Pinkwall, I wah send in some mix up to u. You wouldn’t believe this wifey n matie ting. Gyal wah come Tek ova from wifey of 11 years. All gone breed fi the man

Yes the man did all go live wid di gyal a portmore n then put him out when she find out seh the man nah lef him woman of 11 years fi har. Now she go breed n the wife did a breed to n loose it, n the man lie u f**. I wah send you some voice note fi play but it nah sen
It’s a Waltham man to weh gwan like him nice.

The man put this gyal ova him woman n a pity him nuh know seh all me cousin a f** dat, a bill him a bill now cause she a breed, maybe a all fi him to or the plumber man Howe, tell truth soon come still. When the gyal run him from her yard wid him scandal bag a clothes she tell him seh him a johncrow n him only lef fi a man f** him in a him battam


  1. Sender this no hot at all worst when me not even know a who ……..it better u did send the vn dem

  2. that picture bad u fuck love how jamaica upside down with mixup a run thru it cuz that is all jamaica good for smh

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