Several security guards employed to King Alarm, who were seen on video attacking a businessman at an apartment complex along Braemar Avenue in St. Andrew, could be charged with assault.

RJR News has been informed that investigators are preparing warrants to charge them with assault and assault with intent to rob after they were seen attacking the businessman, who is a licensed firearm holder.

A man who was shot in the neck is also expected to be charged with assault.

The incident took place on Monday.

King Alarm issued a statement declaring that the guards who were seen in the video have been removed from duty pending the outcome of an internal investigation.


  1. Jamaican people have got to be some of the stupidest people on planet earth. King Alarm rob who and what? Blue shirt charged for assault for what? When is Woolery going to be charged for disorderly conduct, assault of the security, grievous bodily harm of the security, wounding with intent and taken to court for owing thousands in unpaid maintenance fees?

    King Alarm should kick out woolery teeth for beating up security for doing his job and then shooting him when the security tried to equalize. Woolery is a real pussyhole and loling at the idiots who have more in common with the security guards defending the man who disrespected and beat him up. Guess that is why nuff of u ghetto bam bams vote for JLP.

  2. #1. The security is not employed to King Alarm, they are employed by the STRATA. #2. the security that allegedly got beat up was wearing a white shirt and did not attack Woolery. #3. Blue shirt attacked and attempted to disarm him could also be interpreted as robbing depending on what footage is shown. #4 King Alarm security attempted to detain and definitely assaulted Woolery. So as far as the blue shirt and King Alarm, yes they deserve the charges. The white shirt security that allegedly got gun butted and assaulted in the guard house now needs to go lawyer up and press charges against the Red shirt elder and Woolery.

  3. Zima go take your meds … law nuh work by yuh feelings and prejudices. Every man gets to have their day in court. Go open a go-fund-me account to help with guardie defence since you feel so strongly about the matter.

  4. :ngakak Big eediat Jamaican system… look how dem charge di man… yow a latty a talk to innu. awww boy. :ngakak :ngakak

  5. Hoping dat the security in the guardhouse or a family member read this and inform him, he has the right to bring his case in front of a judge too. Listen go and file your complaint tuh, everybody is grown you are nobody’s beating stick. Split justice correctly. They did not go into that guardhouse to call management nor to go on on Facebook live nor Instagram. We all can assume that something happened in there,why the door closed behind them and the woman that run guh peep, you all saw how she ran away ask her what she overheard…
    Since this investigation is ongoing? People who have eyes and can see beyond our biases, can see that the guard in I guess the white shirt? not to be mistaken for the one in the blue shirt, needs to file a report as well. The only way his case could be thrown out? Is if he called blue shirt to try and disarm and shoot business suit. If blue shirt is acting on his own? And this was not a plot by white and blue shirt guards? Then why the man need to accept his beating? I’m sorry, if I am at work and I was given orders? And I got assaulted just doing my job? I am filing a report. Now how in the world does this look, so called professional people cannot maintain order and resolve a dispute in a lawful way… How can we expect the criminals to do any better???? All I saw here was pure jungle justice, when law enforcement was a phone call away (King Alarm) is NOT law enforcement. They may feel like they are, they may have tons of expolice and exsoldiers on their payroll but they are not legal authorities call to serve the public.

  6. The guard in the white uniform shirt is the same gentleman in the blue civilian shirt. The guards shirt was damaged he took it off,and had on his wife beater white shirt. He walked off when the camera wasn’t on him to get his regular civilian blue shirt. He gathered himself then attacked mr.woolerly because tempers were boiling and the atmosphere was tense due to the king alarm security woman/mongrel.

  7. If that is true about him changing clothes and white shirt guard is the blue shirt man, why in the world would he take matters in his own hands? Sir if that is really you, why would you be so stupid? At this point you complicated your defense. I wish you all had handled it better. In the heat of all that transpired I can actually emphasize with you after what allegedly happened in that guardhouse, unfortunately you acted out of anger and your revenge was caught on tape for the world to see. I would still bring a countersuit. Your credibility has been damaged though because of your rash decision. It doesn’t look good even though initially you were the one with the grounds to press assault charges against your attackers. Now you have complicated the situation by taking justice in your own hands. Fairness would be throw out everybody case except Ms Rambo wey threatened the man, and stomped him in the head. I still feel bad that the man got assaulted, then shot even though the shot he received was a direct result of his reckless move. For all in defense (defence) of Business suit. Just think about it. I know that man should have never rushed him, but if you were in that guardhouse, can you honestly say what your mindset would be if you were assaulted? He was provoked. I wish he hadn’t did what he did. Unfortunately how can a judge not figure out his intent based on his action?

    1. Mi understand everybaddie angle except the bad girl/joniesha wayne.. dem seh she is a ex police still and thats how dem behave…worse than the men like dem have something fi prove…..

  8. The King Alarm female is the only sensible one on the scene the only one with the discernment to see exactly what people like Woolery give. She done see is a volatile bad man red UPT bwoy weh believe Jamaica belong to him hence she saying “who you” “you is a criminal” and letting him know she will not allow him to leave the scene. Bout him a approach her for what?? She right to tell him “don’t come near me pussyhole”

    Him shoudda get some gun butt and gunshot just like what him do on the scene.

  9. This whole situation is messy and all seem to be started by this uptown brown man…who through his upbringing has been taught that he is better than the average “joemaican”…hence he felt emboldened to attack this security who in the course of carrying out his job, held some ‘power’ over him…an average ‘joemaican’ having power over an ‘uptown brown man’…naha this man was boiling with fury at that guard and brought his friends to put in him in his place. The situation then spirals out of control as this uptown suited brown man attempts to leave his wrongdoing behind closed doors and walk away like a dignified individual. However, the security’s guard team was called in andthings got even more out of hand with everyone’s emotions going haywire.
    Now, the head of the security company another uptown brown man will go to all lengths to make sure his brown man friends gets all the justice he doesn’t deserve while you other ‘joemaicans’ join then as your wronged fellow brotha lies wounded.

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