay Di yute family… Him and him follower dem a pluck chicken

  5. Met good morning..shorty delete her IG wonder why? Lol .kartel delete the picture of him,shorty & the kids dwfl & write up on his IG gwarn go live like a Hoe bitch you dead to me if I laugh I Shit up mi self.kartel just man up shorty a scam your fans & acting like it’s not she & F**k hard pon you Kartel ,shorty say she no need Kartel she a star

  6. Its a scape goat dem looking for to detract from the fact that Kartel is a serial murderer, took part in a gang rape, beat up plenty members of his crew, stole money and equipment from them, tattoed satan pon him body, is a rumoured battyman, is a pedophile (Lisa Hyper), is a deadbeat dad….and all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. Mi glad the day mi put down Kartel music because absorbing that filth is like allowing evil inna yuh life. Good thing the judge ruled that Lizard family must get a percentage of his profits to save them the hassle of launching a civil suit against this wicked demon. Me nuh want Kartel dead nuh time soon because he shall pay till him dead. Before him go repent and tell the family where dem son body is. Wicked wretch.

  7. Kartel get what him deserve.

    Flexx talk wha nuff ppl fraid fi seh but at the sametime flex dont blame the system blame urself.

  8. Flexxx is very bad mind. I believe prisoners should be productive and lizard family should sue kartel for whatever him make or got.Other than that Flexxx is badmind to the core.

  9. Honestly Kartel might do him crime
    But this man stating nothing but FACTS!
    I never see a man kill a next a man and had to give
    That family a rass penny .. Kartel don’t owe lizard family SHIT

    1. You limited in knowledge. civil law a pay victims from book a carve out a stone.go read and get out in the real world. Kartel getting a life sentence is the start of lizard family receiving something…phucka unu

  10. @Marie i say the same thing everyday! I used to be an avid listener too until I wise up. It’s as if an evil presence is nearby when you play his songs. The man is straight evil! On another note, If weird ass Tanto can get airplay, so can Flexx. He just needs to find a hit or a song that resonates with the people. He had his time and when he had his time I do not recall Flexx having an issue with other artiste looking for a buss and couldn’t get none. Where was Flexx when rapist Jah Cure did a dominate airwaves? Oh right…TOK was still a huge thing during that time. I don’t mind Kartel working because that puts food on Lizard’s family table as Marie also said. And i won’t say kartel is only a “local artiste” fair is fair. He has managed to achieve some level of success internationally while behind bars and while he was out and while he couldn’t travel to certain countries too. Life is very unfair because on one hand, I wish his music would stop being played but if it stops, Lizard family wont see a penny from him. He is a glorified criminal. He was featured on news in america recently (a whole section of the news dedicated to Kartlel can u imagine??) and again in Rolling Stone Magazine just last week. Sickening.

    1. I wish Jamaica’s police would be more responsible because if they truly did their job the public would see more of the bodies he had in that phone. Not that it would stop them from glorifying him but dem wud come off jcf back bout phone tampering.

      1. And why on earth would they transfer him to Tower when there is a recording studio and a radio station inside??? That is pointless. Since his transfer he has posted to IG twice so it look like him cannot tame or maybe the cellphone inna him rectum like Tesha Miller.

        1. Yes him posting still like the phone dem wid him same way. If he recording im fi pay restitution. As to the transfer I think the judge approved him recording music

  11. If kartel is a mere man & citizen of jamaica, who is not above the law & he is allowed to do his job(record) behind bars, then every carpenter, dancer, mason, secretary & everybody with a regular job should be allowed to do what they do from behind bars too, so that they all can feed their families too. These friends/followers of Kartel’s really believe he is above the law,& they dont look into themselves & realize that if they themselves were thrown into prison they wouldnt be allowed the privelege to do their jobs to “feed” their families.

    1. There are many prisoners turned carpenters and vice versa whose creations are being sold outta road. There are authors in prison, whose books are being sold a road so get your facts right before posting.

