Clive ''Lizard'' Williams
Clive ”Lizard” Williams

Stephanie Breckenridge, the sister of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams, is in protective custody today as concerns mount about the increasing threat level against her family.

Entertainer Adidja ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer and three other accused were on Thursday convicted of the murder of Williams.

Speaking yesterday from an undisclosed location, Breckenridge said she was unable to elaborate on her feeling towards the guilty verdict because of advice from the police.

She claimed that the threat level against her family is now high and her team has taken the decision for her to limit interviews.

“We’ve been in protective custody and they are aware of an increased threat level. They were saying not right now. We have a meeting later today (yesterday) so I will ask them. I don’t see anything that will increase my threat level but apparently people have been upset that I’ve been talking period, so that’s where the problem lies,” she said.

Entertainers Adidja ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer, Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Kahira Jones and Andr√© St John were all found guilty of the August 2011 murder of Williams.

The other defendant, Shane Williams, who was represented by Everton Dewar, was freed.


  1. I feel it for them on all level met no body to burry gor proper closure cant express thier feelings affe a hide sake a demons peoples

  2. I really hope they send away her n Chow’s family n ensure they have a productive life wherever they are……preferably in di USA

  3. so sad..kartel waggonist dem dep pon d people dem trail..but god nah sleep..hope dem relocate dem..feel it fi dem

    1. I hope people see what we a work wid as a people. Evil in the midst. She lost a brother n cannot mourn him. God a work we will see the end of nuff a dem soon

  4. They really needed to clean up the detentions centres system an cut out lickylicky corupted individuals working in these institutions where they got unlimited access to phones to give orders to kill .its the same way tesha miller was able to give orders to kill all withnesses inhis case an intimidate peoples , and why kartel was been able to stil do music while behind bars an a noh charity him doing it for with permission

  5. Sad for the family. I hope that they are patient. Kartel might can fool certain elements that he is a “martyr to corruption” if these people do not talk. He’s at his time of reckoning, but still sees some last chance saloon.
    I, for one will wait. I am sure that the Williams family can give nuff insights as to Kartel’s out of studio behaviour so that his “mystique” is wrecked once and for all in the eyes of the sheeple dem.

  6. And this is directed to gaza slim if you got any sense cause yuh noh got noh heart tell de police dem what dem do wid lizard remains an maybe yuh get a lighter sentence lunatic

    1. No light sentence. She said a nuh wha man say a wha God say. Now God has spoken…they must reap what they have sown

    1. Dem same wicked people deh love say good over evil,this is the true example of that.jamaicans cannot continue with the same pattern of glorifying what is bad n suppressing what is good. God will lift his hand to show always that he is greater than all. Wicked, vile n evil generation of people

  7. Kartel will go down in history as the greatest dancehall artist ever . It nah go stop dancehall like how reggae never stop when Bob Marley dead but it that he has set the bar for dancehall . And nuh bother talk say bob marley righteous and Kartel evil because If you Know Bible if you say selassie a God you can;t righteous . but that is another story . .Just accept what me say

    1. We not going to accept your foolish comment.. how can you mix religion with murder? you ever hear say bob Marley killed one of his friends ever? me no know how ooun so foolish and weak-minded so. weh u just wrote nuh make one sense..

    2. Haha just “accept ” whey u say unnu funny bad eno it’s obvious that no body over here nah just accept nothing we are not sheeps to b led farthell was not no greatest nothing in dancehall all he had was a good hype strategy n was quick to pick up that there was a lot of lost souls out there just waiting for an outlet n he was it. Pls how great can u be if u urself didn’t pick up on ur own potential and take the path to success instead of the road to prison plsssssss give us a break n NO WE WILL NOT ACCEPT WAT UR SAYING

    3. The great Lee Scratch Perry seh him nuh want him name mix up inna dance hall because the musician and the followers nuh have nutten fi do wid di creator……The only people that follow Kartel are the misplaced in society and children who cannot make decisions for themselves…and it better fi look a the King as God than to have NO GOD AT ALL. and a work fi di devil….dem fi lock up vybz kartel mada to fi a try pay police…………….Kartel is a island DJ ….weh let out him demon dem pon di ppl and it did a go without knowing and fi years……….BOB MARLEY IS A DEAD MAN ..and him have 57 million fans pon fb ….and 6 million ppl nuh live a Jamaica ….kartel have 500 000…….I will stress again Kartel is an island DJ ……and a loss to the world

    4. Mi sey, a pere foolishness yuh chat. If Shabba Ranks that put dancehall on the international scene and won Grammy wey Kartel neva win yet affi relegate himself to obscurity….why di rasss you feel sey Kartel a guh down ina history?
      Yuh think sey him inner city groupie dem have any impact on his historical legacy? Dem ppl deh don’t even buy music much less. In a couple years, his ass will be forgotten.

