57 thoughts on “LOL SEH YES TO WHA?

  1. Lol met You a look pan kasi? Dwl him better know weh him a do. Bout she humble.. Fi the car and the ring.. Me want him married har and give him twins or tripple. When she done wid him not even drancrow woulda look pan him.. Because him woulda wan run and caah run.. Him woulda haffie stay with her until him dead. Married and done yaa usian. Kasi look worried like she a say u a go gimmi the car now and the ring? Usian a tek her fi one big poppyshow..

  2. Usain from Yuh put up say it start now. Yuh stawt loooooo my youth cause dat show Mi say yuh just love an a dweet fi di attention now Mi lose offa yuh youth… Yuh millions can dun eno a Wanda if Yuh know? A 50 million Tyson did win.. one fight my youth! dat money will mek Yuh go crazy youth… Right now yuh fi deh a diamond league but look at you… So ano run u wah run Yuh wah be like di Kardashian dem a dat Mi a see…. It look like him have acting skills….one ting Mi a tell yuh youth don’t Eva get comfortable neva until Yuh sure Yuh dun…. Just memba ppl deh round when it nice youth….Mi say a no me an Mi feel di salt aready. Stay pan tap a yuh game …. Yaw legend yes but di minute Yuh nuh cross dat finish line first a it dat…. My youth Yuh Too big of a star fi dem prapaganda yah youth .

    1. U invested in the ppl dem life eeh. Every post u deh pan bad mouthing sum 1. Like its nt tht deep. Its his life his money n him free to b with whom he please last time i checked. She is also her own woman n she can do the same. SHUT THE F**K UP LATOYA!

      1. Mi tell unnu bloodclaat say fi put Unnu bloodclaat name so Mi can address Unnu by name an stap hide behind di screen shithose!!!…But what a jancrow bitch like you come pitch pan mi comment fah… A so mi comment important to yuh jancrow dat Yuh know everything an wah post Mi comment pan :nerd…. Mi naw lie thanks Mi luv. Yuh mek Mi feel like pinkwall celebrities I didn’t know I was doing big tings ova here at all…. Met Mi can get a job please Mi comment dem a tek on life ooooooooo… Hey gal Yuh ago tired fi see latty comment a baaayyyy!!!! Yuh bloodclaat Yuh it bun Yuh dwl f**a Yuh! It look like Yuh a Kasi panty cratches mek Yuh a tek bloodclaat notes a when nothing drop in deh… Dutty germs… Go suck a bollo gal… An Mi live yah tonight a wait fi Yuh comment… A wah do some bloodclaat anonymous…

  3. Met he didn’t write that some edit that snap plus he didn’t even write anything they were talking about the the flowers round dem neck. Sender stop lie what a way yuh want spread rumours kmft. Met Bolt a poppy show anyways coz if my bredda use to f**k a gal mi nah pose up wid har like that and she could never be my wife coz my bredda hit it first . Bolt a old country boy weh nuh use to nothing

  4. Met please stop breathing life into them poppy show here because even the blind can see that he doing it all for a show his life is a show off and if we stop commenting and stop posting the 2 of them he going to drop her so fast because there no entertainment for him beginning with her because its all a game to him

      1. Met you see how usain look like him caah wait fi come off a the island. Lmao a now usain start look shame dwl. Look how usain look when him a look pan him phone how him look miserable. It look like him just a come to him senses fi true. As usain say go on your snap girl kasi jump up fass and tek up har phone. Body language is a hell of a ting.. She so inlove yet still dem deh pan boat wid so much romantic flowers pan ground an round dem neck and still manage fi sit down so wide from eachother.. Dem nuh should have bern hugging and kissing..

  5. They the same 1 editing the pic to start up rumors and to keep them self in the media its been 1 big game and joke for them and best believe they over here commenting and dropping hits to keep ppl talking Trust me met stop post them and watch them fad away

  6. I thought he said no more snaps and I noticed last night when she posted her picture she made sure to have the location of where they were staying in case the paparazzi cared.

