1. Co-Sign ANY method of collection….lol

    *Cannot understand borrowers and dem brightness when dem fi pay back people things.

  2. My yute stop behave liks a bitch a gal alone post pon fb n trace really pussyhole thing low life thing man up n use some other means to get ur money bk obviously u both must be good good friends for u to lend her granzzzz these posting mek u look bad fi real hiya a gal thing dat bitching

  3. I thought people already know not to let people borrow money we hear too many stories about people not paying back no money. it’s just pure slackness you see this man in outtings and can’t bring him money. But this man need to get off of here and go get his money if she has a man let him pay it back but you don’t look right coming pon here talking like you one gal..

  4. A wah do , bruck pocket shabba kartel , weh hungry. Suck pussy freaky shabba. Weh no stop a lick out batty

    1. Gal weh Yuh know bout shabba… gal bright fi mek man call him fone over him own tins!!!! Lowe da man. The girl rude

  5. Dutty Shabba a from wa day u get hype since u go Jamaica Ina di people dem house stop trace like some big pussy gal n go sit dung bout u a throw wud pon fb leave dat fi di gal dem. u a front like u rich now u want ball out fi a grand

  6. From de looks of it is con him get must pussy him pay fah n get con lol she look good still my yute rest yuh self yuh sound like a bitch yuh just flop yuhself yuh bruk n hype. This call fi judge judy kartel biggest freak a london yuh get con goes to show nt every bitch tem mongrel dog. Stuff bk yuh head up a batty fr where u came ole tranny.

  7. Shame on you man…..if d woman owe yuh money d most yuh cudda do wz to deal with it pon a levels weh yuh nuh look like a man dis no look good and you say you a top man.kmt no ratingz fi dat my yute.yuh stripe a pop aff one by one. All she nice girl like har y she need fi a deal with man like you. Wait deh a must yuh good fren cause you no look like fi har likings at all.. all me owe everybadi owe…mi can bet u owe 2 kmt.go drop a sleep my yute mi a man n mi nah diss no woman dem wayz yah bout money..

    1. Gal nah pay and have man a call man…him have a right fi mek it public. nex thing dem kill him and onu get different story.

  8. Pusc pension or I thought yuh done fux that out already will be her comeback. Hear it many times myself…………………………..

  9. Fi real shabba start hype wen hype dun him late pussy u cant even clean lenky roy shoes pussy u nt in de ppl dem class suck pussy batty f**king shabba weh gal f**k wid dildo batty wash expert. De girl a fool fi borrow ur money yuh hungry like yuh think yuh cudda get de girl pussy n batty fi nyam n she decline cause yuh mouth too stink n she fraid she get infection in her batty fr yuh mouth sadamite shabba a pussyhole thing yuh keep up a post pon fb like de bitch u ar
    e,dian gotti seh she shit pon yuh a ready king freak nyam shit ugly mug go dive in a batty shit mouth shabba

    1. pay the man him money and stop the long argument and excuse. unno love fight people outa dem right too much

    2. Di man say him approach har bout di money and she mek har man page him, wedda him mouth stink or him a pussiehole or batteyhole she owes him his money tell her to pay him , you guys are so unfair and low down it aint funny

      1. Me sey….if de money did fassen up inna de man batty dem would a still want fi borrow it, now it fi pay back him stink and all kinda things. bumbitches.

          1. a so dem disgrace and tek people life when dem nu wan fi pay back we dem owe.

          2. Yes and will kill you for what does not belong to them. Gully rats that what they are

        1. I dont understand them at all…di man is this and that and want pussy…….she neva know dat before she tek di money? These people mek mi sick :travel

    3. De real Lenky Roy done dead and bury….wha dat have fi do wid de man money? beggars pay onu dues.

  10. Pay down pon good pussy n she tek it n no run nothing. a dat it luk like.hw comez it tek dwn d picture dem offa him fb N insta. hmmm this mean some kinda ratingZ must deh deh.gweh dutty foot boy u wah ppl fi fight yuh battle fi you.hype u a look haffa d gurl clean name it luk like.evrybadi owe sometimes.kmt bitch ting dat yuh keep up.Mzta Wanna B bout Kartel…

  11. Who ever ah write up shabba fi stop it becoz shabba ah 1 of da realist yute from day 1. . Unnu wah try style up da yute becoz him stand firm fi him tins!!! If shabba did put him hand pon da girl fi him money den Unnu would ah sey shabba have woman strength!!! Unnu hide behind laptop lock Yuh foot ah chat ah bag ah shit bout sick Pussy f**k batty wen ah Unnu ah duh it!!!! Unnu ah big up lenky Roy wen lenky Roy nah pay Unnu!!!! Da girl rude fi mek man call him Yes n maybe shabba shouldn’t high lite it Suh but look deh now all is settle on Unnu back bitting ppl wah chat shit….. Shabba big up straight my yute!!!!

  12. Unnu ah call shabba name nuff eeeh weh ah da dutty gal Unnu fi talk bout…. member wen her baby daddy deh bout she mek big talk about how she can never bruk back ina life!!!! Wats in da dark must come 2light!!!! She should ah SHAME fi ah walk n borrow money from ppl worst shabba as Unnu sey him bruk but yet fine money fi len her lol u ppl are really sick!!!! Shame pon she….. Large up Mr kartel… Yuh do bad dem talk Yuh duh good dem talk….. great garnet silk sey (TALK KEEP DEM TALKING)

  13. Man nuh duh dem tings deh pon a real him ave a right to wat is his yes but as a man he shud have dealt wit it much betta he diss himself by bitching like a gal. and dat a real talk

  14. Mi granny always say “Nuh lend out what yuh cannot afford fi lose” .. Call it a lesson learned. A si dem woman yah stay. Dem act like true dem a woman an dem pretty dem can get away wid anything. Even if yuh an the man married, give is give and lend is lend. Hope u know better next time. Mi nuh agree wid di delivery cause mi tink dat post is duttymanish and bitchy but mi understand his anger and frustration.