  8. If kartel did go take action towards the person’s who stole his shoe then me woulda say the whole a dem a criminal make them kill off them one another, but how can you kill your own friend? the same person who thought u were his friend.. the same person that will even take a bullet for him it seem’s the same person that if kartel tell him to jump him ask him how high? the same person weh sit down and eat and drink with them and smoke with them.. them turn round and kill him??? how do someone justify that? how can a person justify that?

  9. But a wha dis father gad.. Kartel cah walk Ina bob marley shoes.. . N plz don’t use god n kartel in the same context cuz kartel is an athiest

  10. A wha do some a dem dutty minded people yah..kartel committed a heinous crime n unu come on here a glorify him.. Unu lack a knowledge .. Jehovah god gonna give unu a beating

  11. Morning Metty and metters! Kartel will go down in history as a frickin murder!! Yow Metty oonuh tink ah Likkle people him kill ah Waterford weh noh get publicize? Di bway kill mi fren cousin 3 yrs ago. I tink dat f*ker is ah science worker too cos mi tell you bout d movie weh him mek a Waterford wid d Mexico man dem and him an d man dem did fall out and 3/4 a di man dem Ina d video dead off including Mikey Pelpa.

  12. Morning, Everybody
    I wanted to say that I feel for the Williams family and the lost they have experience. My uncle who was a kind hearted soul was also murdered senseless over the fact that he was a informer. They also robbed him of the money he had to buy his house. He didn’t deserve to die on the cold concrete without no one coming to his aide. To add insult to injury the people from the community had orders from the gunmen not to cooperate with the cops or attend the funeral. These are the same people my uncle would feed if they were hungry. The gunmen left his kids fatherless and fatherless because he was the sole provider for them. Let’s go after all the so caso call don who are creating havoc in our community’s.

    1. my condolences @jamaica me love. thats the problem i have with jamaica as well, thats why murders will always go unsolved and murderers will always walk and terrorize ppl.

      a stand needs to be taken an stop wid all this informer bullsh-it

  13. @genius, a punk u a punk wi wid deh name deh weh u give uself right?

    u sound very far form genius, u more sound like sinus,yes, a very annoying sinus problem.

    greatest dancehall artist mi rass!! comparing bob to kartel is like comparing bob to hitler. unno no si seh just like hitler kill off and wanted to commit genocide of di fake jews, a so kartel a commit genocide wid di jamaican ppl dem mind.

    now wi have a generation of vipers, a leff unno fi tear up unno one a nedda dung deh, mi juss pray di good jamaicans no get caught inna unno fu-ckery.

  14. fanatic…poor souls….kartel a idiot fi have a talent and still a run crime empire….lizard a idiot fi a gun run . and me a idiot fi be a sinner………………………………………………..u get a talent use it well……………………….if u love jamaica stop stock gun and kill off ur one another…….sad part is kartel could a rise as big as BOB MARLEY … kartel could of help ja with him talent…………but no…..HIM BIGGEST DOWN FALL IS FI SHOW THAT HIM A THE BOSS….GUN COULD A BUY BACK ……BUT HIM WAH SHOW THAT A HIM IN CONTROL…… him a guh sit and watch the music get bigger while him a watch and fight via appeals….if him do under 10 years him would never be the same again…..IF I WAS HIM I WOULD THANK GOD MI LOCK UP BECAUSE IT WAS A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE HIM GET A NAH LOOK SHOT………….gwan guh turn gost writer and sell some young dj and nuh waste ur time………..oh yeah you can gwan write a book and hint to the mass where over the mangroove swamp u dump the body DEM . a good way fi make some good money because nuff people will buy the book….GOD HELP YOU STILL ……MI JUST A PRAY THAT ATLEAST ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO A COME UP LEARN FROM YOUR JOURNEY……..OH YEAH BESS UP SHAGGY FOR USING HIS SKILLS AND COME BACK AND GIVE BACK TO JAMAICA.

