Talk truth now this boy a stab out a next gal a dance an this idiot big p**y gal a call up me friend nice clean name yah tell ppl bout me friend suck p**y a wah u vex bout say a neva your pu**y? Idiot gal Jodi dj na use u the boy say all u do a lef u panty pan him fan fi try wid u nasty self stinking gal dj want up me good body friend a who u the boy friend dem say dem hate u dem no know weh dj a do with u talk weh u know bout me an my good p**y friend dash weh belly gal the boy family say dem wish u no come back a dem yaad go suck out u mada u neva come the boy party Feb an everyone glad a u should a dead in sted a you uncle waste gal big up my big bumpa friend take weh any gal man

Back up Jodi go dig up u uncle an burry you p**y the boy na use it kedene spend up u man money hungry gal something bout me friend p***

20 thoughts on “LOOKING FI DI FULLSTOP

  1. A never she invite herslef to him yard. And a never she invite herself inna him bed. All if a one f**k a him carry her guh deh guh f**k her out. Sound like you live inna you friend pussy fi know seh har hole good.

    And mi curious suh if har front suh good why him go deh suh!? And how you kno him never suck har front!? You did deh deh a cheer him on when him a f**k!?

  2. You ah swear for your getting pussi..please stoo swear for your only and why not call the man name and your friend’s name like how you call up jodi name coward. To mi your FRIEND’S IS HIDING AND TAKING F**K IN HER ROTTEN HOLE FROM THIS NO Name MAN.b you and yu and you friend so good why she can’t get he own man weh no other gal naw call pon.. You is no friend, you ah try loud up you and this NO name boy yah affair. Caw yu badmind jodi

  3. A cyaa my nice clean friend Jody unu a talk unu a look a hype off the gal plz so kedene take dj no that na hurt nobody come off the gal name unu a really waste gal fi cum write up things on pink wall bout a next gal me friend always say unu and says:

    Oh lord no sah this too sweet dj again panty leave the girl she want it fi dry fi get it fi put on

  4. Of course dj want kedene dj no ramp fi cum sleep a me friend yaad kedene a shape good gal she sopouse to spend up him money dj too mix up an lie him need to come straight an all this neva haffi reach so far still but kedene a my friend

  5. Kedene is my friend dj sleep a me friend yaad a lot this don’t call fa kmt she spouse to send up dj money she nice an shape good

  6. Kmt boring eeee so tell u friend keep dj an continue spend up him money an send in things that makes sense plz says:

    Sender u should a shame fi send in this u can’t even write proper sentence

    1. Lolol, is a c**t killa :hammer

      Sender, Heller..you and you Fren a suck unu one another… you said it! Sometimes unu chat too much, or write too much! You slide between you friend crotches regularly.

      Muss want you want the man do you too.

      P.S. baggy a dry pon fan mean say gal pussy conscious and phuck tek long enough fi baggy dry :p

      Gwan share de cheese-Chips and bag juice you friend no stop buy wid de change she a get. Damn pussy gage.

    1. Dwrl….wet up draws perk dem get. Hot gal get drying time perk. Lololol

      Made Yawdy4life…missed you :kiss

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