    1. ahhhhhhh, mummacita!!!

      me naah len out weh me cyaan afford fe loose, str8
      its a big embarrassment all around i swear..

      some ah dem bwoy ah fool mek ‘oman style dem
      how you fe len out grans an naah get noh formal agreement etc etc..

      i swear, no ‘oman wit no pretty looks can trick me outa mi hard earn money.. yu maad?
      not even nicole shezinger coulda dweet

      no ‘oman coulda work pon me an gi mi a bag a speech over time fe melt me an mek me empty mi bank account.. goh siddung

      an if me dweet an mi get trick mi haffi hold it, me naah trace..
      mi haffi get her back inna different kinda way,
      THEN me woulda highlight dat!!!

  15. How him no,dead yet, swear the pussy have cancer , woman strength him, him no member when them English bwoy dem use to beat him like a gal, him caan try dis with no man or a str888bullet inna him ugly bloodclaart . Shabba a the biggest freak lick out gyal batty, walk and suck pussy like dog, not to mention get f**k inna him batty with dildo . Shabba mouth stink a pussy, I remember coming all over his face 3 years ago dwfl

      1. on the other side of the coin, you are right Met..
        Pay back de money weh you len..
        even if inna instalments.. dont bury yu head an tink seh de problem ah goh weh..

        it a come dung to diss.. a big shame pon both of unu

        if you goh to ANY institution weh ah len money, if you dont pay it back..
        tek we dem tek weh yu tings, thats why mi seh “formal agreement”

        1. To me Gallis no matter what anyone says how him act. All she has to tell herself is that if she neva borrow it she would not be in this mess and pay it back. The long bag cussing di man over him things uncalled for. Him say him vex because she mek har man page him

        2. Yu may want fi add sey yu debt becomes public knowledge to whomever want fi know yu credit standing.

          There is ZERO excuse fi people borrow people things and start war just nu fi pay it back…that is low dung and nasty.

  16. on the other side of the coin, you are right Met..
    Pay back de money weh you len..
    even if inna instalments.. dont bury yu head an tink seh de problem ah goh go weh..

    it a come dung to diss.. its a big shame pon both of unu

    if you goh to ANY institution weh ah len money,
    if you dont pay it back..
    tek weh dem ah tek weh yu tings, thats why mi seh “formal agreement”


  17. I’m sorry 2 say I see no point on dissing shabba kartel because all he did was clearly doing the right thing!!! This girl addore is the one to blame by reading this issue!!! In my eyes shabba ain’t a bad person!!! He had the heart 2 lend lenky Roy baby mum money because I’ve seen her life style an trust me she acts RICH… why couldn’t she borrow money from none of you top men what says you have money!!!! Did shabba touch her NO all he did was expose her nasty ways!!! I see people writing about how her shabba freaky when I know at least all his baby mothers an none of them have had that 3 say about him!!! As 4 the 1 who said she dis n dat with shabba clearly you did the same!!! Talking about English man an shabba ain’t gonna make it either because ain’t really a warrior!!!! 12 men 2 him alone can’t call that a fair fight can you!!! Look at the person who is asking 4 him 2 dead by his cancer shame on you…… If one thing I know about shabba is him never go ugly ever have pretty gal so don’t hate the man!!! Him stand for what was right in getting back his money!!! As 4 Addore hope she wise up n learn not 2 borrow but go get a job!!! It’s called getting PAID. haters will always hate when your doing what is RIGHT!!!!

  18. Shabba did a look the gyal so the gyal con. Weh shabba get money from, him Bruk like dog shit , all him do a borrow ppl money, shabba a the biggest informer inna England , ppl Becareful , him walk and chat ppl like dog even him own baby momma lol a him inform pon Dodus facts, dutty bwoy run go ja fi come back cum give the cops info. Bwoy mouth stink like shit, nobody no like him

  19. Met… factz… addore n shabba went in biznz. Dem foot get bruk…Addore decide fi run bck d money pon shabba bcz a fi har link.. mi hear say she tek bout two months r so… she pay him half him neva get d rest pon time weh him did fi get.. which wz month end gaan..n a few days pass n she nver show wit him money…abot a week frm d ded line she pay him… nw tell me now met…bznz a bznz.. Addore nuh barrow no money frm Shabba bcz d gurl lose fi har money to mi hear… d gurl lose more than him bcz she affi pay him bck fi him plus fi har nuh ave nuh come bck fi com…..Factz Met! Mi unda stand say she agree fi pay him bck him mny n nva com tru pon time…but which man put picture of woman pon blast so fi half a money…mi get d story n mi knw say a tru.. normally mi nuh get involve inna certain tingz but if a suh him do biznz him fi gweh…him a one big dutty gal straight.. i see dat gurl out n she wudnt hurt a fly a gud gall met mek me tell yuh! SHABBA Yuh fi gweh Addore pay yuh bck suh how yuh nuh mek dat public now…kmt ppl like unnuh fi gweh.. BiG up Addore Real Gurl….

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