  15. Chow, his family and lizard’s family will be relocated to a foreign country due to the clear and present danger that they are facing. As I said way before the trial got to its final stages, BIG UP LAMAR CHOW you were friends with these miscreants, almost blood related to Shawn storm and your testimony will send them away for LIFE, dutty shawn storm is ur brother in-law and escorted you to your death but God said no its not your time……. hope the judge give him 3 life sentences. The Shane Williams dude God have you a chance to turn your life around PLEASE do so or you will share the same fate as your cronies.

  16. Some ppl just want to disagree to seem like they stand for something.
    Whether ppl like it or not Vybz Kartel did set the bar for dancehall!
    Everyone is copying Kartel style cuz it’s the only way
    People will listen it’s the only way them can really get a fwd.
    In regards to the case Vybz is guilty & it is also a conspiracy against him
    It’s both! Reason being is that many children women & young men have been killed, raped, minced up beheaded “dsh a bush” WITH BODIES PRESENT right now in the morgue & the ground & the police didn’t even bother to do their fckin jobs & find the myrderers for those innocent law abiding citizens but dem so hot fi kartel & him gun man
    Friend Weh pick up clearly what him can’t handle involved with gun and also a walk n a kill ppl .. Him did wa be apart of the gang so badddd bout him a lock gun go sit down!
    Police need fi go look fi dirty PATRICK Weh kill the lil bwoy n lock him up & dash Weh the bloodclaat key the whole a dem a johncrow .. Weh dutty stinkin parliament a rejoice for all dem a do a fi the youths gun fi kill & Mek d lil baby dem a Jamaica dead fi hungry
    Whether ppl hate kartel or not he is VERY influential there’s actually more ppl that love kartel than hate him as evil as he is #facts I’m talking worldwide not JMGwide .. Them say 3 things wrong wid ja & KARTEL was one if dem really can say that them WAH. Get him out most definitely & that is what the police was paid to do!!! Unu really ever hear police do forensic nothing at crime scene to find killer … No !!! Dem lazy as Fck since dem wa be overnight FBI Dem need fi go solve ALLL the other murders in d country ! At the end of the day kartel lock up changes NOTHING in that sad ass country .. Life will go on the other dancehall artist will be just what they are which is OKAY! But none of them nuh reach Kartel level up to now whether him a murderer obeah man batty man or a bleacher it is just what it is he is a Lyrical genius him just cah kip fren & that’s another story I’m not rootin for kartel but mi just a say ppl fi give the credit where it is due n stop the nonsense.

    1. Well them do it at kartel murder scene and find out say kartel a animal and han murderer so this time them never lazy

    2. Kartel his self stated that people just love his music because they are lovers of music. He also stated that the ones he can confused or the ones that cannot think logically he stated he can easily fooled them but the ones that not deeply enrooted in his stupid philosophy in which he stated that he is twisted he cannot so kartel rather take the weak minded person and abuse them than try to teach them how to do positive things in life because he knows their weakness.. kartel is a manipulator  and when him get the weak minds people he twist them in his. own little sociopath world letting these people thnk it is ok to do negative things not only towards society but towards God

    3. Morning Met & Metters.
      U knw I’m rlly lost 4 words wen it come 2u gaza fans? Unuh is the most dunce backward ass invalid I ever had the displeasure of listening to.
      Now ur minuscule peanut brain a tell u dat becas other murders are unsolved & tru u want skin out to kartel music the jurors must find him guilty?
      Hypothetically speaking, if all the evidence was planted except the video of him killing someone, does it mean the video doesn’t count?
      One thing I have 2 say 2u; as the sun & moon is certain each day, so is death. From the moment of conception death is certain, it’s inevitable, death itself is painless but how we get to it is what everyone fears. If u had love in ur heart nd knew God, u wouldn’t have had the nerves to behave as if kartel can give life.
      An stick a pin: what bar did kartel set? Are u tlking about the one weh mek unuh free fi walk a road n make it kwn unuh lick asshole clean clean clean, or how much unuh can suck hood or how much more of a disgusting piece of trash unuh really is?
      Same way like how you a chat bout no one business bout unsolved murder an all dat other nonsense, why dnt u take ur ass down to the station nd ask them y dem not doing something about the unsolved murders?
      An while u at it, just gwaan go suck some a kartel greatness hopefully u will get a better brain in return.
      Kartel’s jail cell

      1. luv this!!!

        say it again!!!

        mi seh you seh everyting weh mi a tink, di ppl dem really a seh kartel great and set bar true di fassy dj bout gal di skin out and su-ck hood and be a big dutty freak.

        a dat dem call great? obviously dem neva yet meet anybody great inna dem life.

        limited i tell u LIMITED!!!!