  12. While Adidjah Palmer may or may not have committed the crime and i say may not because i was not there & I truly doubt Kartel himself actually did it with his own hands but He may have sent out the order which makes him Liable. BUTTTTT

    Vybz Kartel doesnt owe Lizard’s family jack shit as Lizard himself was a criminal who I am positive killed people as well! You live by the Gun you die by it ! Simple as that you really cant expect that for every song kartel meka food off he must give a percentage to lizard people dem unu mussi sick inna unu head! that will NEVER happen kartel might be in jail for 35 to life but none of his earnings will go to the deceased estate !

    & Why people mentioning that shorty will mine d kids.. Shorty is a duncebat is who money u think she minding the kids with?? ADIDJAH MONEY! unu a seh popcaan and alkaline bigga dan kartel now which isnt even true they the 3 dancehall artiste weh a run d biz right now and kinda mavado who is the richest of all !

    Mavado worth 7 MILL
    Kartel – 5.5 MILL
    Popcaan – 1 MILL
    Alkaline – 400 thousand – barely!

    is not even the songs that make a artiste rich its how they invest their money! and Kartel is not just an artiste but him is a business man too!
    I dont see what alkaline or popcaan doing with their money and flexx not even google can recognize him every word him utter was PURE friggin badmind!!!! NOBODY STILL NA PLAY YUH SONG DEM FLEXX GO SIDDUNG

    1. kartel don’t worth anything close to that. How much money you think Kartel had to spend on Layers for himself and the others? I can tell you that was not cheap.

      You talk about Kartel businesses but where are they? Condoms (no) Vybz rum (no), club (no) shoes (no)tv show (no). And this is over 4 years. Even a child knows that when u don’t have money quick u lose ur worth quicker. Yes he makes money from itunes and recording songs but even that is limited.

      Popcaan and Alkaline fly pass that estimated worth of theirs longtime.

      1. LOL no they actually have not ! You dont know what kartel have from what he doesnt ! so dont be quick to say whatever you and i both dont know what he made from all his investments plus whatever else he was doing on the side ! T he man is worth just that !!! stop trying to downplay the artiste cuz u dont like him kmt !

    2. Kartel MAY have played a role in Lizard’s death but you are POSITIVE that Lizard has killed before. Talk about being an ass licking dingbat smh… Kartel is a cold-blooded killer.

  13. It is a proven fact that Kartel has many ignorant fans.Remember Corey ToDD came on National tv n sey him nuh fraid of kartel but that Kartel had some sick head fans.These fans will go to Desperate lengths to show their loyalty to the Gaza cult.

    Flexx’s inaDequacies n baDmind issues aside,isn’t it a well known fact it is illegal to record n profit in prison?Jah cure’s recordings were part of a rehabilitation programme runned n monitored by the authorities not so with kartel ting. We can have a civilized discussion on this matter or Gaza fans unno can run een n trace as usual!

    1. Which kartel refused to take part in …. Because he did not want to pay lizard family ….now he should record ??? Well that means the men who used to smuggle drugs should be allowed to continue because their family need to eat too…..popxaan really have Unu fooled .. Right now popxaan worth more than kartel … But mi Nuh wrong him Fi low key … Cause den wi sen man Fi rob him

    2. When mi si di man dem a run behind and gaza dis and that. All I can think is das y so many a dem a batteyman. Kartel let loose that demon pan nuff a dem

  14. Popcaan isnt worth more than Kartel have a seat he is getting there though .. Popcaan only fooling hisself with one bag a waste man roun hima chat pare faat everyday smh I dont see popcaan signing any contracts really .. like he should be doing!

    How can you really use COREY TODD AS EXAMPLE yet another criminal who needs to be in Jail ! COREY TODD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MANY DEATHS ! smfh !

