1. Mawning Met and Metters. Mi dutty phone nah play di video, so mi caan see di fashuns. But from di screen shot, mi nuh agree wid di ladies makeup. Maybe mo wrong, and a do some premature cummenting.

  2. those faces looks like a clown mask so u know what MET me na waste not even 5 mins pon dis ya 1 n half hour long video ya

  3. one thing i can definately say about these videos there clothes,shoes,bags and hair are always fabulous but the makeup they need some very basic lessons. them need to up them game on that aspect and sometimes them over accesorize or don’t wear the correct pieces to go with the outfits

  4. Must give to the big girls dem inna the video yah dem look better than most the skinny gal dem. Could be because dem cover up but dem faces a shot

  5. LOVE how the London people dem dress…always on point *most of them, especially the man dem…always cleeeeeaaannnn!!!!*

  6. Ummm all I see is old women that need to be at home baby sitting their grandchildren.
    Bleach faxes
    Orange faces
    Over plastered faces
    Burnt faces
    Wont even start on the face and hands colour difference.
    Tomato chicks……like for real. Don’t these females have mirrors? Who gives them makeup lessons. There is nothing more off putting on a woman than too much makeup and less clothes.

  7. Me love the shoes game…Art on display.
    But I have to give it to we peeps, all when dem build like cow and goat dem have swagger 😀

  8. -Di makeup look likah wen 3 year old deh play wid dem watah colours. People still believe seh every colour wah deh pan dem clothes muss deh pan dem face?.
    – Some ah di big gurls dem look bettah. Bwoy some a dem knees look like dem nuh si lotion from dem 6mths old.
    -Some a di heels dem have no part wid di ownahs and should not be worn wid swimsuits. Hell, some a dem hab no biniz wearing two piece swimsuits, caz all now it nuh reach.
    -Di gurl innah di yellow skirt po po thang
    -Nevah know seh man start pose fi showoff wah dem brand name stuff nowadays.
    -Di stocking and two piece swimsuits hell no..
    -How is it that the men dem always totally covered up?
    -Some a dem man yei just a wandah suh, ahem.
    -Man seh him jacket seh all ovah di wurl and a only Italy, NY and London mi si pan it.
    -Breasts well done up, in red heels and mouth/teeth still a lead caz it need some fixins up
    -Di gurl wah seh chucky and di bride..u win di honesty award
    -Some a dem bleached up from head to toe and di palm ah dem hand still black, smh.
    -Ahem, mi love most ah di shoes dem dou and would nevah be caught dead innah some, caz mi want mi womb intact wen mi reach 50 or so.

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