  17. Lamar Chow ah gun man to!!!!
    & him bring lizard deh fi dead in case unu nuh realize
    He was in on it & he got paid off too!
    #mustbenice him fi get lock up in the same cell with
    Shawn Storm!

    Um I do not think that the police aguh fly anyone to the Us
    Unu feel seh a so USA go???? Right down a Jamaica dem
    Aguh stay Ina witness protection

    1. agree aint not saints not one of them and to all quoting quote it properly Sin is Sin time were taking ro judge ppl we need to look into ourselfs and trus me. no one could have been more appauled then me when I heard what the news said kartel did. but I lookwd into it aint no saints

        1. oh sorry sweets for the typo ,was typing with one hand while watching tv unlike you, kartels verdict dont have me glued to my pc.Babes don’t let anger consume you hun lmfao. Channel your anger eles where .Shit your taking this kartel thing to heart youd think he boned and left you .I REPEAT NONE OF THOSE MF were SAINTS the end

    2. F**kery you a chat! You can just come speculate outta yuh ass!!!!!
      If di man di guh fi kill lizard den why him would turn state witness dumb ass?
      The one dem wey nuh hav no reasoning ability a always the most vocal ones.
      Shut yuh ass for once numbskull!

  18. Only if people knew of all the people Lizard killed. Not saying what Kartel ordered to be done to him was right and justified but don’t think Lizard is any saint himself, he has been a shooter for Kartel for years now.

    1. “Lizard kill people” kartel kill lizard, now the judge an jury takes kartel life, sounds like justice, nuh suh or nah?

    1. Obara, mi sey, Met is a patient and tolerant soul I tell ya….I have never seen so many idiots in one place before. And before dem shut up and read, a dem a talk the most *wooosah*

  19. That is not true. Chronix have is own style and is doing well… its just the misguided young generations them a follow kartel style … a lot of artiste get forward and them uses their own style. Them dont have to use kartel to get no forward

  20. more than limitation….look pon chase the devil …by lee scratch weh Jayz sample aa nuff ting dem nuh know dem nuh know di power a reggae music …and ppl before kartel…kartel nuh do nutten fi Jamaica but true nuffa dem cah read dem head breed up wid illusion …go read a book Kartel nuh do nutten fi Jamaica

  21. baby girl lol Idc about kartel lizard chow & dem gun man frenz
    I could give 2 shits about your ongoing frenzy & ball of emotions
    Ever since the trial start but unfortunately I DO NOT!
    Pairing up with the same law unu cuss everyday ????? Bout di same thing all d wile????
    What is so special about vybz kartel that this have such great impact on your life
    My mind is far from limited because I see both sides!!!! I also said he was guilty I spoke on his career his music him as an artist & my mind is limited
    Unu a di ones not seeing shit for what it is with a bag ah emotions over 5 fcukin gun man

  22. & ww. If any if ur family dem or mine get kill god forbid
    A Jamaica police nah even fart pon u or dem suh maybe then
    You can say sob sob & then it will make sense!
    Comin like when ppl talk the truth it bun yuh lmfao who gets mad over 5 gun man!???????

    I can’t fathom it

  23. True me nuh take part inna unnu orgy .Unnu a try diss me but Wasp can’t fight fire .
    A true me nuh want hurt nuh feelings .Me do it already and a Met haffi jump in fast and save the Sperm Bank

  24. Me a try teach unnu so unnu stop use tongue in batty but unnu nuh want learn .
    Me haffi go up a Military Trail .Lata

    1. The vexation of a fool is known at once, but the prudent ignores an insult,

      proverbs 29:9 if a wise man has an argument with a fool the fool only rages and laugh and there is no quiet

      proverbs 26:4-14
      trusting a fool to convey message is as foolish as cutting of one’s feet or drinking poison

  25. Chow a gun man… ….dat is beside the point at least him honest…chow neva mek nuh gun and him cah buy it so obviously the person who could afford it and who it was made available to should have made a better person outta chow……but the soul grabbing, child raping, friend killing, devil loving, fish scaling could not…because he is evil ……well mi nah mince nuh words and talk mi glad seh dem lock him up a sitten mi a wait pon fi some time now about 9 years …him a di worse thing weh happen to Jamaica him up de wid Seaga ….and I am happy that when mighty man boast and they dig a pit they fall in it …….plus him mek sure him go a jail gone bribe juror wid 500 000 wid him renk ……….a hope him get enough time fi repent