    Kartel did not want to pay lizard family because by right he shouldn’t. i cant wrap this roun my head as to why you guys think Kartel obligated to Lizard family just cuz he killed him .. it really makes no sense ! Justice is being served so whats the problem? Should lizard people dem give all the families of people who lizard kill dem 1 n 2 shilling ? hell no ! There is just no correlation.

    What is Kartel really making from prison if anybody have the prrof and the numbers please share !! Cuz i wanna know how much money Kartel can really mek suh sitting in jail!

    1. U just contradict yourself …I would be happy to see kartel being sentence to farming so he can respect women and life in general .. Planting and reaping and toiling because as u said he is not making anything out of music

  15. Him really fool Unu and him not even have a house … Popxaan all by land and kartel live in a rent house … Him cah even tour wud now him locked up ….. Him a Mek a change Fi comfortable a Jamaica he is a village DJ promoted to a prison DJ a doubt if kartel gave 250000 us … A mus 5.5 million Jmd u a talk

  16. Virtuous you made some valid points but look at it from a different perspective (only the first two paragraph of this apply to you.. The rest is for some of gana fans who are on the same level as Shorty)

    Kartel is the “poorest” dancehall artist at this point. Everyone else is “rich” enough to make their own decisions on when to wake up and sleep, how much time they want to spend with their family, and even whether or not they want to lay on the beach and enjoy their FREEDOM. Being free is one of the “richest” and greatest thing in this world. I wouldn’t trade my freedom for nothing in this world.

    Kartel’s 5.5 Million couldn’t save him from being locked up. Matter of fact with the amount of money people claim Kartel has I was really surprised with the lawyer he choose to represent him. His lawyer’s took a risk and threw away the case. *if you followed his trial, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about* Having millions of dollars or investment does not mean a thing if you can’t enjoy it.

    He was sentenced to 35 years and hard labor. Continuing his occupation as a dancehall artist does not qualify as hard labor. I do not pity Kartel. Every man has a right to decide their own destiny and his was behind bars.

    Flexx’s point of view may stem from bad mind but he has the right to voice his opinion. He may not be as popular as Kartel is, but Flexx has the freedom to even do a simple interview.
    For the remainder of his sentence Kartel probably only has the freedom to control his bowel movements…….

    ( pardon me, Ms.Met, Virtuous, Real, Yardie and the other regular peeps please excuse the statement below)

    If what I stated above angers or upset you in any way that will force you to tell me to suck my mother please go and replace Kartel shit bucket with you mouth.

    1. I get you but the reason money couldn’t save Kartel is because the GOVT of jamaica wanted him behind bars. Is money run the country yes but Kartel is a Narcissist and it woulda wa comin like him wa run the country himself .. He spoke up too much on many things and that is why they dont like him even though he is a Criminal but name me one politician who isnt one … Jamaica is so corrupt its not even funny ! Kartel is behind bars for reasons beyond Lizard’s death trust me!

      1. Every criminal belongs behind bars. I understand what you stating about corruption, I really do, nuff times me get cuss out for bashing politics on here. However Kartel is a criminal and he is exactly where he belongs. Yes it is unfortunate that other criminals are not charged but the man is not innocent.

        What did he speak up on that others haven’t spoken about? P

  17. Lizard family must not get nutten. I am sure Lizard couldn’t even fend fi himself worst his family when around much less. Him was gun man to. Lizard get what him get because of the life he chose and Kartel also getting it because of the life he chose. There is no win/win in this so Lizard family go rass wuk and mind themselves. I’m sure if Lizard was still ‘around’ and ask him family to help they wouldn’t rass help. The typical black family only show love and ‘care’ about each other when you dead. Every day Kartel name a call, clearly he is still the greatest thing ever happen to dancehall.

