HMID pinky morning, plz post This alert fimi ppl! ,Wanna Warn Dem. A Colleague of mine got Sent this Info that These companies In this Pandemic STILL offering loan &Claim they have police Monitoring their business .That guy’s in Cumberland Parker’s Loan An They’re operating together. Where the money coming from No1 knows! sourcing people’s houses& is only badman they dealing with So No Matter how rough it Gets Ppl I Beg Don’t Let anybody Send u to these ppl!!! Scaamm!! Duh without !!Don’t pay no Fee to process any application!! Big up Enuh pinky

One thought on “LOAN SCAM

  1. Big up Sender, for the Public alert.
    Look like we full a black market loan officers now a days. So unu fi keep in mind that when loan can’t pay dem a tek you life for it.

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