    1. real di whole a dem a gunman, chow, lizard and kartel. dats why mi glad a dem one a nedda cut dung dem one a nedda. it sweet mi!!

      some a unno luk like seh true lizard a gunman, kartel did fi kill him wid no repercussions.

      if lizard was killed by someone defending themselves against him and his gunman activities, or sumone exacting revenge for the killing of their innocent loved one, then i would say free that person.

      but lizard was killed by another gunman, who intimidates and beats women and men who do not do what he says. you didn’t have to do anything major for him to kill you or have you killed so i can’t say fu-ck lizard i have to say fu-ck lizard and fu-ck kartel, mi glad di both a dem tek out dem one a nedda.

      all gunman fi dead or rot in prison, 5 less gunman deh pon di street, it sweet mi. lets keep the elimination going.

      1. mi have evidence and the Jamaican ppl have spoken…Kartel is guilty and also guilty of cheapness trying to bribe ppl wid 500000 dollar …………..Mi nuh have nuh evidence fi seh lizard a gunman so mek mi tek back di talk …….because I dont hear nuh body seh lizard kill nuh baddy fi dem and mi nuh hear nuh baddi a gi evidence …..u have gun and obviously a neva fi him dem cause him dead fi it

  26. It deeven mek no sense fi point out certain things to some people @Real caws dem nah guh get it!!!…Kartell orchestrated his own fall, he is the author and finisher of his own self, talent??? where??, yes he had lyrics, but his delivery was awful (my opinion).

    He stuck his head up his ass and liked the smell and wanted to share the stench with the whole world, but unfortunately for him it never lasted too long, because while some odd balls followed the disgusting odor, others realized that there was a foul odor permeating the air and was disgusted!!!.

    When he was just arrested for this crime, I commented that the way how he treated these women who he beat, and humiliated, not to mention encouraging a nation of people through song sexual f**kery, (things, that although some Jamaicans may practice is still TABOO in Jamaican society) so till school boys stawt to record little school girls blowing them in gully and other places as a joke to share…he was the MAJOR influence behind these things, his music promoted and encouraged BARE F**KERY!!!

    He began his downward spiral when he began or attempted to sway the minds of the youth that there is no God,not to say he preached it, but his stance was that of an atheist, bare in mind his influence, and his following was large, as a matter of fact cult like. Although he was an Island DJ he was given a world stage, but he chose to denounce the very creator who brought him into being, (tattooed devil on his hand) while dragging a set of sheep’s (as he called them) into a downward spiral, beat who feel fi beat,kill who him feel fi kill, HE PLAYED GOD, AND TWO BULL CANNOT RULE ONE PEN, God still have compassion on him, because Jim Jones and David Koresh died along with their sheeps, at least this modern day CHARLES MANSON (KARTEL) still has is life…TALENTED???…WELL PRISONERS NEED ENTERTAINING AS WELL….GWAN GO GRAB A PAPER MIKE AN PERFORM FI DE MODERN DAY KID RALPH DEM AND TABUNG!!!

  27. mi dun seh weh mi fi seh already and mi naah change it abaaaaay.

    mi back very broad an mi neva back from a guy, gal or burl yet!!!

    kartel no do nuttin fi jamaica or dancehall, so di idiot dem weh a try fling unno fu-ckry down ppl throat like a di whole a wi pon yah a sheep and blind,,,STFU!!!!

    how unno fi seh kartel raise di bar fi dancehall music when all wi a hear a pure filth pon wi radio?

    nuff a dem dancehall artist yah dunce and cyaah reason fi demself, so of course dem ago falla weh kartel do cuz dem mind very limited.

    big up assasin, busy signal, chronixx, christopher, an a few others weh “naah falla nobody” an dj or sing filth just fi get a few forward.

  28. 876 outta you an genius a which one dumber? A wonda if a di same smaddy a use two different name? Unu don’t even make a ounce a sense smfh.