    1. Kartel is what? :ngakak ..If him a di greatest and can only inspire insipid looking bisexual alkaline well well :hammer

  18. Met you hate Kartel bad don’t it ?? Just wondering why? Him F**k you & duck you?? Easy on the man you dick riding him too hard !! All when Kartel repent & god forgives him of all his sins that you gave him MET will never let it be …same way he has loyal fans that agrees with every fu**y you claim he does we can say the same about you & your groupies them. Find someone else to pick on. No am not a gaza sheep but I love most of his music

    1. Youre lamb then and for a man that is bad. Man nuh fi run behind man that is like being tea bagged and u have balls so u should never want another man’s balls on u thats ill :nohope ..U seh mi a ride him too hard like u waa ride him fi me..u can… :kiss

    2. Unnuh can’t too follow up met. Met and Kartel had some kinda run in personally, which is why she is so bitter towards him. We’ll never know what transpired between dem for her to be so vociferous in bringing him down to the point where she say him nave no talent whatsoever(yet he’s respected by Drake, Rihanna, Mick Jacker, Fifth Harmony, Busta Rymes, etc.). Aidonia had a murder case, Mavado allegedly make man dead a gully and make man shoot offa Foota Hype mother but she nuh bun dem out. Kartel got ahead of himself, which is why the system put him whey (Memba him did start make video how him know which n which top police a carry drugs inna police car. Plus his linking with Rvssian, allowed him to get into the uptown arena, where bank manager and top business man son a say gaza) Unnuh nuh pay met nuh mind when she a vent ‘gainst Kartel cause it deeper dan face value.

      1. Dont speak fi mi because I speak for no one and can speak for myself. Kartel and mi could never under no planet have any kind of run in…I am a human being , a woman and I have a lot of empathy for those who are helpless so speak fi uself and nuh ever in your life speak for me because what a go come outa mi mouth to u a go be some nasty shit. Kartel is respected by drake and di rest??? Why dem neva put a dollar towards him defense? Busta rhymes shame now cause him mek kartel trick him outa him money , he thought he was going to get a some back. I am my own person and one thing my parents made sure of was that I am me and I have never felt the need to idolize another human being cause mi did have mother and father …I was not dragged up by wolves

      2. Whey u a go call Didi name bout have a case for? Call Assassin who is a great artiste, underrated by uno because he is a decent human being and di same germs uno a idolize wanted to kill the man fi him talent because he was threatened by him. Kartel is NOOOOOOOOOOOOO BODY…He is a clot of germs sleeping in a cell where he surely belongs. Mi nuh defend no man whey dehumanize and belittle woman worse him a serial killer.

        1. U still a bring him personal life in me defending his music. I nuh business wha nuh man a do in dem personal life. A musical prowess and talent me a talk bout. Assassin is actually one of my fav artistes. Me nuh business if him a decent human being in him personal life or him a shithouse. I rate his music also. Assassin nuh get the love he deserves because he isn’t as hardworking as Kartel. How often Assassin put out song? The reason why Kartel was(and is) leaps and bounds ahead of other artistes(musically) is because him work hard. Kartel a man wha live a studio. Him never have no personal life. Dem man deh hibernate inna studio fi all 12 hrs outta di day, at least 5 day outta every god given week. mi can tell u cause I used to live near where he used to voice(for a while in his younger career) in greater portmore. The more work you put in, a the more results you get. Busy is a next yute wha talented u f**k but wha, they never put out as much work as Kartel. Double X siddung how much years now n nah put out ntn n vex cause a Kartel. Wha him did wan we do? drive go a him yard n go pick him up carry him go studio go voice?

  19. @MET, Shirley is where he belongs. That raas pagan is one of the worse things that ever happened to dancehall music. That bitchass ninja.

  20. Kartel is a cold blooded murderer who fi rott in hell (prison).I hope all the ppl him kill haunt his conscience every second the rest of his miserable life.Only dunce an illiterate bk the slime.