    The media went from posting his every move in London to nothing at all. Even Bossip and MTO are ignoring them and they usually covered anybody.

  7. “The only person opinion that matters”. Ok so then if it was me I would call the vacation off and he would have to buy me a ring and an apartment. He would have to take me to a million different dates in dif countries and then id see if i really want him. I mean if he loves her he’ll do anything right. He would have to make up for that bullshit for a good 3 yrs.
    This idiot jus run back in his arms gone pan vacation gone tek wat lef fck, he will forever treat her like garbage, this is Kartel nd Shorty part 2, watch this.

  8. Greetings inna di Sunday!

    Mi deh yah a pree Usain and fi a man him move like an attention seeking bitch! Leo man love attention, but not suh!

    Between him and Kasi a idlers and need fi realise seh dem is week after last news! Nobody nah follow dem up! Only di little one post pon shade room weh di ppl dem a laugh after her! Football season start a US and England reality TV series dem start back. Nobody nuh see dem again!

    And di likkle post dem pon ya suh, we come here fi laugh after them because them a poppy show fi di idiots weh love come bout bad mind and dem living life!

    Met just gwaan collect your check offa you blog and dead wid laugh after the idiot dem who a run you dung!

  9. Mi a look fi see flowers a say kasi baby I love you I don’t want this day to end.. But all mi see is the flowers with usian pic all ova inna the boat dwl like a di maid dem a bora bora made that up. Kasi you nuh use to a ting. You are the sadest gal in the world. Olympic done weh the f**k mi wan see usian pic and him deh right side a mi. It look like say the vacation a fi usian and him bring kasi fi keep him company lmao

    1. U know say same thing me a think. Dem tek we fi fool? Somebody give him this free trip and him decide fi take her.

      From long time it plan, so Kasi demand what u want cause him say only ur opinion matter … lol

  10. I loved the video. I think they look happy and clearly enjoying themselves. I refuse to trash talk Kasi because I don’t know her and she hasn’t done me a thing to make me hate her. I will say one thing, she is very pretty, gorgeous skin and lovely eyes.

    1. Kasi is that you? Posting with your alias again? Girl you are on holiday, enjoy the scenery and the dead left cocky, you attention seeking whore.

    2. @GAB. You mek mi lol, what away you have justification fi everyone a kasi post dem? When smaddy dash the corn pan kasi and the truth you run in like a wounded dwag.. Lmao Gab you know when u lick dwag wid a stone inna dem side and u hear dem bawl out gurrrrrrrr deep deep a so you sound a come defend kasi. Nuh badda come cuss mi please. But you sound like a wounded dawg.

        1. Met she loyal bad mi nah like.. Lol kasi say no rest fi GAB every comment she must run in.. No sah lmao.. Mi nuh mean a ting GAB

          1. Dwpcl nooooooooooo a can’t Gabby oooooo come ooo heyy!!!…. Mi say Gabby is. Sumting fi laugh bout No sah..

    3. Ah wa kinda lovely eyes Kasi have? Cudda swear it was the darkest pair a brown yeye she have and a couple bags.. Gabriella mi know met na go Shame u but me a tell u seh u deh pan Kasi camp I know this and there is nothing u can do or say to change my stance ! Anuh u one can play fool fi catch wise mi love. You seem to be putting things out there and people are actually running with it when the shit ain’t even true .. Are you Kasi”s assistant? Lmao come talk to me gabby mi have a degree in psychology but mi never go a med school .. Same credentials as your Boss.

    1. Kasi aren’t you on VACATION???? Come offa d woman site wid yuh fckry ! Mi really refuse to believe that other women are cheering her on !

  11. Why Usain haffi a twang so fa? You’re telling me he can’t speak standard English without having to put on an American accent? Smh.. isn’t he Jamaican?…. between his fake accent and his nasty foaming mouth, he just disgusts me… still can run fast but himy just seem like a poppy show smh… lose offa him though…stay true to yourself.