  29. Lundun get a life please!

    Dancehall & even SOCA if ya never know
    Is pure Filth anuh now ah from donkey years
    Lol chat pare shit that you don’t know ..
    It is you who want to shove your opinion n beliefs down ppl
    Throat & not coming to terms with reality !
    You live in your head & yes he is evil and every other thing
    You called him I really don’t care it affects me NOT
    SCREEN CALM DWN BBY GIRL .. Maybe u need to rest
    Your typing little fingers in a jar a ice .. It’s really NEVER THAT SERIOUS!
    Assassin is he even still djing?? Ook … He’s iight tho
    Busy Signal is very versatile & a great artist .. But wait wasn’t busy that had
    Problems with the law in the Us & ja I believe so .. Chronixx & Christopher Martin
    Are not dancehall artists ! Lol they sing they don’t DJ they are REGGAE / roots
    Lol they are not in the same category as vybz kartel however amazing voices..
    Nuff ppl in a parliament dunce to but who am I to say anything lmfao

    1. Glamity with all due respect u sound dumb as a door knob….weh kartel do fi dancehall…? How him raise di bar, by doing what….? Him put out bout 5 album an how much dem sell….? Rampin shop an clarks weh else him do weh big…..?

    2. @glammity876 u know seh mi neva si u!! yes walking dead mi neva yet wash mi face wid rice wata so mi neva did si u.

      skull in a belly gal di shit weh u seh mi a chat mi a chat it so u can have sumting fi eat ole starving johncrow.

      a u one alone use to fi a listen filth pon u radio or stolen ipad, or bootleg internet service, not me!!! a company u a luk??? not here muma reptile.

    3. @Glammity876 Every society has the likes of you in it, unfortunately. The same type of daft, depraved mentality that took bullets in the head for Dudus. We need people like you so we can point the finger and say “this is what’s wrong with society”. You are playing your role and it’s very much needed. What would we do without your kind?

  30. The only thing that will satisfy me for dem Kartel groupies here is a Dudus style massacre. Nothing short of that will suffice. 78 more dead bodies piled up on behalf on Kartel will do them just fine. One set of idiots they are.

  31. When I read what some of uno write on these threads I have bust to out mi Sketel dutty laugh, Kartel set the bar? biggest dutty laugh, uno favor johncrow when hot water scold it and him neck a peel, Bob Marley compared to Kartel nedder bigger dutty Sketel laugh, uno favor sowa hog weh a try walk ina floor house, uno knows nothing about religion or music, uno have a veil a cover uno eyes, ingenious claim say him or she know me, suh u done know what time it is, that is if you know the real me.Guh nyam shit Fartel a uno idol it bun uno say God has declared him hand against this viper that come up against him, I hate him cuz him raise up against the Lord of Lord, it’s not about Lizard or Chow for me, everyday another man dies, but it’s not everyday a man defy The Living God.

  32. Lundun and real, weh great like that, we done declare where stand pan nastiness Fartell who nuh like it can guh used Kartel gun and push it in them mouth, the dead h just a raise up from the shock so them come out like maggots fi feast pan the dead, but anything dead over here is them, we are happy :cendol :selamat :toast :peluk :sungkem :thanks2 :recsel :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak yes we happy bad!

    1. bam bam, shhhhhh, no seh nuttin, laugh wi deh yah a laugh off a di idiot dem.

      dem sound like running belly :ngakak

  33. a suh we happy fi real. Heh heh hhhhhhhhaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyywwwwwwwooooooooiiiiiiiii guh kill uno self, or the verdict gwaane mad uno :kr :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    1. Mi exclusive mi only practice inclusiveness when mi a set up day care ….dem lucky dem limited and dem a look company …..a wah tell u seh di bwoy lock him self now dem a investigate him fi kill roach because a text weh dem have him a sen out……him fool fool and frighten fi phone….dem dide a Rail fi kartel and him nuh love oman ……….mi nuh know y dem neva buy out di judge wid a 10 million US ……sorry my mistake his followers usually don’t have much or expect much

      1. @Real, chu dem so LIMITED in every way, dem mek statement sey “majority a people like Kartel”. What does that say? Dem neva dare venture outside a fi dem LIMITED kind…Unexposed, limited, illiterate set dem

        1. True! Mi nuh know one smaddy wah like Kartel… And me know whole heap of people! Vile, careless, dirty, scum-of-society support Kartel’s nastiness!