  21. I’m yet to see or hear even ONE kartel’s fan speak out on kartel being innocent.The case of Lizard’s was royally screwed up n Bundled By the police n prosecution. On the Balance of probability Kartel Would’ve been acquitted in any other country than Jamaica.

    The truth is he was rightfully convicted because even Stevie Wonder sees that the Witness Being kartel’s own crony was credible.Which damn fool gonna come pon ya n claim kartel innocent overall? All the focus is on is that unno fans want his witty,derogatory,DegraDing music to free up becuz it mek unno feel good n wine up unno bodies pon one anneda matters not if unno a wine pon men and/or women!

    A murderer should be free to make money n music to satisfy yall urges n impulses omg.

      1. Di man have a set a twin whey him used to show a suck him penis and one a dem mad. Lisa Hype also has gone through her thing. No respect for women on top of being a serial killer so ANYBODY who claim dem a him fan and rate him is very very very low

        1. Wha all a dat affi do with him running dancehall music fi almost 15 years now? The twins dem or dem parents shoulda report him to the police. Lisa Hype or her parents should’ve done the same. R Kelly is a legend in music, and has songs and creativity that will never be matched, but inna him personal life, him love piss pon under-aged girls. Does that takeaway from R Kelly being a legendary musician?

          If Kartel did the crime, him fi do the time, however, the crime nuh take whey from the fact that him a one a the most talented artiste ever come outta Jamaica, and him lyrics and wit that cannot be matched, which is why Rihanna, Jay Z, Drake etc. rate him music. Mi never hear none a dem come out come say dem rate him murdering skills.

  22. Before the falling out & eventual killing, Lizard was very much one of Kartel’s minions that used to commit crimes for him so I still won’t waste my sympathy – teef teef from teef God laugh.

    Convicted criminals should be doing hard labour in prison & I don’t know how hard dj-ing is compared to the old time hard labour so no recording unless the money goes directly to funding the prison system with hopefully a tax rebate or reduction for taxpayers like myself. If man worry about feeding his family he keeps his ass out of prison – so no sympathy there either.

    But Rush right. Flexx has always been a badminded person & was the root of the discord in TOK. My friend always said it looked like because he was the least good looking one in the group why he behaves like that – just miserable. If all other djs music should stop right now Flexx still wouldn’t make it. Anybody can sing good in a choir but the true test is when they stand alone – as Flexx is finding out.

  23. @Pro R Kelly’s career has never recovered. He tarnished his legacy by becoming a pedophile. Too bad Jamaicans are not like Americans in this sense because if Kartel had committed these crimes on American soil he would be shunned for life…instead he is glorified by the likes of you. Have you not been exposed to Bob, Dennis Brown, Freddie, Sanchez, Buju, Morgan Heritage, Luciano, Bunny Wailer Garnett Silk Jimmy Cliff Alton Ellis Sizzla I could go on….,,.maineeeeeeee yuh nuh know good music….poetic skillful soulful music classic timeless…..mind you no artist is without flaws but u need fi reevaluate what intelligence…..talent…brilliance is……mi feel sorry fi you if you can put Kartel above any of these artists….you clearly is a madman…..anyway mi bout to put on some dennis brown and chill. You can put on coloring book or cake soap……poor you.

    1. Marie I say it often..Kartels music would not be playing and look how talented rkelly is compared to him. He is the death of dancehall, he has not inspired anything more dan a set a bleach out batteyman and the fact that the music is next to dead shows that he really has done nothing. When u look where dancehall a come from and where it is now u feel shame, because dancehall is on life support

    2. R Kelly is still seen as a legend mi friend. After the pissing, R Kelly released 3 albums that went multi-platinum. Him time jus up. A like Babyface. Dem era over. The pissing never end R Kelly career and it never took away from the body of work he put out neither before, or after that.

      MJ was an accused child molester and he’s still a legend musically.

      All I’m saying is, Kartel’s personal choices shouldn’t make unnuh downplay how talented he is. Met say him a run dancehall into the ground but who u fi blame? Him, the fans, or the other dancehall artistes who never reinvent themselves when Kartel a reign?