  12. Mi naw lie dis Sunday noice baaaaaaaaaad!!! A peer joke Mi laugh so till likkle wewe come out. Mi soon affi stawt wear diapa.

  13. Nah lie dem look very BORED when mi dey pon vacation mi nuh have time fi post every move and every flower and if har phone dey pon 1% that mean she nuh stop use it. It’s so obvious they are both attention seekers and they love the pretentious display of affection. Bora bora is a honeymoon spot normally people swim, gynam and fvck mawnin noon and night. Dem need fi guh gynam fvck and swim and stap begging for attention. If unnu dey pon vacation unnu duh just dat nuh VA-CAY fling wey di phone dem and guh have sex pon di beach or someting unnu just look damn fool. Sorry mi nuh have nuttin gainst dem mi just Tiyad fi si dem now. Dem deserve each other caa dem both crave di attention bad bad bad Suh mi hope dem work out. And Kasi yuh pretty but yuh nuh dat pretty Suh yuh betta mek sure fi yuh genes stronger Dan bolt dem own or yuh guh have sum hugly Pickney and to how yuh stay a dem alone yuh woulda hide from the media.

  14. Usain and Kasi is looking for fame they prolly want paparazzi to take pic so they could be the headline but as somebody mention tmz mediatakeout and others ignoring them he was only making headlines when he was partying in Brazil and London he look like he was having more fun there than he is with Kasi.They don’t have any chemistry together.The papz are more interesting in Rihanna and Drake lol With all that money Usain look a hot mess he need a haircut and his lips white prolly catch something from that girl he was kissing in Brazil. Kasi stomach strong to lay down with him after all that shenanigans. She should a got him tested first

    1. I agree, no chemistry whatso ever, Kasi just seem so fake and laughs at everything him say.

      Kasi really need to invent a personality ASAP

    1. So Kasi never say she no like pink cause it make her look yellow , so big, big baecation u have on PINK swimsuit?

      Kasi , Kasi , Kasi …. Ur true colors showing baby, just admit say u love met page

      1. __________________________________________________________________________
        we know she did a talk bout di wall but due to how we nah watch nuh bredda bredda gyal face :hammer

  15. Met , what a gal can skin up har nose like a bare shit she a smell…an den de mouth long up…if u in bora bora , skin yu teeth gal and come off a de rass phone. Trust me met, they not feeling each other at all!

  16. I think her skin is really pretty without makeup. Loose skin happens with weightloss as the skin looses volume. Big boned is not a real thing, no one was born to be fat . Just lazy. You haters probably are tarry & obese.

    Her cuts in the stomach are nice, i think a boob job (full C/ small D) would take her to a solid 8.74311.
    A little botox in the bunny crinkles is all a gal needs. She is gonna blow up ! Usain does not deserve her browness and beauty .

  17. Browness met?! Rass! Neva hear dis before, can tell that alot of these women or can’t call dem women mi call dem gal, have low self esteem, no integrity, and majority a dem deh uptown too..Nuh Mek de stoosh talking and degree fool oonu.

    1. Browness? How special is being born brown if any gal wid money and low self-esteem can achieve said Browness from a chube, gal gweh. Physical beauty can be brought, women need fi stand out with things that caan be brought, like intelligence, character, personality etc.

  18. Lol Daily Mail is dragging poor Kasi through the mud they are running a story saying they are engage. Lawd people are calling her every name in the book

  19. And still she dey pon har phone inna di picha
    Dem very BORED and not one pic of them together. Kasi I know you reading dis come affi yuh phone and stop check fi wey people a sey and fvck di man or guh fine sum gyal a bora bora fi GI him cause yuh pussy mussi nuh good Enuff fi keep di man offa him phone and outta next ooman pums Suh guh fine sum pumz GI di man mek him have a good vacay caa dat a di only way him have fun if him nuh unda yuh. When him Neva unda yuh inna Brazil a pare teet and tongue mi si pon di crawny bwoy

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