  34. For 3 long years dem live ina denial, so now that the verdict has been read, the shock a kill them…Now dem a hope fi appeal. A man’s gotta know when to face reality. A man’s gotta know when to accept defeat. All the beating up of the finger tips won’t release the prison boss. A baaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  35. Lmfao I wish I cared much about anyone comments
    Lol I’m not from the ghetto & I’m not ghetto so when you speak of ghetto mentality take a look at the paragraphs written here by yourself Lundun! No way I am a vybz kartel groupie & unu can cough n vomit all unu want beat up unu chest till unu ribs
    Bruck it’s affecting y’all & y’all lives as for me it’s not affecting shit I said my two cents
    & I don’t give a fck who hate it or like it. Unu a di first fi talk bout disrespect & unu don’t respect other people never have I disrespected any of y’all but because of your hate & personal vendetta with vybz KARTEL I must eat shit & all these things? & I’m the one with the fckd up mind & mentality ??? Can’t even have a flipping discussion everything is always an argument with you fckin imbeciles!

    Like I said LUNDUN get a life too much of yours is invested in Adidjah Palmer & u say I’m the groupie ..*chuckles*

  36. & to the people who are coming at me about the trial never have I once said free vybz
    So plz don’t come at me with that shit cuz I don’t give a Fck about KARTEL whereabouts
    I’m neither here or there with his trial .. It affects no part if my life or mental cuz it a Mek sum ah unu luuuuuuu … I don’t give 2 shits about it so unu a talk to unuself

  37. all I have to say is lizard girl is a f**king fool nah no sense gal, she should burry her had in the ground cuz if she did move faster her mans life or limb would have been saved.

  38. Why is ppl talkin about kartel music? Afta a Neva him tune dem deh pon trial? Di man found guilty of murder! I don’t si why anybody should care about him wen him didn’t care about him fans, his love for his fans shud be enuff to make him only want to do music,it’s clear di love fi badness was greater dan di love for his fans das why him a try be Jamaica nex dudus…..and him cannot be compared to bob marley in no way shape are form, kartel have influence over a specific type of ppl in Jamaica, bob have influence world wide…..never di less kartel was a great artis wid di potential to be greater, but him make power get to him head an prison a di out come……it simple as dat nuh argument nuh affi inna it.

    1. Romans 13
      King James Version (KJV)
      13 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

      2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

      3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same:

      4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

      5 Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake.

      6 For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God’s ministers, attending continually upon this very thing.

      7 Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.

      8 Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.

      9 For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if there be any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

      10 Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.

      11 And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.

      12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.

      13 Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying.

      14 But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof

    2. Kartel is not my enemy..mi nuh know this serial killer from adams. So quote all the scriptures yuh want. The fact still remains him guilty, him guilty, him guilty..n all if Lizard turn up tomorrow..Kartel still guilty of being born dwl..cho mek mi stop yah. Carry on with yo friggery!

      1. he issssssssssssss dem se a so him used to send man kill off how much people…dash it pan dem and dem serial killer hero

        1. Yes…him voice note when him a talk to mad dawg or whateva him name..him say from u a do crime u ever see so much forensic ppl (nuh quote mi) but u know which note mi a talk. Them a old murderer from long time! Set a plague them.

          1. den u nuh hear a only ”mad suss’ alone bawl , he seems to be the softest of the bunch

  39. Met . look how unnu all a deal wid all Sadiki .A style the man tru him a grieve fi him friend like unnu want see people kill them-self so unnu can laugh and if somebody disagree Is a gang up ting . Unnu a talk bout Jesus and nail him up same time

    1. Sadeisha is no MAN..A real man nuh deh pon video a bawl fi a convicted murderer who is not related to him..Kmt! Attention him a look..fool like wah.

          1. mi nearly call him Merl because is like him did a expect sumting from kartel when him come out and it deh far far from him yah now.AN A CUDDEN MONEY SO A WHA KINE A KIND HIM DID A EXPECT?? u tell me :travel

          2. Met..the thing him did a expect, him still can get it enuh..coz them say it long it can reach through the bars on visiting days…Woieeee a cant tek it oh

  40. A unnu a the serial Killer.Cold like ice ..Me a argue with sociopath
    A quote scripture when unnu a Kill people like pulp fiction .

    1. Boi yuh funny nuh baxcide…Look here nuh..gwaan go piss, pray n gwaan a yuh bed..and stop type fart on the lady good good blog..yuh hear mi..Cho!

    2. who a di sociopath u a argue wid?? u quoted proverbs and I responded likewise..wha happen my chapter burn ur worse dan how u try burn mi wid yours? Genuis u sick mi a nuh doctor cure

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