      Kartel is a smart business man when it comes to music. Him look round n see wha di market a go towards n den change him style fi suit the demand. When him buss a hardcore fast lyrics a run the place den when Mavado rise n change the game, Kartel flip it n start singjay. The man is a musical genius whether unnuh wan admit it or not.

      1. Pro….mi av class inna 3 minutes…but here what I AM 1.5 YEARS AWAY FROM BECOMING A TEACHER YEAHHHHHHHHHH…yuh welcome to join my class ages 1 to 10…… BUT if Kartel was a brilliant business man what happened to vybz rum….. condoms….teachers pet…..the night club r u not aware that COREY TODD FINANCED THE BENZ…… many homes does Kartel own..go formulate u next argument sir cause ppl like me u cannnttttttt influence!!!!!! Any kartel topic met fling up i will be on it repetitive AF…..i dont even know why i continue to argue with satan agent (YOU)….anywho….back to my future…ttyl sir!!!!!

  24. So you mean to seh Vybz Kartel got past Toots and the Maytals The Wailers Marcia Griffiths Beenie Man Tenor Saw Shanba Ranks Yerror Fabulous Jnr Gong sizzla Kalonji Beres Hammond barrington Levy …Papa San to be the greatest … Mi want Unu Fi go look pon papa San and Jnr Gong a freestyle … Kartel sick mind Unu love ol sadist

      1. No dem Nuh know music dem Neva even go a live reggae show go tek een burning spear and dem man de a perform ….dem love studio auto tune

      1. Right now Aidonia and Busy ina dat category badda Dan kartel but true dem nah sing certain tings ppl Nuh count dem … Right now Jnr gong is wicked freestyliist but dem wouldn’t because him Nuh put out 290 village beats daily…him produce world record music

  25. It’s called cult mentality and idol worship. How the hell shirley past those legends mentioned aboved.? Bunch a followers I tell yah. Shirley and shawty sick stomach.

  26. @Met maybe u gwan av to put upa video weekly of the reggae giants fi mek the ppl dem member what great music sound like……currently listening to Push Come to Shove :kr :kr :kr :kr

    1. Lawd mi suck my madda fi bout 8 months straight till mi all memba wey breast milk taste like…… sound like ur madda couldnt badda give yuh di good good and give yuh powda milk (SMA) which explains why yuh so fcken dunce….im proudly a mother sucker as you are a proud kartel balls sucker

    2. Even after we suck our mothers…. will Kartel be free to suck his mother? Why don’t you do him the favor and go suck his mother. Not your mother but his mother because he’s your God.

  27. People have good points but some just have a personal vendetta against Kartel on a whole!! so we will just have to agree to disagree.

  28. When I read especially the last part of what ‘One Love’ said “If what I stated above angers or upset you in any way that will force you to tell me to suck my mother please go and replace Kartel shit bucket with you mouth.” I nearly piss up miself! You mouth bad ee… Nah but for real Kartel fans them fool fool and illiterate nuh bauxide doh ino… is like them indenial, blind and oblivious to FACTS! The man is a murderer (of not just 1 nor 2 sumody) and deserve any punishment him get.

  29. The end of the day this is someone that don’t have a worry in life if everybody mind they business and focus on money they will be better can’t waste time on people who are already established our words are wind to the rich know that

  30. Met I know one of the top producer in Jamaica kartel is making crazy money behind bars that’s why flex licking out on it met for example kartel put out songs u got top producer who will buy those songs met don’t remember what’s the name of it but that man can make atlease $40,000us per songs or more so he doesn’t need to be touring to make money someone that understand what I’m taking about explain it better for me what’s its called met is something I’ve seen and heard about

  31. Met not a fan of kartel but that something I’ve seen maybe u know what I’m talking about big up your self met

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